I Wanna Win A Getaway with Seeties!

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I'm so numb from my daily routine. I need a holiday~!!!

Come support me. Add me at Seeties (ID:@msxeroz)! You can win yourself a holiday too!

Mabul Island, Semporna: Learning To Dive (Day 3)

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This is the continuation of my Mabul Island Trip blog post, if you have missed the previous ones which I have written, here are the links:-

Let's begin with Day 3! I woke up super early again here. and managed to catch the clear blue skies. The sea gypsy (orang Bajau Laut) are all awake and you can see fishermen boats, tourist boats, and also kids boats busy rowing across our lodge.

The kids could row boat faster than I ride a bicycle

This will be our second diving day, (we missed our 1st day dive due to iLoo) and unfortunately my sister was not feeling really well. She was unable to equalize during her dive on her previous day, and hence, she had pressurized ears (telinga tersumbat), dizziness, nausea etc. So beginners, do not let panic conquer you and keep calm because if you panic, you tend to not breathe and you can't sink (air inside the lungs). Forcing yourself to descent will cause some equalization issue. Well sisters case was minor so shemissed out two trips, and continue her dive lessons on our final day.

Kid beggars was aplenty in this island. A VERY IMPORTANT RULE IS DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. The civilization of the locals here are less advance than what we have in peninsular Malaysia. They will continue to extort money from the tourist, if it becomes a habit that tourist gives them money. This will eventually destroy the serenity and the simplicity of this place. However, if you would like to help these people survive, buy their catch of the day. They will be very happy to supply you with fresh squids, fish, and crabs. Lobsters are available too! However, remember to get help haggling, because I've been there and seen with my bare eyes that the local fishermen attempts to charge RM80 for a 2 fishes. (Daylight robbery!!!) So, be wise. 

So, this very day, I had my dives at Paradise 1 (again), and then we went to Sipadan-Mabul Resort (SMART) House Reef. I really like it there. It was so fantabulous. Visibility was great, although the skies were slightly dark (it was raining somewhere else). I felt thermocline as well, that certain depths I felt shivery cold and after that it became quite warm. Underneath, the view was so amazing. The artificial reefs were home to hundreds or even thousands of sea denizen. I really felt like I am a part of them too!

Can't remember where was this..but yeah, that's me!
Back to the lodge, the view of the low tide was as fascinating as heaven! The water level subside so low, that we can see so many stuff coming out of the rocks. 

Even the anemone's tip can be seen from the surface! You can see the local kids were walking towards the ocean to dig for sea urchin and stuff like that. I am so afraid, thinking of the dangerous sea urchins. Those kids were really born to survive the nature!

Sunsets are amazing as well. One moment, the sunlight will burst and be reflected onto the surface of the sea, creating a beautiful silky image.

While sometimes, the sky will turn to the hue of dark blue, pinky, orangy and thats the moment you feel so romantic that you wish your lover will bring you a glass of wine or mojito with some finger food. HAHAHA... It didn't happen for me. Too many people around here to enjoy the romanticity of the sunset. *embarrassed*

Lovely ain't it?

I shall stop here. MORE photos will be posted as the finale of my trip. And also a video, made by one of the Instructors that accompany us during our last dive, Yang Berhormat Cikgu Azhar. Wanna have a peek at Cikgu Azhar's videos of us? You have to stay tune for tomorrow's blog post then XD

Goodnight and See ya!

Love Love Love

Cherry Blossom Sights! SKKU, Everland, and Seoul Land

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okay, the truth is my Uni isn’t exactly the prettiest place to view Cherry Blossoms. Sungkyunkwan University is basically.. not such a bad sight for cherry blossoms but the best would still be Kyunghee University. which I’ve never been because their European style buildings goes really well with the pretty flowers. but really, I felt that SKKU isn’t all that bad for cherry blossoms ^^.

CIMG8980 copy

gotta start my post with a selca. teehee.

IMG_6440 copy

those yellow flowers are called “kaenari” and according to my middle aged friend, she said that it is only available in Korea.

CIMG8991 copy

gotta advertise my blog till the end. hahahahahahahaha.

IMG_6392 copy

random street in SKKU.

IMG_6393 copy

cherry blossoms this year was shorter than 2 years ago but it came a lot quicker. and it went away in less than 2 weeks. they were only here for less than 10 days I would say =(. the greens came out super quickly. but it differs from area to area.

IMG_6412 copy

it was really nice to have our school being filled with cherry blossoms. and now.. cherry blossom petals. oh wait, I think the petals (on the floor) are gone too T_T.

IMG_6404 copy

but this year, the cherry blossoms came in a good time because it usually arrives when everyone’s busy studying. but by being 2 weeks earlier, we still could squeeze a day or two to go cherry blossom sight seeing =D. and that was exactly what I did!

IMG_6421 copy

IMG_6435 copy

it’s funny how they grow almost everywhere on the tree branches. and how it grows on the bottom part of the husk out of nowhere too.

IMG_6489 copy

oh hello =D.

IMG_6501 copy

okay lets move on to Everland. there’s many more pictures taken in Everland but.. I’m lazy so. =S.

CIMG9494 copy

always visit during April because the tulips there are.. magnificent. the cherry blossoms are great too!

CIMG9378 copy

the everland version of Holland


you’ve probably seen this picture if you follow me on instagram. if you have not, FOLLOW ME NOW! my id: jamieliewdotcom

there are over 200 selca pictures of me there but I am too lazy to sort them out T_T. together with all the animals and stuff hahaha.


look at the mountains behind! filled with cherry blossoms!!! <3. it looked breath taking in reality but.. I didn’t bring my DSLR T_T. and I was too busy to take pictures. didn’t even bother to watermark because the quality’s so lousy xD.


just look at the mountain!!!


and more cherry blossom =D.

IMG_6581 copy

I picked a place to go shooting just a night before and I was contemplating if I should go to Seoul Forest, Yeouido’s Cherry Blossom Festival (been there 2 years ago but it was super crowded. definitely over-rated) and Seoul Land. decided to come here anyways because I thought the further, the better. just get off at Seoul Grand Park station on line 4 and you’ll definitely find your way ;).

and oh, going to Seoul Land for their cherry blossoms doesn’t mean you have to go into the Zoo, Rose Valley nor Seoul Land (amusement park) itself. because the pretty cherry blossoms are all outside.

IMG_6584 copy

so as soon as I reached, I went crazy over the cherry blossoms. I mean, upon arrival, you’d see a lot of street vendors selling the same few street food that you might want to buy as you might get hungry on the way.

IMG_6672 copy

the cherry blossoms here are.. super duper nice. and it was super under rated. okay, there were loads of people when I was there but it wasn’t even 50% as crowded as Yeouido and it’s 200% prettier.

IMG_6676 copy

I fell instantly in love.

IMG_6683 copy

I mean, there are cherry blossoms here and there and they were all beautiful. but no doubt that Seoul Land is one of the BEST places in Seoul for cherry blossoms.

IMG_6745 copy

I’m pretty goofy, as you can see. I spend all my time laughing when I can. =P.

IMG_6771 copy

look at that mountain of cherry blossoms!!!

IMG_6785 copy




IMG_6829 copy

there’s also a picnic ground in front of Seoul Land’s entrance (as in the entrance of the amusement park. you gotta walk pretty far in from the subway station.)

IMG_6848 copy

good photographer posture! =P.

IMG_6849 copy

ahhhh <3.

IMG_6870 copy copy

I am… BABARI GAL!!! or burberry girl ????, derived (myself) from babari man, which means flasher, in Korean. hahahahahahhahahaha.

IMG_6864 copy


IMG_6873 copy

say hello to Max. he only sent me two pictures. pfft.

IMG_6882 copy copy

me trying to imitate him. phail because I wore skirt hahaha. but it’s already very brave of me! well I sat at the cliff too because Max told me to wth and some uncle yelled at me and said it was dangerous but he just walked away after saying that hahaha. can’t wait for the pictures. the weather was pretty damn cold by the way. U_U.

1396801077642 copysmall

here’s a picture taken my Max with his gun-like camera. such a big difference with pictures I took T_T. he does wedding and portraits and almost everything else that has to do with people. so contact him if you need his services in Seoul =).


IMG_6883 copy

here’s my best friend in Seoul, Wai Kit.

IMG_6884 copy

I laughed so hard at his picture I took one myself but it ain’t as funny pfft.

IMG_6887 copy


IMG_6902 copy copy

I like how the cherry blossoms grew over the border. =3.

IMG_6937 copy


IMG_6951 copy

so actually this was my 2nd round ROUND this huge place. it’s like one big circle. if you keep walking, you’ll end up back at the subway station haha.

IMG_6961 copy

fake candid shot pfft.

IMG_6968 copy copy

just love the view here I didn’t wanna leave =S.

IMG_6977 copy

CIMG9147 copy

Casio’s Exilim’s cool “stand” which allows you to take a picture of yourself without anyone helping. the ultimate selca camera. but it does make me angry when I take pictures of food. the quality’s super bad for that pfft.

CIMG9225 copy

with the gaenari’s~

CIMG9239 copy



CIMG9242 copy

and finally, leaving the pretty Sakura’s T_T.

CIMG9254 copy


CIMG9260 copy


2014-04-06 09.46.23 1_mr1396790108277 (2)

and oh, these were taken by my phone =D.

2014-04-06 09.54.43 1_mr1396790395778

Max the crazy fella.

2014-04-06 10.02.31 1_mr1396790673546 (2)

I have to admit, after dyeing my hair blackish, I look Japanese. everyone said so haha.

it was supposed to be dark brown but.. will make a separate post for my hair dye =).

IMG_6992 copy

we walked and walked and ended up here at some lake. very very beautiful lake.

CIMG9321 copy

the earlier picture was taken by my DSLR and this by Casio Exilim (compact). notice the differences?

CIMG9310 copy

must selca here too!

2014-04-08 10.30.29 1_mr1396920779678 (2)

lens flare. only during sunset. =D.

????? ?

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Miracle happen please.

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Caramel Toffee Muffin from Greggs.

There's too many things to blog about.

Trip to Durham
Trip to London
Trip to Glasgow


much, much more.

Yet I'm feeling so not in the mood now.
 Campaigns, Design and Essay assignments are piling up.

There's so much planning to do as well.

All I wanna do now is sleep and wait for miracle to happen.

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie~*

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If you are wondering how many pax we are...

There're only 2 of us !

This explain why never go and shop for food when we are hungry ;)

Judging and Being Judged

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I have always been a judgmental biatch.

Can't help it. I am a virgo. My horoscope says that I am the master of criticisms. I am always judging and neat-picking on everyone, regardless whether they are the people I love or those I feel indifferent towards.

But being judgmental is bad. More often than not, our judgment does not entirely reflect the truth. Instead, they are hurtful and detrimental to the parties involved.

No matter how much you believe in what you see, there are always 2 sides to the story. It is unfair to have your conclusion made based on your one-sided tales. Open your eyes and try to understand things from various perspectives. You will realize that what you have seen or heard are exaggerated and distorted from the reality.

I have judged and been judged by others. I put up my strong ego and told myself that I couldn't care less about what others think, that I am least affected by what they say. But face it, no matter how strong you are, you still can't help but feeling slightly hurt and disappointed by those judgmental criticisms.

Sometimes they call you names. Names that would make your mother feel ashamed and cry. They label you names on social media even though it was done subtly. It was not meant for you to see, but you still discover it anyhow since you couldn't get rid of your curiosity.

Words of accusation that speared through your heart and made you doubt your worth. It could be uttered by acquaintances, strangers or family and friends of the one closest to you. Regardless who they are, their poisonous words haunt you night and day until whenever you truly let go.

No, I dare not publicly declare that I will stop judging from now on. Wouldn't want to be a hypocrite who go back against my own words later on. But I will learn to be mindful of my judgmental criticisms, not that I gave ascertained its impact.

The next time you judge, keep it to yourself or at least prevent it from reaching the ears of your innocent victim.

Or better still, focus on how to improve yourself to avoid being the preyed on by those vicious tongue! :)

10 Important Rules in Life

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1. Learn to love yourself better. If you don’t, no one will.

2. Do not be overly bothered by what others say or think about you. Those destructive criticisms are meant to bring you down.

3. Remember that family comes first. They are the only people who will stand by you forever no matter what happens.

4. Do not lose hope despite failures. Stand up and do it better instead.

5. There is never a dead end, but many ways out for everything.  Your only concern is to figure out the best way.

6. Be independent. The one you often rely on might not be there for you the next time you are in need.

7. Buy an insurance policy. Be responsible to the next-of-kin you love.

8. Travel and see the world. There are so many new and great things the world has to offer.

9. Achieve financial freedom to enhance your happiness in life.  Money can’t buy everything, but it could surely buy you plenty.

10. Every success has a meaningful story behind. Be patient and determined towards achieving your goal in life!

The above shall serve as my self-reminder, my motivation to go on. 
I am not exactly at the best state recently. I guess this is what they call quarter-life crisis. 
I feel lost and helpless, unsure of what I desire in life. 
I could not see my future, whether I am heading towards the right direction. 
I am on this little wooden boat, sailing further and further into the mist. 
If only someone could tell me what great things awaits at the end of the horizon. Or could it be just a deserted village I am headed?

Sekkisei Lotion Mask by KOSÉ Review & Giveaway!

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 “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…
                  Who’s the FAIREST of them all???” asks MsXeRoZ.

“MsXeRoZ, MsXeRoZ on the floor…
                   You’ll never be the FAIREST, please don’t ask some more!” replies the mirror.

*MsXeRoZ grabs the mirror and smashes it into a gazillion pieces!* NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Sorry I had over-dramatize my lil' shred of imagination. I was frustrated. I went for diving in Mabul Island (check out my previous post here) and to my aghast, I was still tanned until today.

 I have not gotten any fairer although I had stayed out of the sun for a whole two weeks already!

Look how dark I am now!

I think I have to go through vigorous whitening and skin pampering process before returning to my fairer complexion. I'm originally not the snow-white person, but I do have the typical Malaysian-Chinese type of skin colour.

Sekkisei Lotion Mask

Until this comes into my hand - KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask. I was really anxious to try whatever that can make my skin looks better, because being under the sun's radiation can cause bad things to happen to our skin. Dehydration, pigmentation, breakouts, uneven skin tones and gaaaahhh many many more! So, last night, I've decided to put faith into this pocket sized facial mask.

Putting on the Sekkisei Lotion Mask
Look how tired I am! I can't believed that I look dark and stiff in these photographs which I captured yesterday! *Emo* Gone were my youthful looks and radiant smile that melted the hearts of many! I am even more determined to take care of my appearance (while writing this blogpost).

I flipped through the information written on the pocket pack before opening up the mask. Well, the wise always say, "Read and Understand before putting anything on your face." Ok I made that up, but hey, isn't it true? HAHAHA... You have to know and understand what type of masks and whether are their possible ingredients that will cause reaction to your skin! 

So here it says,
"Blends into the skin immediately, creating a plump texture. For hydrated, pure translucent skin."

Sounds promising. So how does it work?
It contains three (3) main oriental plant extract as ingredients: Coixseed, Angelica and Melothria.

Coixseed - used for whitening, exfoliation, moisturizing our skin.

Angelica - used as skin disinfectant, moisturizing and whitening properties.

Melothria (White Lotus) Extract- known to reduce melanin production, hence whitening effect.

WOW~! All three main ingredients seems to have some whitening effect. I can't wait and so I put the mask on!


Putting the mask on is really simple. You can do it even with your eyes closed.

Step 1: Wash your face and tap it dry.
Step 2: Open the pocket pack.
Step 3: Take out the white layered paper-like thing from the pocket pack.
Step 4: peel off or open the white layered paper-like thing. Oh, now you realise, that paper thing is your mask.
Step 5: Close your eyes and match the holes of the mask to the socket of your eyes, and to the holes that matches your lips. Flatten the mask with your fingers. Try to spread it to cover as many surface area as possible.
Step 6: Wait for 5-10 minutes. Lie on your bed/sofa, do not move around, take your time to relax.
Step 7: Just peel off your mask. Tap the excess liquid onto your face. It's done! No rinsing is required!

This is my first time trying on a KOSÉ product. It was founded by Mr. Kozaburo Kobayashi, and established in 1946. That's like many many years ago! With thorough research and dedication to cater to their customers' skins, they have move from strength to strength over the years. Among KOSÉ best selling skincare and cosmetics include the Sekkisei, Sekkisei Supreme, Seikisho, Esprique, BEAUTÉ de KOSÉ, Infinity, Astalution, Moisture Skin Repair and Junkisui (WOAH what a long list!)

So it says that this Sekkisei Lotion Mask with the three key ingredients can help to restore and rejuvenate skin into a beautiful, translucent skin. It's a lotion, that is able to refine, hydrate our skin like 'snow white'!

What's my verdict?

I'd be lying if I became 'snow white' after just one application. But look at the photo! Before application, my skin looks droopy, dark and tired. After lying on the bed with Sekkisei Lotion Mask, I had a little glow on my skin! The mask is not thick and it absorbs quickly into your skin. The application is as easy as ABC.

I think I better put on the mask more often so that I can re-emerge as a CINDERELLA for my next event! (There's a Ms. Cinderella Contest as well, but the dateline is today, 9th of April. I am not fair enough yet to participate *uhuk uhuk*. No prince would want me T_T)

If you would like to purchase  KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion, you can find their nearest outlets from the KOSÉ Malaysia Facebook Page, or Sekkisei Lotion Facebook Page.

The price? 200ml for RM170, while 360ml is priced at RM260 (Available at every KOSÉ Counters)

I may not be a Cinderella, but I can be your Fairy God Mother (imagines myself as a plump old lady with wings and a wand). I can grant your wish to be fairer! I’m not joking here!

I’ll be giving away pocket masks to readers (Klang Valley only, sorry) who answer the following questions:-
1)      What are the three (3) main ingredients in KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask?
2)      Name one (1) of the benefits of applying the KOSÉ Sekkisei Lotion Mask.
3)      Finish your answer to the questions (1) and (2) above by typing in the following sentence “I LOVE MSXEROZ”

You will return your loves by sending you the pocket masks. *Offer valid while stocks lasts*

[Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post]

Autumn Photoshoot 2013

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These are some serious overdue pictures but the busy photographer got sent to another country for a business trip for a few months so.. I didn’t have a choice hehe. as always, credits goes to Azri, the photographer/engineer. and I edited it. I wouldn’t lie that I look slightly different from my pictures hehehehehhehe. so here’s it. hope you like it!

pictures taken at Samcheongdong and the area outside Gyeongbokgung.

IMG_7527 copy

IMG_7583 copy

IMG_7685 copy2

IMG_7711 copy

IMG_7717 copy

IMG_7739 copy

IMG_7804 copy

IMG_7815 copy

my favourite picture!

IMG_7816 copy

IMG_7817 copy

pfft. don’t know how my face ended up like that hahaha.

IMG_7847 copy

IMG_7868 copy

we took our sis’s pre-wedding picture along with Max and I was the “assistant.” it was raining and my curls wore off T_T. le sigh.

hope you liked the pictures!