[ADV] DeBudget.com @ Puchong IOI Boulevard

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June 21st, 2014 >> Advertorial, Posts

Ever since I started my permanent job, I have come to realize that every cent is hard-earned money and that I should always seek for new money saving tips! I want to eat great food and enjoy a couple of drinks every now and then, but most places that I visit are beyond budget! After a few visits I turn broke and resorted to eating chap fan instead FML.

That’s why DeBudget.com comes in!

DeBudget.com is Malaysia’s first online pre-purchase café bear which offers customers a concept somewhat similar to budget airlines – the earlier you buy, the more you save! Now that’s something great I discovered indeed!

How exactly does it work? Say I want to meet up with my friends at the DeBudget.com outlet in IOI Boulevard (there are more outlets opening around Klang Valley and beyond soon!) for some drinks and dinner next week. I just head over to http://debudget.com/and check our the deals and offer, place my order, pay as I would any online site, receive the QR code on my smartphone, then on the day of my visit just show it to the staff at the outlet, redeem my drink and enjoy with my friends! Easy peasy and done in less than 5 minutes.

If I didn’t like the prices at the IOI Boulevard outlet on that certain day, I could simply select another outlet or another date to see if the price is lower. Just like booking a flight -  the price increases as more seats are booked or in this case, the price increases as more drink packages are booked on that day. I have a more detailed run through at the bottom of this post.

Well enough talking, the girls from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers (MHB) and I attended the special friends and media preview of the very first DeBudget.com outlet at the IOI Boulevard in Puchong and here’s what we discovered!

The interior is chilled out bistro cum café environment with pipped in music that’s not overwhelmingly loud. You don’t need to shout to have conversation while the tables are spaced out nicely to ensure you wont hear your neighbouring table’s conversation.

There are many comfy sofas to lounge around in or for those of you who prefer playing some darts, there are 2 electronic dart machines.

Drinks wise, there is a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for you to choose from. As DeBudget,com is a GAB outlet, expect the usual draught options – Tiger, Guinness and Heineken. If you’re there during the daytime, you can also try their selection of coffee (latte, cappuccino, espresso etc), teas, smoothies, fruit juices, soft drinks and mocktails or if you prefer something with a little more kick you could try their cocktails as well as the wines, liquors and champagne.

There is also a selection of food ranging from breakfast (opening until 2.00pm), sandwiches (opening until 5.00pm), appetizers, main courses, snacks and desserts for those who feel rather puckish or are dining there during lunch time.

Pictured above is the Bacon Wraps – RM18.00++ which is pretty much bacon wrapped sausages aka Pigs in Blankets and this dish goes very well with beer!

Salty Pork – RM23.00++

Essentially fried siew yoke which is slightly on the salty side (hence the name) and this is another dish that goes tremendously well with beer.

Not many people would expect to see fresh oysters available in a bistro but of course DeBudget aims to break the mould. The oysters are available seasonally and are extremely fresh and huge!

Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick – RM16.00++

This is a must try dish at DeBudget. Crispy and flavourful chicken drumsticks that are great as a snack or even as a main depending on how hungry you are. But trust me, order one plate for yourself otherwise you might find yourself fighting over chicken drumsticks with your friends! XD

Carbonara Pizza – RM23.00++

Spaghetti Aglio Olio – RM20.00++ (seafood variant)

Beef Lasagna – RM18.00++

Spaghetti Marinara – RM20.00++ (seafood variant)

Chicken Chop – RM18.00++

Assorted desserts

The food is mainly Western favourites coupled with pizzas and pastas. Their spicy chicken wings are also worth a try!

Satisfied faces after dinner. Now time for more drinks!

There’s even a live band in the evenings to entertain you with some tunes allowing you to relax and unwind after work.

XPack offers always the lowest prices for you to have fantastic outings with your favourite people. With Xpack, plan your night out and be the early bird to enjoy great savings on your huge range of drinks! Psst, prices start from RM10 onwards daily limited to 3 packs per person.

Choose from 1 Tower of Tiger draught (2.5 litres) OR 4x Pints of Guinness Draught OR 4 Pints of Heineken. The earlier you buy the cheaper it will be (this is similar to the budget airline concept which is so popular and successful these past few years).

Do note that XPack is strictly for consumption at DeBudget.com outlets and cannot be taken away (I’d really like to see how you’re going to tadao home some draught beer lol).

If beer is not your drink of choice, fret not as there are special promotions for liquor, wines and even champagne which you can purchase online as well.

There are many bottles including crowd favourites Johnnie Walker Black Label and Gold Label Reserve, Hennessy VSOP, Belvedere Vodka, Moet & Chandon, as well as single malt whiskies, tequila, bourbon, Bacardi, gin and wines.

Buying online is really fast and simple:
1. Select your desired outlet and date of visit

2. Choose the items you want

3. Complete your online purchase by making the payment. Payment can be made by either using your credit card or debit card (which uses PayPal secure payment gateway), or by using your PayPal account. After the payment is successful, you will be emailed a QR code from DeBudget.com which you simply need to show on your smartphone at the outlet on your chosen date. No need to print out any vouchers. Really simple and convenient if you ask me!

4. Go to the outlet on the selected date and enjoy your drinks!

Remarks: If you want a lower price and its not available that day at that outlet, just select another outlet or another date and see if it’s cheaper. It will come very naturally to you as you’ve probably booked airline tickets many times before online. Same concept, just a different product.

Look out for the 2nd DeBudget outlet which will be opening in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara in June 2014 and they will be having some really awesome opening promotions (such as RM10 for a tower of beer on the launch days!).

So near from my place! It will no doubt be my new regular hang out spot. Who would resist beer at such low prices?? What’s more the restaurant has really great ambience to chill out after a long day of work! ^^

More info on DeBudget at http://www.debudget.com

Or follow them on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/debudget.comcafebar

DeBudget.com Puchong
Address: Lot No. F-G-21, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor.
Operating hours: daily from 10.30am – 2.00am

Tiger Translate @ Kenanga ~*

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June 16th, 2014 >> Advertorial, Posts

Let me kick start this post with a selfie! =D


First , let me introduce my new lace bracelet which i love it so much! *-*

It has 5 different colors and the one i am wearing now is in Grey!


My ootd was to attend Tiger Translate event in Kenanga City Mall , KL.


Tiger Translate is a global platform for creativity that brings both art and music together to inspire, ignite, and engage international audiences.


As creative forces collide and eastern culture blends seamlessly with western influences, the worlds of art and music are brought to life like never before.After a stream of exciting events held across 23 major cities worldwide, Tiger Translate is finally here in Kuala Lumpur(Kenanga) for the first time. Celebrate a brand new experience at Tiger Translate on 14th of June 2014!


The buddy start to roll his eyes on chic again xD...


Tigerssss are all around the hall!!!! ;)


I've got myself a RFID VIP tag from Manoah and it is with complimentary free flow and also RM75 inside for me to swipe on the food and other beverages for the party!

I love how free and easy this partsy was, no movement limitation as we can dance and hop around while partying with the DJ artistes!

We got ourselves a Tiger Radler before the party start! ;)


It's getting more and more crowded!!!! Waiting for the DJs! The performing artistes are Chochukmo , Editors, Manic Sheep, Mad August, OJ Law and Indiego & Co!!


Oh yea! i like the new Tiger Radler !Lemon flavour , nice ;)


Tattoo station from Tiger Beer!


We are getting ready to rock the party with our Tiger Radler!!!!!!!!!!!!


Check out more from here.

 Website: http://www.tigertranslate.com.my/
 Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY
  Instagram: http://instagram.com/tigerbeermy

Starlight Cinema -Malaysia’s Largest Outdoor Cinema!

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June 15th, 2014 >> Advertorial, Posts


I am proud to shout out loud that :' I AM A SAMSUNG USER!!'

Not to mention how great and handy my Samsung Note III is for now, let's just talk about what we like the most : FREEBIES!

Samsung Galaxy Life had been hyped up by the free Starbucks.

Now, this is what everybody is talking about-The Starlight Cinema-Malaysia's Largest Outdoor Cinema. 

I am a happy Samsung users who always enlightened by the Galaxy Life 's freebies and rewards !

This time, i am collecting my FREE movie pass for the whole entire movie week at The Starlight Cinema!!!


We always envy how great the european enjoy their movie outdoor while enjoying every bits of the nature but now , we can also have our own sweet time here in Bukit Kiara Equestrian & Country Resort ,Malaysia!


It's startinng to get crowded even before the show start. People start to choosing their spots and wait for the movie to start! It's windy and that's exactly how i wish it to be! *-*


After picked my resting spot, i hopped on to MyBurgerLAb to redeem my very first burger from them! It was the longest Q among the others! Just go into your Samsung Galaxy Life and click redeem it an hour before you redeem it! ;)


There're also some others freebies like Gong Cha , Gelato Ice Cream, Pizza Hut, Crazy fries and etc. Just browse through your apps and enjoy every redemption! ;D


This was my first try on this everyone-crave-for burger and I am now planning to visit their shop for more! Nice !*luv*


Can we have variety of yummy foods like this in the normal indoor cinema too? *-*  and of coz, not those smelly foods.. =x XD...


It feels like camping , but what makes it better is that we can watch movie on the XXXXXXL screen at the same time !!!

SAMSUNG BABIES!!! go get your freebies now!!!! Here's some simple 1,2,3 steps on how to do the redemption;)


and here's the movie schedule! I have watched the Paranormal Activity and i am thinking to go for another next week ;D


As for next Saturday, you can just ask your date and prepare all the needs and lay back for a movie marathon until 4am in the morning !!! Let the Batman do the job !:D


DOWNLOAD the apps now http://bit.ly/1sbWvae

Check the full movie schedule list HERE

Enjoy !

Mi-Rae Inspired Korean Perm

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June 15th, 2014 >> Posts

Cut! Several inches gone.

Perm perm *anticipation*

Annyeong, ajumma! LOL.

Not quite done yet.

Waiting to dye.

Tadah! My first time trying out fringe. Have always fear cutting fringe as I have a low forehead. Gotta sweep it to the side.

Kinda resembles a wig now lol. Satisfied with the outcome!

Inspired by Na Mi Rae (Yoon Eun Hye) from Marry Him if You Dare ^^

Credits to New Top Point salon. Look for Patrick if you are keen :)

New Top Point
Address: 26, Jalan Sayang,
84000 Muar, Johor.
Tel: 06-9511241
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-TOP-Point-Muar/177774282261175

Random Purchase

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June 13th, 2014 >> Posts

Was browsing some old photos and I stumble upon these photo, which create this post.
I hate wasting money buying something I don't need. But sometimes I end up buying the random thing that I don't really need at all.

 Here's a Pyramid Cheese Grater with Mr Tofu. Just to show you how TINY it is.
The thing is, I bought it because it so cute, and the color reminds me of My TOFU.  photo happyhe0.gif

I was AMAZE , I just cant wait to bring my cheese grater out and buy some cheese from Tesco and shamelessly shred those cheese into my mouth, LIVE.

Who's your god now? photo tuzki_006.gif

Ok, it didnt happen. now my Cheese grater is in my cupboard and I don't bother using them anymore. It's kinda small and shredding a cheese never been so troublesome. 
I bought them during sales.
It was 4pounds, I bought it for 3.20pounds, which I think it was the best purchase of all. Until I walk into Wilkinson recently and found a bigger and user friendly cheese grater for 3 pounds only.
 photo tuzki_010.gif

The next one would be a mixer bowl. Which I bought from tesco for 6pounds. It comes with a Spatula and scone mixer.

Ohh so pweety! Why did I buy this again?

Photographing? Yes yes, look how pretty they turn out #wtf.
Have I bake the scone yet? hahahaha, no   photo tuzki_010.gif

I love Sugar, I need sugar for my tea and coffee and I take them almost everyday. 
To show people how much I take my usage of SUGAR seriously, I bought a Sugar Jar to store them. Finally, there's something worth paying for.

Lastly, My small little pink knife from Kitchen Craft.

 photo tuzki_024.gif

The best knife cause serve me well. It comes with sheath. Bringing out with me has never been a problem. Stabbing people now has become convenient. Now why am I here again.

Ok that's all for today post. I'm pretty tired now since I start my Internship. I'll blog more often now, because I need a life.

[ADV] TOUCH – K-Pop Online Dancing Game

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June 12th, 2014 >> Advertorial, Posts

Annyeonghaseyo! ????????????????????????????????????

Calling all K-Pop fans and dance fans! Have you tried the latest K-Pop online dance game? It’s like one of those dance machines in arcade, except more enhanced with interesting features and a variety of K-Pop songs. Most important of all, you could play it right in front of the computer! Check out this short YouTube video:

TOUCH is the latest offering from Perfect World, the leading online game developer and operator based in China.

TOUCH is a web-browser-based game that is dancing themed and requires players to input commands according to the beat via keyboard, camera, joypads and more. It was developed using the Unity3D Engine and features impressive graphic performance, texture and realism.

Hassle free, no big files to install. In fact, you don’t even need to go through the trouble of registration as it can be linked to your Facebook! All you need to download is the Unity 3D video code if your computer does not have it yet. Simple clicks which require only a couple of minutes.

Gather all your friends and create your virtual characters! As TOUCH is meant to be a social game, you can even play with strangers!

Choose to be a skinny charming Korean boy or a pretty Korean girl with long legs! *yeppuda* 

A very exciting step for me in this game is the dressing up! Your character has a wardrobe with thousands of customizable costumes to show off to other players!

Accessories galore. The more coins you collect, the more and better accessories you could redeem! You get to choose your facourite hairstyles too. From head to toe, TOUCH will give you a complete makeover!

Tonnes of outfits available for both boys and girls! Fairytale princess, leopard lady, biker chic etc, I’m gonna get more coins to dress my character up in different OOTD everyday! XD

Now come to the dancing part, you can either challenge other players or simply play in  single player mode. I would opt for the latter first since my dancing skill isn’t exactly impressive :/

Check your ranking versus other players in the TOUCH universe! HAHAHAHA don’t ask me my ranking. But I will dance hard to be the top 20! *fighting*

Hop onto the Social Centre to check out your horoscope, interact with your friends and make some new friends! Who knows you might meet your oppa who looks as cool in real life as his virtual character? Teehee.

In TOUCH, you can flirt as much as you want without feeling sinful! ^^

There's even something called "Wedding" where you can sign a "Deed of Love" with your partner!

As mentioned, there are plenty of K-Pop songs available in the game from famous artistes such as Girls' Generation, Super Junior, f(x), BoA, SHINee, TVXQ, and lots more! New songs will be constantly added so rest assured the songs will not be outdated!

The graphics are cool. It feels as if I am performing live onstage with the camera panning and zooming in and out like a K-Pop music video! But I am guessing in real life those camera flash would be downright annoying. The woe of a K-Pop star~

Needless to say, the dance action is non-stop and more challenging as you level up!

Want to level up quickly? Complete the missions and get the rewards!

Practice your hand-eye coordination and get combos to get even more points! No doubt challenging. Being my slow and clumsy self, I still need a lot of single player practice in order to achieve the combo T_T

You can’t call yourself a K-Pop fan without trying out the dance moves yourself! Challenge yourself with this cute and fun dancing game today!

Yo yo, no more waiting, let's TOUCH!

River Island – The brand from top to toe!

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June 12th, 2014 >> Advertorial, Posts

River Island has been in the fashion retail industry for over 60 years providing the best designs for men, women as well as kids. With nearly 300 stores worldwide, River Island is known for its modern trendy designs and affordable prices.


Customers could have an eye candy experience with the extensive selection of clothes, bags, accessories, watches, scarfs and shoes from River Island collection as the brand is always up-to-date with the ever changing fashion trends. If you are running out of ideas to mix and match your outfit, River Island might be the perfect fashion brand for you! The well-known brand offers its customers a wide range of selection to choose from head-to-toe.


The cosmopolitan ladies could check out the beautiful dresses and fabulous high heels from River Island to perk up their style.



The ladies could match up their outfit with a luxurious River Island handbag and feel confident. Meanwhile, the gents could adore the plenty stylish shirts, shoes and belts sold by River Island :)


Men may appear stylish anywhere they go with a tribal print tee and boat shoes. Made from great quality materials, River Island fashion products ensure their customers high satisfaction and comfort all day long. Aimed to provide the best quality designs in High Street fashion, River Island has made its name throughout the world. 



Even the celebrities love the trendy designs from River Island!!

The talented young celeb famous for her role in Disney channel drama series, Wizards of the Waverly Place, Selena Gomez walks around town looking casual and chic with a pair of boyfriend jeans from River Island.  Meanwhile, the stunning former Victoria Secret model and successful entrepreneur Miranda Kerr flaunts her tall figure with River Island super skinny jeans. 


Are you dying to get the amazing looks like these celebrities? River Island is made available right at Zalora! You could scroll through the great collections for both men and women to purchase your new outfits with Zalora! 

Wait NO More ! Start to browse through those exclusive items and do your online shopping now! *grins*

Phuket Work & Play @ Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort

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June 10th, 2014 >> Posts

On April last year, I went to Phuket for the first time. Read my experience at Patong Beach, Phi Pi Island and Sea Sun Sand Resort.

Who knows that one year later around this time, I was summoned back to the beautiful island again? Except this time it was a work trip.

One of the reasons I always choose window seat.

First day was free and easy. We checked into Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort (such luxurious 5-star treatment!) which was located uphill around 5-minutes drive away from Patong town.

A quiet and secluded resort. It offers a private beach which in my opinion is way better than what Patong beach has to offer, unless you prefer a tourist-crowded area with vendors passing by selling you stuff every 10 minutes. My only complaint is the quality of food which was far from 5-star expectation.

We were exhausted after that early flight. Didn’t want to explore the town before we could get any rest so decided to pay 600 Baht for the breakfast buffet (which is normally served free to the hotel guests wtf). Took as much as possible even though our appetite was only THAT big. Teehee.

Every guest including us were presented a welcoming ornament while being ushered to the lobby.

Our room was impeccably clean and spacious.

A balcony facing the forest and the tennis court.

See-through bathroom! LOL. No bathtub though which kinda disappointed me :(

Off to Patong town after my beauty nap! Shuttle van is available every 30 minute for 2-way journey back and forth from Le Meridien and Patong town (with charges of 70 Baht per head if I’m not mistaken). We wanted to follow our own timing so decided to pay a little extra for the hotel chauffeur (240 Baht for round trip).

Randomly picked a restaurant that was the least tourist-targeted looking along Patong beach in order to fulfil my Tom Yam craving! Food might be cheap at other parts of Thailand but never in Phuket. One coconut costs 80 Baht T_T

When in Thailand, must eat pancake!

Chocolate banana is the best.

A lovely sunny day for beach walk.

Walked all the way to Jungceylon, a big shopping mall at Patong and Bangla Road. No there’s no bangla there. It’s the name of a famous street at Patong where all the night bars are located. Can easily find strip dance or Ping Pong shows here!

Nah we didn’t go for any of that. Wasn’t on a vacation remember? Long schedule ahead the next day :/

More Thai food for dinner.

Mandatory Thailand-made beer.

On the following day, breakfast by the pool. TBH I enjoy having meals outdoor especially when there’s great view (but kinda sad la can’t do it with my boy cause he complains about sweating all the time FML). Wouldn’t want to confine myself to the air-conditioned room 24/7.

Huge swimming pool right before the private beach.

Unlike Patong beach that rents their beach chairs for 100 Baht, here you get countless of them available FOC.

The weather wasn’t so good that day. First it was gloomy, then it started drizzling. I couldn’t get enough of the sun! Pfft.

Anyway do consider Le Meridien if you’ve got the budget. The private beach is definitely a place worth visiting if you’re seeking for serenity! :)

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort
Address: 29, Soi Karon Nui, Tambon Karon,
Amphur Muang, Karon, Phuket, Thailand.
Tel: +66 76 370 100

Website: http://www.lemeridienphuketbeachresort.com/

Mamee Double-Decker Factory Visit: Mamee Chef Day Out

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June 10th, 2014 >> Posts

Last Saturday, I woke up to a pleasant morning, looked at my handphone and bounced up of the bed when I saw, 7 AM!  "OMIGOSH!!! I overslept!!!". I just grab something to wear and rush off. I didn't have time to set my hair and put on some make up. Barefaced, with a sleepy head, where am I heading to?


A group of 50 bloggers were invited for a Mamee Melaka factory visit. Our meet-up point is at Mamee Double-Decker USJ factory. Thankfully, I was quite familiar with that area, as our journey was badly delayed due to some bloggers who lost their way that morning. It has been 10 years since I join for a factory visit, and at the same time feeling extremely enthusiastic! My last trip with such a huge group was with My Selangor Story 2010 (Oh my, how fast time passed, it has been 4 years already!)

I can't believe I actually enjoyed the 2-3 hours bus ride from KL to Melaka. Hehe.. our bus had this high tech TV screen thing, and we were being played the Fast and Furious films throughout the journey. I was really occupied by the movies. HAHAHA...

Here's our plan for the day:-

At about 11 o'clock, I think (I was really into the Fast and Furious films, I lost track of time), we arrived at Mamee Melaka! The sun was really hot, and just as I hopped down from the bus, we were greeted and welcome by the Mamee Melaka's staffs. I feel so sorry for them, because our journey delayed and they all must have waited for us for so long!

So the Mamee Chef Day Out has officially begun! No time was being wasted. We kick-started our programme for the day by taking group photographs of us! Here's the enthusiastic Ms. Soong Sham Mee, guiding us towards our photography area.

It was really bright and sunny, and it took us some time to position ourselves properly to fit us all in the camera. HAHA.. the Mamee guys were so funny, they never fail to make us laugh. It was fun under the sun, definitely. I took these photos of them because they are unable to be in the group photo with us all. This way, nobody gets forgotten ya! 

I dare to bet all my properties (fuhyoh) that nobody in Malaysia doesn't know who/what is Mamee. I've always have this picture of Mamee in my heart, whenever I think of it.

Mamee Double-Decker's latest highlight was on the Mamee Chef instant noodles. Did you know that Mamee Chef instant noodles are being purchased by 4.2 million household buyers in Peninsular Malaysia alone?

Have you tried the Mamee Chef noodles? 

I'm not a fan of instant noodles. I'm being honest here. Everybody who knew me knows that I enjoyed cooking instant noodles, but I will throw away the noodles, unfinished. Why? I'm not a wasteful person, but instant noodles always make me feel "jelak" after a couple of bites. 

Because of that, I never buy instant noodles. My first experience with Mamee Chef was from the goodie bag which I had from #NuffnangIs007 Birthday Bash. It was raining one evening, and I had nothing to eat for dinner. So I took the Mamee Chef instant noodle 'perisa' Curry Laksa, and poured hot water into it. 

It was love at first bite.

I finished all of the instant cup noodle, within a month. I even ate my husband's cup noodle. He have not realized it yet. HAHAHAHAHAH..Shhh please keep this secret for me ya!

Gosh, my blog post derailed with my Mamee Chef love story. Ok now, let's get back to our event. Kids! I wish I was 8 years old weh! Kids were so happy. I mean, I feel happy too...but I'm too old to show my happiness. All I could do, was watch their laughter and smiles. *sigh~* How envious I was, I haven't had any opportunity to visit any factories when I was a kid. There's no such thing like factory visit during those days!

We were introduced on Mamee Double-Decker's humble beginnings until today, where Mamee Double-Decker has established its name into one of the food and beverage giants in Malaysia. Then, we were given a LIVE performance of 'La Mien' or "pulled noodle" which was originated from China. It was said that La Mien was the perfect noodle type as the noodles were hand pulled, and exhibit a beautiful 'noodly' texture. Mamee Chef had incorporated the 'La Mien' or in Malay language, called "Mi Tarik" technique into making their noodles.

I didn't have a high tech camera with me. All my photos were captured using my loyal iPhone 5. I managed to record a very short Instagram Video of the process. I hope this is able to give you, readers a picture on how "La Mien" was made. From the video you can see a long dough, and then the lady was like dancing with the dough, and suddenly noodle is formed. It must be some kind of sorcery it is! AHAHAH...

The performance, has really captivated everyone's attention!

See!!! Look how magical this is! The lady was just dancing with the dough and suddenly, strands of noodles were formed!

Ta daaa!! It's so amazing *thumbs up*

Then after that, we were given a nose-triggering, scent provoking, mouthwatering LIVE demo on how to make the Mamee Chef's paste. 

Fuhlamak I tell you~ Just when the pan was heated, and then the ingredients were blended and put to boil, all our senses were immediately triggered. I could even hear my stomach acid regurgitated actively, because I, as a typical Malaysian, cannot resist the aroma of kunyit+serai+ginger+curry leaves and many more. It's really good. A whole new level of goodness was created just by mixing our local spices and herbs!

After that, I got distracted by

Did you know, until today, I love to eat Mamee Snacks? I used to steal my piggybank money like 20 cents and run to Pak Karim's sundry shop to buy a packet of Mamee Monster snacks. Then I will squat near my grandpa's fish pond to eat finish my snacks before heading back home. Some of the unfortunate days, I will get caught by my uncle and after that I get a few lashes of "whipping with love". My childhood was hell, or so I thought, but I never regret any of those. It's a memory I will always cherish.

Me and Mamee will grow old together *made a vow*.

Mamee started in 1972, with a noodle they called "Lucky". Their initial foray into the industry met with some bumps along the way. Lucky was not very successful, but I've asked my folks, they said yea, those days there were "Lucky Mien". 

A couple of years later, Mamee replaced Lucky. The name "Mamee" was inspired because it's homonym to the word "Mommy", the first word that all of us had learn to say, which in fact, is true. How do I know all these details? I read it from TimothyTiah's blog here. 

So, this was the Mamee that was produced during the year I was born, 1986.

And this was the version of Mamee when I was first introduced to Mamee.

Mamee Monster snacks were so adorable then.

and the Mamee Monster snacks that became my good friend until today.

~Me and Mamee~

After all the fun, we were brought to tour the production of Mamee noodles. Can you see the sheet of dough being transferred from one machine to another. It was fascinating to see so much dough, and it looks like a long sheet of cloth.

The dough will go through a process of mixing, steaming, frying..and many more before being made edible.

and then finally it takes shape of the Mamee noodle that we are all familiar with.

Of all the instant noodle, I love this mini-noodles the most. I'm glad that they are still producing it.

After the noodles were cooked, they will be transported to the packaging and QC section. This factory is so huge, and every product is produced concurrently.

This is where the Mamee noodle aroma can be smelled even it was shielded by a glass panel.  Ohhh..look how 'kiddishly' happy I was! *shy*

So here's the final seal of the instant noodle cup lid.

Everything was done by machine, but workers were needed to check for any defects.

I see snacks!!! Loads of them!!! 

It was really nice for Mamee to have helpers to explain to us the process, and to answer all of our questions. They were really professional when answering us. 

Here's a short clip of the Mamee Factory Visit which I recorded for Instagram.

After the detailed tour, we were served lunch! The food was cooked and prepared by the Mamee Cafe at Jonker Walk. While queuing for food, samples of Mamee Chef were served to us too! 

Janice, and her heart-melting smile

Nom nom time! 

I met three new friends on this happy day, Siew Cheng, Anne and Michele. I love to disturb Anne especially, she's really adorable, and witty. Haha.. Here's a good photo of all of us with Mamee before we depart to the Mamee Cafe.

After filling our stomachs, we head to Melaka town. It seems like there's a cafe which was opened since last year, called Mamee Jonker House. I haven't heard of that Cafe, so I'm really eager to see what it is all about. Meanwhile, we were also given some time for sight seeing in Melaka. 

A random building by the roadside

The weather was hot, the skies was so blue. We were all sweaty, but the view was spectacular!

Kincir Air Kesultanan Melayu Melaka

Melaka has become a famous tourist locations. Even the Melaka riverside was beautifully maintained.

Sungai Melaka

There was a Dragon Boat Race on the same day! We were so fortunate, that the race happened right in front of our eyes. I was too busy cheering for the teams, I didn't capture any photo of the race.

Dragon Boat Race Contestants getting ready in Melaka River

Mamee's staffs were so helpful. He made sure we all walked safely to the Mamee Cafe in Jonker Walk. It will be better if he could umbrella us as well *hehe*.

Jonker Walk, a place filled with tourists.

Ok, we have arrived! Look out for this signboard ya. 

Mamee Jonker House, Jonker Street Melaka

A place where Mamee Double Decker goods, and memorabilia are sold

Mamee Jonker house, is a place packed with fun, and loads of Mamee surprises. At the front part of this house, it's a place where Mamee products were sold.There is even Mamee T-shirts, merchandize like cups, and  soft toys. But at the back of this Jonker house, there's the cafe, where local delicacies and coffee is served.

Oh ya, did i mention? I met my long lost brother. LOL!

Me and Mamee Monster. I'm teaching him how to conquer the world.
At the Mamee Jonker House, various kids activities was held on a regular basis as well. There's this section called Noodles Noodles, where we can make our own customize Mamee Cup Noodle. It's a section where you pay RM3.50, and they will give you a cup,and you can design the cup to to your likings. Here's mine.

Nicole is going to expire soon.

The cup noodle did not live until 13th June 2014. It has been walloped by Nicole last week.

Move across the station to have the customized cup noodle filled and packed.

Choose your fillings. (max 4 types)

Press the green button to seal the lid.

Watch the Mamee staff pack the cup noodle for you

Done! Perfectly sealed to be brought home!
After being done with our noodle cup, me and Anne went exploring the noodle house. The whole house has a nice concept. The walls were pasted with some Mamee Double Decker Wonderland. I wish I'm a cartoon character too!

This is Anne, trying to warp into the walls

Let me in!!! Let me in!!!!!
and we got this reaction from Mister Potato and gang...

Sorry Mister Potato, I shall behave myself! 

HEY LOOK! Mamee Performance Theatre!

This is me looking very villian-ish. 
After that, Anne and I had to go to Monster Kitchen. This is the place where all monsters were being cooked.  kids learn to make their own customize Mamee Monster Snacks.

This is the Mamee Monster Snacks workshop, where kids make their own snacks from scratch. It's really fun! The whole workshop takes about 3 hours, and priced at RM10 per kid. 6 kiddos are needed as a minimum requirement to kick start this workshop. Reservation is required for this workshop.

Mamee staff explaning what's happening in the Monster Kitchen

The cafe downstairs, viewed from the 1st floor of the Mamee Jonker House.
Mamee Jonker House is definitely a place packed with surprises. From the miniature Mamee Noodles miniatures (on the left hand side of the wall facing the entrance) to the cafe, and even the toilet signs were so Mamee-fied.

Toilet signs - Female (left) and Male (right)
And right outside the toilet, there's a display of  Peranakan cups and teapots set. I really, really love the peranakan touch to this place. After all, Melaka is associated with the Baba and Nyonya culture. I being a descendant of a Nyonya, am always fascinated by the intricate designs of the peranakan tablewares.

Lovely Peranakan Antique China
At about 5pm, we all left Melaka, waving our goodbyes to all the treasures that we had discovered on that day. Six creative guests went home with Mamee Double Decker hampers. But one thing for sure, everyone went home with smiles etched on our faces.

Stadhuys - one of Melaka's historical attractions
so, Mamee Monster anyone?

For those who is interested to visit Mamee Jonker House, here's the address:-
Mamee Jonker House, 
No.46-48, Jalan Hang Jebat, 
75200 Melaka.
Tel: 06-286 7666 (reservation is needed for the Mamee Monster Kitchen workshop)

Malaysian International Dive Expo 2014

Posted by: MsXeRoZ Nicole

June 9th, 2014 >> Posts

Kids being introduced to diving experience in a pool in front of PWTC

Yesterday was the last day of the annually-held Malaysian International Dive Expo 2014. It has held over 3 days and as a newly-crowned diver (self described) me and my 7 diving friends went to PWTC to pay our visit to our sifu ABen (Benjamin Choong) who was tending his booth there. 

The guys were uber excited, and ended up spending RM1000+ on dive suits. Can't blame them at all, each suit was priced at RM200-300, depending on size and brands. I personally would recommend them to buy too because they always shiver in the water. For me, tak payahlah (no need), I have a thick layer of 'lapisan kedap haba' (fats).

After that, I spotted Turtle Bay Divers. Those who added me in Facebook would know about my rantings about certain chalets in Pulau Perhentian. I am bringing my family for a weekend getaway to Perhentian Islands, but the local chalets didn't even bother to reply my enquiries. Only 3 replied me, Bubbles Dive, Watercolours, and Turtle Bay Divers. 

My pick: Turtle Bay Divers. Why? Well Ange, my good friend, said she signed up with Mel from Turtle Bay Divers at an affordable price. Even Shereena signed up with Mel too! So far, correspondence with Mel has been smooth, and I can't wait to go to the island to play now. 

For people who is looking for diving or non-diving trips to Perhentian Besar, you can look for Mel (melcu25@gmail.com). She assures me that my booking will be in good hands. Well, I was very sceptical at first because my brother was conned during his budget trip to Redang Island (the promised budget accommodation was not booked by the agent, and ended up became a luxury trip). 

My main concern was my parents happiness and convenience. I don't want my parents to be in Perhentian and got traumatised when there's no place to stay (it's still school holidays yo!). These kind of places should be packed with tourists! So well, I'll be flying on Friday. Will blog again my dive experience there when I come back! 

I had also RSVP a dive trip to Padang (2015). There's approximately a gang of 12 people LOL! It's a big group! 

Can't wait!!!

MIDE 2014 in my opinion, was less packed that last year's. Cheap dive equipments? I don't know about this but honestly, everything that has to do with dive doesn't come cheap. I guess I have to start saving every penny that I make so that I can go under the sea more often!