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#348 Fiorucci suede flat

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Happy Merdeka, surprisingly this year the fireworks are minimal >,< 
Went shopping with mum at pavilion the whole afternoon

?*^?^*)??? and we got shopping voucher to shop

me at tokyo street,

here are my bought, hoho happy girl is happy

reasonable floral chiffon blouse and dress from mirrocle at Fahrenheit 88 

and my fav bought is this suede shoe flat from Fiorucci. It's so comfy that I couldn't resist it.
Recommended recommended ! ( ´??)
and there goes the holiday.

and I would like to confess August is a good happy month so far.
But time flies ToT , I really hope the remaining months are the same too. =)

OOTD Batik Palazzo

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This set of outfit belongs to mum. Kinda borrowed them (without her permission :x) when I was back home during raya break.


Photos taken at grandma’s home, the meaningful place where I spent my childhood running about. Photos credit to my cousin who was disturbed from his war craft, or whatever game he was playing XD


Ohai, it’s still summer!


The background matches my look that day.


Sheer butterfly sleeves top.


I find this outfit really comfortable. Great choice for a casual day out.


Airbrush tattoo FTW. Teehee.


Butterfly sleeves top – Attack
Batik palazzo pants – Attack
Straw hat – Glamour Collection
Wedges – Mixit
Bracelet – Juicy Couture


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Just do it, just fuck it. =]


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 2 more hours from now, there'll be the final for the 'X' pageant this year!

I was the winner for this pageant last year and i supposed to be there to crown the new winner later ... but despite of what had happened all this while , i decided not to attend the final later!

Last year, this time , i was doing the same things as what they are doing right now... busy for rehearsals, woke up early in the morning , rushed to the venue and start all the hectics rehearsals....

There're lot of last minutes changes , but luckily all of us managed to cooperate well and finally put up a good show in the end.

On that night itself, there are more than hundred attendees which included the sponsors, judges, guests and supporters..

There're 30 tickets sold under my name. All 30 friends of mine were there to support me . Again, here i want to say a big thank you to all of you :)... i really happy to have you all by my side...

Back to the final ticket, that time , the ticket was sold for RM 150 each which included a door girft ,a booklet and also a 'FULL COURSE MEAL'....

It was held in KL Live , but FYI, it was totally an unfurnish empty hall by that time . All of the finalists were kinda shocked when we reach there... but yea... luckily... it still look okay after SOME decoration.... :)

RM 150 is not a big burden yet is not easy to take out as a student...

As a student , if we want to spend money while we are studying without any single income , especially in KL , RM 150 is a lot ... like A LOT ... coz personally i only get few hundred monthly for my allowance , if i don't work part time , RM 7 per meal is the max that i can spend... and now... my friends , most of them are students, and they spend this money is not because of the meal itself only but for me... that is why they are there ..

FYI , all the comments i get from all of them were all the SAME!!!


well whatever... the , main point was not the food =)...

All of them were also my witness of my victory on that night itself...

The moment i was crowned as the winner , the MC annouced all the winning prizes that a winner should walk away with... and i believe most of them were quite amazed with the 'PRIZES' and they were really happy for me!!

'The winner will walked away with RM 200k worth of prizes and the crown and septer which worth USD 2.8k and also representing Malaysia to compete with the world in Korea '...

and here's the photo of the crown and septer...

*there are some boxes that cover the pageant name , as i just want to tell the world how unfair isit it to me and I HAVE NO INTENSION TO BLOCK PEOPLE's BUSINESS =)*

After i got crowned and finished, i walked back to the back stage to change , and the person in charge walked in and told me that they have to keep my crown and septer . I was supprised and asked why only mine and not the 1st runner up as well as the 2nd runner up....

She told me that :' because yours very expensive and we have to keep it for you , whenever you need it , we will bring it to you , untill you crown the next winner , only it belongs to you. '

I trusted her.

I brought back home nothing but just a sash and also a green Kao box which claimed that all my prizes are inside the box.... *i kept it untill now...coz i know one day i will need it ....*

here's the box that claimed to contain all my prizes inside it... =)


What is inside the box???

Here they are! =)

PS: There're also some sanitary pads by Laurier and also a cash voucher worth RM 500 from Fabulous Tan. I had used them up :)

Unless my math fail.... or else how come i count for one whole year and i still don't get the right amount like what he had told me?.... hmmmmm....

Oh yea!!!!! Maybe... they even count the Korea trip in XD... haha ...

but ...

FYI again...

It has been one year...

I don't get any news from the organizer about the representative trip ...

Is like...

After the final...

Everything had been forgotten....

I felt like i just woke up from a dream :) a wonderful one.....

I had been asking without concerning about the thickness of my face for so many times about the trip...and what i get is ' i will get back to you' that's it! =)

wait and wait... wait and wait... time flies... one year d.... =)

i think... he must be too busy to source for the details....=)

Dear all,

as we all know , enter a pageant , we have contracts , which shud be written in black and white , and each of the WINNER and the organizer should keep one for reference.

I entered this pageant with a REGISTRATION FEE of RM 50 and also i had signed the agreement , which is a common and also a must thing before you join any pageant.

Agreement did stated there Winners will be bond for a year after crowned and titled.

I respect the rules and i rejected some pageants after crowned.

However, it seems like a joke to me when the 2runner up was appearing in another pageant which is also held by the same event company.

Things go on smoothly and no doubt that she won in that pageant too...:)

It turned to be even more funny when the first runner up were then won in another internation pageant after around 2 months time...

I was so shocked that how can this happened to me??

Why am i so shock??

Because ...

i saw the second runner took part in another pageant and he didnt take any action in it and even give fully support to her, i THOUGHT that oooo.... maybe he is way too considerate for us, as the winner, DON'T GET MUCH PRIZES after winning his he allowed us to join other pageant...

I enjoy pageant process. How the girls spend the time together and all..

That's why i say yes to the other pageant organizer when they approached me to join their pageants...

As soon as i entered the audition and my photos posted online ....

The 'X' pageant organizer gave me a SMS saying that i should pull out from the competition or my titled will be take down and they will annouched that i am not their pageant winner anymore or he will sue me for 60k :) 

I asked him with full of anxiety....

'HUH?... how come you didnt do anything to the other 2 winners when they actually WON the other pageant and also the second pageant that he organized ????'

He actually ignored me and said that he didnt know about it and he claimed that the first runner up had been pulled out from the pageant due to her grandma passed away...

Well anything... i don't care...

Because, I SEE THE PHOTO MYSELF that she was crowned in that 'Y' pageant and her photos was posted online here and there...

He said that he didnt know about that and he need a prove for it...

and so...

i sent him a photo that she had been crowned...

He said that he will do take action...




What action did you take ? :)

Let's forget it ...

Back to recently...

This 'X' pageant is the second time held in Malaysia .

As i said , i shud crown the winner this year then only i will get back my crown.

I thought i should keep that crown as a remembrance.

As usual , to attend an event , you need to know the details as in the venue , the time , etc...

I wasn't alert with their updates untill one of my friend was actually one of the finalists this year.

If not him, i wouldn't know that when if the final and where is the location and all...

Last month, i did attend their photoshoot event in scott garden...

Before i meet the organizer , i thought we gonna have some hard cold time in our conversation but not...

We actually have quite a good short conversation ... when all the finalists are around :)...

ok cool....

i asked about my attendance in final and also asked them to let me know as soon as they had arranged everything so that i can arrange my time...

day by day...

weeks by weeks...

i don't get a single msg from them ...not untill the time when they are starting to sell final tickets...=)

Here's the FIRST msg i ever get from them after a year....


I don't know what is the video about and i don't know when are they going to shoot...

and so i called and called ...and called...


nvm ...

i texted them....


and then i thought they are WAY TOO BUSY.... *THEY ALWAYS BUSY =) * so i posted in their page timeline as simple as' pls get back to me asap, thx!'

and still...


and then after i throw out myself by KEEP CALLING THEM EVERYDAY... then only i get this reply from them... and take note at the DATE ....



after i got this msg...

without any delay, i straight call the organizer....

Let's just named him ' A '

I called and called....

'A' did not pick up his phone at all ...

then , i asked my fr who is one of the finalists this year to call him ...


He picked up!

and 'A' said that he didnt get any text msg or call from me ...

WOW!!! I think....

His handphone shud be award as the most GENG cellphone  among all the phones...

It knows how to filter ... not bad...*TWO THUMBS UP*



...... =)  again.... THEY WILL CALL YOU... basically they are pusing to here and there...


Check the date out.... SERIOUSLY ....

I strongly believe he is too busy.... they are too busy too....

Sponsors keep coming in....

tickets keep selling out....

If for me .... i always very busy lo .....=)

and the story carry on untill today....

I rushed back from penang ....

just because of the final tonight...

I am still being so naive waiting for them to call and reply....


My fr were then called me and passed the phone to the person in charge...

She said that she don't know whether my crown is there or not...

and then passed to 'A' ...

I was being SOOOOOOOOOOO NICE and PATIENT untill this happened...

'A' said....

'Jocelyn, can you please just come here by 730-8pm?? As we are very busy right now....k thx bye.'


I don't even get a chance to open my mouth...

GREAT... for once in my lifetime... i really thick enough to call back and ask ...

' 'A' i am asking you whether my crown ..... * got intercepted by 'A'*

'JOCELYN , can you just come by 730-8pm as we ARE VERY BUSY and i hope you let *my fr's name* to continue his rehearsal?K THANKS BYE!'

And that's it...

This somehow lid up my timing bomb...

Frankly speaking,

I don't need the crown for fame or money as i really don't need it....

All i wanted is to keep as my memory and that's it...

From the beginning , i knew that you all are trying to avoid things ...

For what reason , you know i know...

But please bear in mind that you have no right to behave like this as you are taking the responsibility on it....

To 'A' ...

Human has human's right =)

To all the pageants contestants...

Please know your rights and make sure everything is VERY CLEAR IN BLACK AND WHITE before you joining any of them.

This post is just to release how bad i feel within a year time and i feel better after blasting everything out....



Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ at Sri Hartamas

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Went to Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ at Sri Hartamas to celebrate bf' mum bufday~~

 It is located next to fotokem same row with lotte mart.

Note picture is taken by Iphone4 sorry for the blurry pictures.

Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ menu

Dae Sa Kwan Korean BBQ Main menu lol 

Interior design

Interior design this place is basically quite old.

Sauce Option

side dishes

 Side dishes 


More meat 

fried glass noodle

This fried glass noddle super nice!!! but it cost RM30 per bowl 

idk what is this but is basically is Chicken maybe it is chicken dal bak gi  and it has rice cake the rice cake is awful. 

Cooked meat 

kimchi hot pot

Kimchi hot pot this is nice!! 

Overall the food does not taste spicy as it seen!!
The price is slightly higher than Dao rea.
Their BBQ meat taste pure maybe we did not order spicy one
Do try their wine meat it taste good!!

Horror Story #3: Who Is In That Toilet?

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Turns my head.
Look into your eyes, and...

Transform into a werewolf.

ROFL. Sorry, thats not my horror story for today. Well, I just realised that today is the Lunar infamous date - 14th day of 7th month. Tonight, will be the Hungry Ghost Festivals and I wish all ghosts and ghouls who read my blog, wishing you Happy Festivities and enjoy ya!

So, here's a story which I can hardly remember and I don't even know whether it's real or not, so the verdict lies in your imagination. This happened when I went for my prefect camp for leadership training in Form 3. I could remember things very well but somehow this incident I had forgotten and I had to squeeze my memory cells for this incident. My camp was held in Pangkor Island, and I remember we stayed in a dormitory-like room provided by the hotel.

Upon arriving, we were grouped in 4 people per room. The dorm was very small, fitting two double decker beds on the left wall and right wall. Me and my friends were lucky, I consider, to have a room facing the front. There are two or three rows of dorm rooms, located at the far end of the hotel. Behind the row of dorm is the forest. The further rooms are all even more spooky! Like any other dorms, toilets and bathroom are located outside. As evening falls, we were served with seafood BBQ and after that we will have group activities. So after having the BBQ, we are regrouped into categories, and right before the presentation and games, I asked my friend, Sara to accompany me to my room to get my camera. So both of us, walked the dark, dimly lit corridor to the room. Then she said she need to go to the toilet and I accompanied her.

The toilet has two cubicles, and one of them is occupied. So I let Sara use the available cubicle first and waited for the 2nd one. After some time, Sara exited and I entered. Then after finishing my business, I came out and Sara looked puzzled. She pointed to the toilet and said "Why so long one? She OK or not?" I just shrugged and wanted to walk out. Just as we wanted to exit, Pui Leng came in and we decided to wait for her. As Pui Leng came out, we knocked on the 2nd cubicle, and pushed. We asked "Hey are u ok?". We knew at that time that any one using the dorm toilet should be our schoolmates, so we decided to check her out due to concern. Then Pui Leng pushed the door harder, thinking perhaps nobody is inside. But the door was locked from inside. Ok, so Pui Leng bents and peep from the bottom. "EIH, NOBODY GEH?"

Without thinking much, I bent down and have a look myself. But all I could see is my own hair covering my eye and suddenly I realised, I don't want to know. So, I rose up and said, "let's get out of here". As we went back to our group, we began to shiver out of fear. Then Sara, me & Pui Leng prayed to God so that whatever it is we have bumped into, please protect us from it for the night. Then we checked with Pui Leng, she said she saw the toilet bowl (seat type) with no legs. She's not sure whether what she sees is true or not, but she definitely sees the toilet bowl. Then, we saw a bunch of Malay girls came from the dorm direction, I asked one girl. The toilet available or not? 1 cubicle or 2? Anyone inside? She looked curious when I asked her, then she told me "both also available".

The next day, all three of us went for a swim in the morning before we left. The pool is up to my shoulder-depth and we were just soaking and chatting and laughing. Out of sudden, I saw a huge amount of water splashing and I just grab whatever it is underneath and pull it up. To my surprise, it was Pui Leng. I asked her "OI, whats wrong with u?" She said, "Dunno, I'm very scared of water". I said "HAR? but you are taller than me, and we can practically stand in the pool easily." She, practically still gasping for air and hugging me tightly, replied "Dunno why my head can't be lifted up".

Whether the two incidents are related or not, I have no idea. But thinking about it, really spooked me up. The following week in school, Pui Leng told my sis, that I saved her from drowning. *proud*

Hahaha.. I guess it is not scary story but a mysterious one! Hope you enjoyed reading!



Review- Lancome Hypnose Dolly Eyes

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*Sponsored product

Afternoon Dblchinis!
I used to be crazy about mascaras but when lashes took over the world, I completely ditch the former.
My fault, my bad, Karma's a bitch (see above kua tio gui pix) I'm officially claiming it back because mascaras nowadays are infused with fibers, improved formula that work like falsies. I've also discover my hidden talent for making lashes stay erected (don't even think...) and fan out.

Here I've with me is Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes in its latest waterproof formula.

Its sleekness almost look like the silhouette of a woman.
Dark roses printed on the exterior gives an adventurous touch yet whole lot of femininity to the mascara.

Bristles are very fine and it latches on very well to each individual lashes making sure they are coated evenly.
Hypnose Doll Eyes is also formulated with floral notes from Turkish rose and magnolia which gives out a nice scent. Not fascinated nor complaining about it but knowing that, I kinda place the wand near my nose to capture the smell. True enough got the flower scent ley! I also risk staining the tip of my nose with mascara, Oops :X

I'm surprised how well it separates my lashes giving it a define curl.
Pardon the stains, I'll clean it up in a minute.

Although it does it's job, this mascara clumps easily. This is not a wand that you wish to coat your lashes with over and over again, see the little beads forming? Not overly pleasant for me here.

Thanks Lancome sg! Hope u dblchinis like my review :D


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Animation class started.

Genting with Nuffnang Part 3/3

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*sponsored trip*

Hello Dblchinis!
Kicking off the post with my super camwhore face. chio not?
I started reading THE SECRET and so the sudden influx of unbashfulness. Nothing bad about feeeling good about yourself, right bo?

I mentioned previously that Thiang's ripping off her top for Kahlil Fong is actually a hoax, like they always say sex sells.

Anyways this is the final part of my Genting Highlands Trip, I hope everyone had already read part I & II. If not you have been missing out couple of great things like the si-Thor-Berry Farm & yummy food we've tasted.
This is the continuation of Day 2 where we head down to the Coffee Terrace restaurant for dinner.

Thiang and her fiance's naughty look!

Nich & cute girl

From now on is food

Salmon Sashimi

curry rice.

Sweets for the sweets.

Takopachi, I no like.

Prawn balls.


Lamb Shank, swee


This definitely look chinese. tau sah piah. Ey actually I duno but looks delish.


Chicken soup for the broken heart. My heart's not broken but heck la, lim!



Cliff & Rach

I got a shock when I scroll to the next pic and I get to see his hugeass face. Lucky no pimple.

Think I'm wearing Hp shades.


Nad avoiding carbs at all cost.

chicken feet


Dragon fruit.

Ok I had enough of naming all the food, like as if you dunno.

Anways I'm pretty happy with my new camera, it gives an awesome effect to desserts, like double the yumminess.










After that we head off to watch Kahlil Fong's concert.

On the way I spotted this outdoor carousel, it swings you around while you are on it.
I figure my hubby will get motion sickness if he sits on that.

Another one with this thrill ride just right behind it
The night sky and bright light makes everything so beautiful


We are not allow to record any vids/phototaking during the concert but Nich got lucky, he got to hold on to the official photographer tag.
Guess what? All he took was himself & us!
Don't believe? read here!

The next day we head back to Genting palace for breakfast!
We had a 15 course Breakfast, I seriously lost count of the dishes I had because I'm stuffed!
We all are.

Crispy Deep fried yam puff.

Steamed Spare Ribs With Black Bean Sauce

At this point I have to say I LOVE MY CAMERA.

Steamed Loh Mai Kai

Liu Sha bao!

Beancurd skin roll

Siew mai & Har gao


Chee Cheong Fan with pork fillings

Assorted fried noodles

My portion coz I'm too full to be honest.

Glazing egg tarts

Stir-fried veggies

Last but not least, sea coconut with Aloe Vera

I had the best time eating my life away, pun I know.
This trip seriously, is all about food.
Now, Time to hit the tracks and sweat out the fats!

Thanks Nuffnang!!!

Check out Part I & Part II here!

Kota Kinabalu Travelogue : Day 3′s Islands Adventure (19 May 2012)

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The night before was a torturing one; I forced myself to puke so that I can sleep in peace and it went on repetitively for an hour or two before I slowly dozed off in exhaustion. Awaken by natural call and bright lit drapery, I was astonished by the fact that it was just 6am! I stood in front of the beautiful morning scene, scanning the vicinity and indulging in a few seconds of curiosity. As people were bustling around the pier, here I was, standing here, enjoying my chilly air inside a cozy hotel room and wishing that my blissful holiday was longer.

The morning pier around 6am

After lazing around in bed for an hour or so, my empty tummy couldn't hold itself together anymore. Hence, we decided to grab our quick breakfast, which was not included in the package, at Circle in Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu before our island adventure entailed.  The variety of breakfast buffet spread was somewhat satisfying but the food was mediocre. The turnover for used plates was very slow though. However there were several things I found intriguing, which were the idea of serving yoghurt, customized fruit juice, and bottled honey in the breakfast buffet spread.  We whacked several portions of eggs, a glass of fruit juice each, and random try-outs. Before we left, we smuggled few bottles of honey to help with my sore throat too!

After donning on my bikini, slabbing on sunblock, poking my contact lens into my cornea, and grabbing our camera and some water, we headed to the sunny street with our macho sunglasses on and walked towards the jetty to grab our boat to islands of our choice. The sun was shining mercilessly above us and every inch of my skin nearly screamed in agony if it wasn't for the sunblock. The pungent smell welcomed us as we drew closer to the morning seafood market.

The splashing fun awaits!

Before we were even close to the jetty, several locals had already tried to sell us their island hopping packages. We ignored the first two as they seemed like a con man because of the sunglasses they put on
(I am serious!). When this forty looking local approached us at Waterfront, somehow we were sold. Not only we bought his boat transfer services, we bought his parasailing package too! I couldn't remember how much it costed us exactly but it came up to RM70 per pax for 2-island hopping and parasailing.

The boat quota was filled within 10-20 minutes, however, we were left to wait for another 10 minutes or so in the scorching hot weather. I could feel the heat even though I was fully shaded. Imagine we were going to be on the sea for several hours! As soon as the Malay couple, whom we were waiting for for past 10 minutes, arrived, we were led towards the direction of the seafood market and finally we saw a small pier where boats were parking alongside. A small fee was paid to the "pier caretaker" before we boarded the boat and each of us was given life jacket and mask aboard which we would be using it for our snorkeling.

Mamutik Island, We Are Here!

Our first stop was Mamutik Island, where we did our parasail before free and easy snorkeling. The view was breathtaking and it reminded me that it had been a year that I was away from an island since my diving trip last year. We were blessed in a way as the weather was perfect for outdoor activities. We boarded a special boat for parasailing and headed to the middle of the sea before it halted and the boatman and his assistant started to fly the parachute. We stepped onto the flying platform and geared ourselves up. Too bad our camera was foggy due to the extreme temperature between our hotel room's and outdoor's. Now come to think of it, we should have asked the boatman to take pictures with our phones instead.

The wind was pretty strong and we were taken aback when the parachute caught hold of the gushing wind. The only thing that keep us tied to the boat was the rope connecting to the parachute. That was exciting, I thought to myself. Once we were released to the maximum height, the boatman started to showcase his driving skill by making abrupt swerves. Perhaps I concluded way too early; even when the boat made sharp turns, we were suspended on the air undisturbed (boring...). I guessed the boatman felt our boredom and he purposely lowered us and let our dangling legs scraped across the surface. Whoa, that was fun!

The swarming fishes

After 10-20 minutes of parasailing, we put on our life jacket and mask and walked towards the sea, getting ready to meet up with Mr and Mrs Fishies! It did not take us too long to find them as we spotted blanket after blanket of corals not too far from the shore. For your information, where the corals are, where the fishes will be! We saw plenty of tiny colorful fishes; some were donned in hot pink, fluorescent yellow and bright blue. Some of the fishes were nearly transparent while some of them swam in a group. I did send them scattered away at times. There was so much to be mesmerized by the life forms in the sea.

The only thing that was really inconvenient to island hop here is no locker is provided so you might risk losing your personal belongings. We waited for another 10 minutes for our boat to pick us up and drop us at our next destination, i.e. Manukan Island. Compared to Mamutik Island, Manukan Island is more touristy, hence you would find yourself having hard time walking on the shore due to the pieces of dead corals laid around.

Manukan Island

To avoid disappointment, head to the pier and swim to the sea alongside the pier where I came across little orange Nemo and "Paddle Pop"! Stay close to the pier as you could concentrated coral population, hence the fishes! Watching this naughty little Nemo busy fluttering its tail against the petite and vibrant leafy coral tickled my heart; through it, I saw how adorable naivety can be. I saw tiny and almost transparent barracudas swimming in a group; I admitted it was a little scary due to its pointy mouth. As we were half way snorkeling, we bumped into this rather "friendly" baby pink fish, which we named it, "Paddle Pop". As we tried to reach out for it, it ran away in its lightning speed; as we turned around to head back to shore, it swam closer to us, attempting to "attack" us. Amused we were, we kept trolling the little fella; it went on and on until we felt the exhaustion and decided to rest at the beach.

Yours sincerely with her tanner half

Unfortunately we had to stay put at Manukan Island until 4pm as the boat just made its way back to the main land not long ago. An hour plus it was. We ended up fiddling with our phones, taking pictures, playing games, chit chatting, disturbing one another whilst enjoying the breeze and gentle sunshine. It felt like a real holiday; nothing bothered us and we could do anything we want :)

Reflection, taken in Manukan Island

It was great to be back on the main land after being stranded for more than an hour. The distance from the pier to Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu was less than 1 km; I wouldn't say it was tiring on its own but after hopping for almost half a day, I just wanted to have a long shower and get some rest. However we had an important task to settle before we were to retreat to our room of comfort, i.e. early dinner. Our lunch was merely a can of 100 Plus and Coke light and a packet of potato chips at Manukan Island before our second round of snorkeling.

Hoping that Seng Hing Coffee Shop was still opening, we quickened our foot steps but luck wasn't on our side. We were left to hunt for next alternatives on our hunting list but in the end, we resorted to some hot but not so spicy fried chicken from KFC in Centre Point. Hunger was dissipating but the satisfaction did not stack itself up the way it usually does.

The Sunset from Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu

I took a long shower under the rain shower, hoping it could wash away my exhaustion. Nonetheless, it was a trip that truly worth our time, money and exhaustion. In fact, I had gotten myself a fresh pair of natural bikini too! Changed into some loose and clothes which smelled of fresh laundry, I sat myself quietly on the study table and scribbling on my CFA Level II Practice Exams (Oh, I am official CFA Level III candidate now. Yeap, I passed!)

We waited for an hour plus for the rest of my 8 group mates to join us for dinner at Sri Mutiara Seafood Restaurant at Kompleks SEDCO (Kampung Air). The location was perfect for meet up as it is located approximately the same distance from Le Meridien Kota Kinabalu and City Park Lodge. Since all of them were famished, we ordered almost one dish each, which summed up to ten dishes for our table!

Fried Squid Rings

Judging by the outlook, the batter was just right; it promised the right level of crispiness yet enabled squid rings to unveil what it had got to offer. If I had to pick one thing to comment about, it would be the thickness of the squid rings. It is a matter of personal preference but I do think a "thinner" squid ring would strike a better balance between crispiness and chewiness. Flavor wise, it leaned towards saltier side but complemented well with the squid rings.

Kung Poh Chicken

The tenderness of chicken was prevalent; it was juicy, soft and lean, just the right texture and choice of meat for me. Weirdly so, I couldn't recall how it tasted like exactly but it was not bad at all. The reason why we ordered it because one of us does not eat pork yet she is Chinese. Hmm, weird weird weird.

Local Vegetables cooked with Belacan

There is something about local vegetables that I find it amusing. How many of us really know what is it called? How many of us really can identify it in forest? It could be one of the ferns that crawls and prospers on the tree. That aside, I find myself liking local vegetables for its firm and crunchy texture; I find myself liking the belacan style for its muted spiciness and tempting fragrance. Do I like it? Of course!

Salt Baked Slipper Lobsters (perhaps?)

The flesh resembled prawn's and crab's; a little chewy yet flaky. Do I like it? Hmm, not totally. I liked the salt baked style as it left a coat of salt on the shell which complemented the lack of flavor in the lobster flesh. What I did not appreciate much was the texture of flesh. However, it was much easier to eat this compared to crab.

Steamed Fish

I would say it was a pretty simple dish among all yet the forgetful me failed to get the name of fish used. I liked my steamed fish just the way it was served. Nothing fancy but soy sauce, spring onion, parsley and most importantly fresh fish. Smooth and slightly chunky, it had met my expectation of a steamed fish. Most of the flavor came from the soy sauce, which was flavorful yet complementing the freshness of fish.


Nothing really blew my mind but all in all, it was decent; the local vegetables cooked in belacan, the steamed fish, the slipper lobster were the few I love the most. I did not try the crabs as it did not look tempting and my group mates whom tried commented that it was not nice too. The total bill summed up to RM50 per pax, hence I wouldn't say it was not too "cheap".

After dinner we walked to the nearest Orange to grab some mineral water and also breakfast for the next day as we would be heading for water rafting. One thing I realize is there are more Orange than 7Eleven in Kota Kinabalu AND Orange's product prices are slightly cheaper than 7Eleven YET both operates 24 hours. So guys, now you know where to grab your necessities even in the middle of the nights!

The rafting adventure awaits :D