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Perhentian Island Getaway!

Posted by: MsXeRoZ Nicole

June 24th, 2014 >> Posts

Heyo everybody! Didcha miss me? Lol! I was feeling super duper elated while processing the photos and many wonderful memories came gushing through my mind. On 13th of June, I organized a 4 Day 3 Night family cum diving trip to Pulau Perhentian (Perhentian Island) off the seas of Terengganu. 
Cows roam freely in the large fields

My trip was planned in 2013, in conjunction with the Air Asia promo tickets, and booked a return ticket to Kota Bahru, Kelantan. From Kota Bahru Airport, a van was arranged to pick us up to Kuala Besut Jetty. The 1 hour van ride costs about RM120/way (booked via Mama Holidays).  A confusion arose but was settled immediately, Abang Ben our driver assured us he will drive us safely to the jetty. His friendly demeanor ensures us that he was honest and it is safe to travel with him. 

My Papa and I

From Kuala Besut Jetty, we took a 30 minute speed boat ride (via Mama Holidays) to Perhentian Island. The boat ride fee is RM35/way/pax. It's quite expensive in my opinion, but travelling in speedboat gives me some adrenaline rush, minus the seasickness factor. I also love the warm salty air of the sea and the saltiness on my lips throughout the speedboat ride. Well, this officially means, HOLIDAY HAS BEGUN!

My In-Laws, Mommy and Daddy
In my previous blog post (MIDE-click here), I blogged about booking my trip through Turtle Bay Divers. I was being recommended Mama's Chalet. Before my trip, I contacted En Aziz and he was the one who helped me arranged for the van and speedboat to this beautiful island.

Standard Non-Air Con Room in Mama's Chalet
Mama chalet is a lovely place, filled with lovely people. The chalets are very basic, and acceptably clean. The standard fan room costs about RM70/night (without breakfast). It's really a bargain! We took 3 rooms and only 1 of the rooms have smell (which I believe due to the previous occupant). After airing and putting some lime leaves under the pillow and on the bed, the room doesn't smell as bad anymore. Everything is good. Expect to be in a back-to-basics kind of getaway here, and be prepared for red ants, mosquitoes, lizards and squirrels. Aww, come on, this is what makes vacation memorable right?

The beach in front of Mama's Chalet

Mama's Chalet is located in the big island. There's two parts of Perhentian; big island called Perhentian Besar, and small island called Perhentian Kecil. The big island is more quiet and peaceful, whereas the small island has whiter sands, beautiful beach but is filled with night-activities. There's pros and cons of both islands, but altogether, just experience both to experience the differences.

Little girl playing with the sands in Mama's Chalet.
It was a hot season when I went there last two weeks. The beautiful sun, shines through the clear water....ahh what a wonderful sight!

Clear Waters
We arrived at the island at 11am, and got ready to begin our first dive for the day. It was my 1st dive as leisure diver after getting my license in March. I took my diving license in Mabul Island. Oh how much I have miss you, Mabul! (Check out my Mabul Island diving experience here). 

Turtle Bay Divers is located at the end of Mama's Chalet. We were introduced to Joo, a korean divemaster. She understood that we were beginners, and gave us adequate introduction and explanation about the divesites that we were about to explore. Diving with her was a fantastic experience. She's really a strong woman, helpful and very capable. Gosh, I admire her strength so much!

Dive sites around Perhentian Big & Small Island.
We took a package consisting of 8 dive sites.
  1. D'lagoon (small island) - sandy area. A place for us to warm up and refresh our memories about diving. Here we saw stingrays and puffer fish.
  2. Police Wreck - sandy area with 3 small wrecks which were previously used by the Police force, hence named as police wreck. Visibility was pretty much poor during our dive here. The wreck just "appeared suddenly", so you can imagine how bad it is. hehe..Jenkin's Whipray is sighted, and also the blue-spotted stingray can be found.
  3. Pinnacle - beautiful coral reef area. Surrounded by fishes! A must visit site! It's my first time seeing squid here too!
  4. Tg Basi - I love this place also! It's my first time seeing Unicorn fish and Trigger fish. I kinda love "to feel being watched" by the Trigger fish. haha.. OK, watching is just fine, please don't attack me! hehehe..
  5. Shark point - I don't remember anything spectacular about shark point. There's no shark here, it was named because the rocks that marked this dive site looks like a shark's fin. 
  6. Sugar Wreck - This wreck is amazing! It's my first time seeing a huge, real wreck. The rest I've seen are artificial wrecks (purposely being sunk as a fish/coral breeding place). The current was so strong, but the visibility was so good! Divers were seen panicking and flying all around. Lots of Lion Fish, and Indian Ocean Walkman here. Big Puffer Fish and Box Fish is seen too! Oh ya, my husband is lucky enough to see a Blue-banded Sea Krait entering the wreck during our 3minute safety stop!
  7. Terumbu Tiga (T3) - named after the 3 rocks of that area. Visibility was bad when we descend, but eventually got better. There's lots of nudibranches here. We love nudibranches! It's cute, colourful and looks tame at the same time! We love looking at them! T3 is a little challenging because there are crevices where we can pass through. We have to rely deeply on our buoyancy control, otherwise, we may hit the rocks or brush the seabed. It's really fun, and I was scared! 
  8. Batu Layar - The finale of our dives. This is also a beautiful and pleasant to dive place. Stone Fish can be found, and swarms of fishes will circle you. So beautiful! I was giggling underwater in Batu Layar because an extremely friendly Remora Fish keep coming at Joo to clean her! TWICE! Then I went a little further away and I saw the fish came again, i swam away and the Remora went to my husband. I signalled him but I don't know how to describe Remora, then he was jerking like fish out of air because the Remora is sucking his skin HAHAHAHAHA.. What a funny sight! 
Can't wait to dive!
I can't wait to get my Advance License so that I can visit other dive sites =) Some sites are deeper than 18m, and we need extra qualification to go down that deep.

The more happening Long Beach of Perhentian Kecil
I thought that I will be really bad in the sea, so I didn't bring any underwater camera or borrowed a GoPRO. Now I really regretted it, because no words can document our experience under there.

Tanned, and ugly LOL

Diving will be the only one time that I feel happy when people ask me "Where have you been? You are so dark now!". For other times, I just get offended when people say me dark! HAHAHAH...

Jian, Ben, Joo (our divemaster), Me and Alex
I have nothing but praises for Joo. She was so patient with us, and attentive. I feel safe with her. Also, she collects plastic rubbish from the sea bed. She inspires me!

Sunset view

Staying at Mama's Chalet, food was convenient. The Mama's restaurant serves approximately 30-40 different kinds of food. Price was OK as well (RM8-15/plate), considering this island as a tourist spot. 

Well, as we went diving, my parents went snorkeling. I shall do another blog post on their snorkelling trip soon. But for now, it's time to say goodbye and goodnight!

It's so hazy, and smelly, and hot wtf! Can someone conjure me to Perhentian Island please? I don't mind the heat, but I hate the dirty air!!!

Till we meet again!


My Grandpa, Chua Hong Han

Posted by: MsXeRoZ Nicole

January 7th, 2014 >> Posts

This is gonna be sooooo emotional. Lo & behold, you've been warned.

My grandpa, fondly known as AhKong amongst grandchildren, is Chua Hong Han. He has passed away due to old age, yesterday morning, 6th January. *paused to tahan tears*. This blog post is dedicated to him and all the good memories he gave me. 

When i was a little girl, life was poor. My dad has to go Indonesia to work. So we stayed at AhKong's house. So, my childhood revolves around my mother, grandparents and my beloved uncles James and Junior. Ah Kong, is a fisherman, but he also works on the paddy field. How does that happen? I don't know, the people of those days are really hardworking! 

I do not get to see him in the morning, because he wakes up really early. He has a car, usually in mustard yellow color. He will drive to work. His car was sold or disposed about 20years ago, but i remembered very vividly. It was a 4 door with rubbery cushion and sponge, with roller window and thin skinny gear rod. The steering wheel is skinny too. How do I remember so well? He never locks his car door, i will sneak inside and play driving driving. 

During the evening about 3pm or 4pm, AhKong will be home. He will sit at the dining table, demanding for kuih for teatime. Usually at this hours too, Uncle Lim will appear with groceries and some nyonya kuih from Tengkera. I always seen Uncle Lim around, in and out of our home. Uncle Lim then married my eldest aunty. That was the first wedding I attended without knowing. So, AhKong was a kopi O lover. He will carry two water containers to work, 1 contains plain water and the other, kopi O. Sometimes when i will force myself to wake up very early to drink Ahkong's kopi O. Usually i get scolded because its too hot and kopi O is not for small kids. AhKong introduced me my favourite tea break menu- Kopi O with So Ta Pia. Until today, i enjoyed it. He will drink kopi O and make the 'ahhhhhh' sound to make me laugh. Thats how much i enjoy my tea break moment. Shamefully, at later stage of life, he couldnt drink kopi O already due to vertiligo that makes him dizzy and unbalanced.

The next thing which I'm going to reveal is my biggest secret. AhKong and I can spend hours together, watching Hokkien Hee (hokkien drama). Uncle Lim used to rent tapes for AhKong, and during his resting hours, i will sit with AhKong for his hokkien hee session. The hokkien hee is those traditional ones, with dancing and singing ala bollywood. I cant remember clearly the style of the hokkien hee, but as a child(until age 6), i enjoyed stealing moms dress and AhMak's cloths to make selendang and dance. You know, those opera style and the hand pusing pusing moves. It was so embarassing because everybody seems to think its funny and teased me. Hence i put this memory into the my brain's safety box and lock it away. Come to think of it, i think it is AhKong who disturb me and gave me a selendang then tease me. That old man is the mastermind of practical jokes, i tell you! 

I inherited similar traits from my AhKong. We both have thunderous temper, we love sambal, kopi O, ice water, ice cream, fruits of various kinds. One thing for sure, family dinner time will never be the same. As he grew older, weaker, lonelier, and sadder, he became a difficult person to deal with. And for this, i admit that i have not done better as a grandchildren. I never regret for not loving you enough, i regret you had such a hard days of late. I'm sorry AhKong!

If there's one thing I will give you, i will pray with all my heart, you will be surrounded with love in your next life. I will pray that your thunderous temper will be harmonised by people who loved you tremendously. I will pray for that, i promise you this. 

I love you, and do take care. Death is just an another adventure, *waves goodbye* i will never forget you! 


TWG High Tea with Le Family

Posted by: Copykate

July 7th, 2013 >> Posts

So 2 weeks ago was one of the most devastated moments for Malaysians as the haze from Sumatran fire hit us. At first it was Muar, my beloved hometown where it went up to 700+?! Felt lucky I wasn’t at home but at the same time I was quite worried for my family, especially my dad who has asthma :( Soon the haze was blown to KL and eventually other northern areas. Haven’t tried purchasing any mask from the pharmacy but from what I heard, it was sold out everywhere.

Used my eye mask used for sleeping instead. LOL. Got it from Cotton On some time ago. Someone commented that it looks like a lingerie. Well that’s cause it’s from Cotton On Body, the lingerie section. Sexy anot? ^^

Parents came up to Sunway to fetch me back to Muar. Siblings and my cousin tagged along because school was off that day due to the terrible hazy condition. Despite the fact that everywhere looks like apocalypse, we still went to Pavilion because I wanted to. LOL.

Saw these adorable masks selling at one of the shops there! Too bad they are eye masks and I don’t think I really need them, considering the number of times I’ve used my current one so far.

Had lunch at Sticky Fingers, a classy Thai restaurant and bistro. Kinda troublesome to eat out with my dad because he only eats Chinese food -.- Thai food is still acceptable since it’s close to Chinese but he wouldn’t touch any Tomyam. He eats neither Japanese food nor Western food. I don’t think he actually knows what those food are like lo. He just refused to try and convinced himself that they don’t suit his appetite -.-

Me, Gigi and dad.

Nick, mum and my gay cousin, Yi Khang.

Family photo missing Priscella. She’s currently staying at JB. Anyway the lighting really didn’t do us justice! Looked so ugly because it was too dark at the restaurant. It was way darker before I edited the photos.

My superheroes mum and dad! Teehee. Posted this photo on FB and the number of likes and comments I received was way more than all my own photos lo! Pfft. So young, so handsome, so pretty etc etc. ???????????:( :( :(

When my brother saw the Joker statue he was like ‘Yer, ??????? ‘ (yer you see that clown) HAHAHAHAHA OMG I told him that’s the joker, not a clown!

BAHHHH NAAAAA NAAAAA! I’m the queen of minions! Despicable me is showing but I’ve yet to watch it. Ugh.

Check out my minion toe nail art! Damn cute right!!! Did it at a nail salon in Muar and it only costs me RM35! Mwahahahahaha jealous anot?? XD

My gay cousin with his fabulous pink outfit. LOL. Okay damn bad I should stop calling him gay. He’s just seventeen a confused teen. And it’s probably my fault because when he was a baby I used to nickname him CC, not exactly pronounced as sissy but still similar! XD

Brought them to Tokyo Street before heading for afternoon tea.



And Cony. Shoooo cute!

Speaking of line characters, I have ready stock for their t-shirt now. You may Line or Wechat me: copykate if you’re interested to get any :)

Had tea at TWG like finally! Had been wanting to go for high-tea there but never had the chance to. Last time I didn’t know what’s so great about TWG so I always just go to Godiva next to it for their Dark Chocolate Decanteur.  

The high tea set that consists of 3 macarons, a pastry of choice/3 scones, sandwich of choice and a pot of tea – RM55.

An individual pot of tea is priced from RM18 onwards and is restricted to one person. Can only fill up your tea cup twice and not allowed to refill. Very atas and expensive lo T_T

Don’t think the kiddos appreciate me bringing them to that kinda place. They just felt bored and meh.


My dad said one of the black tea we ordered tasted like Teh O from mamak and only stupid people like me would pay RM18 for Teh O that usually costs RM1.80! LOL.

Don’t care la, it was still a lovely place for afternoon tea. And I can haz my 3-tier desserts!

Chose my macarons in these pretty shades. Couldn’t have enough of them!

Selca with my pink macaron like a suaku.

Finished tea and thne began our journey back to Muar.

To end this post, check out this cool pair of shades from Coach which made me look like an alien. Me was invades you planetz! Ngek ngek.

MsXeRoZ’s 2013 Chinese New Year with Chua Family

Posted by: MsXeRoZ Nicole

February 27th, 2013 >> Posts

Chinese New Year come and go every year.... And besides how much Angpao we all get, to be frank nobody really bothers about this festival anymore. To me, this years Chinese New Year will be the most memorable one for me, for it will be my last Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner with my family.

No, I'm not dying yet, I'm will be getting married. In Chinese culture, girls who are married are considered to belong to their husband's family. Hence, this will be my last year having cleaning, decorating and having reunion dinner with Chua family.

So, how does the Chua family celebrates Chinese New Year? 

Our celebration evolved gradually. Of course, the most fun of the Chinese New Year happens when I was younger, especially before Akor Akien got married. Akor Akien used to be the leader in making Chinese New Year cookies and delicacies - such as Kuih Bahulu, Kuih Kapit, Pineapple tarts and sometimes nyonya kuih. The children will follow her around, in case there's spare for us to eat. nyehehe...But then, after she left, no more cookies were made in my kampung house. #sadstory

Well after making cookies, all of us will wash up the kitchen, car porch and wait for the reunion dinner. Our home chef is Aunty Irene, and my mom usually acts as her assistant. They would start preparing cooking materials from 6am. (cutting, washing + marination). What's my role, you ask? I am usually in charge of sweeping the floor, mopping and wash toilets. My sister, Wern is my helper.

Next comes the home decoration part. We used to buy additional decorations for kampung, but nowadays, we prefer to cut costs by DIY. After all, some decorations can't be reused (especially those Chinese Zodiac ones).We don't usually decorate much, because later after CNY, it's troublesome for others to remove the decorations. 

As the clock struck 6pm, everyone of us have to bathe and wear clean, fresh clothes and prepare for our sumptious reunion dinner. Before dinner, the food will first be served to pray, and seek blessings from God. This is where all the good food like chicken, duck, pork, fish, prawns, vegetables and a soup comes. Our reunion dinner has become simplified over the years, there's no more abalone, fish maw, scallop, or sea cucumber (due to the price) for the reunion dinner. Instead, during the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, we will have a BIGGER reunion dinner when all my aunties and cousins come to visit.

After that we will linger in the hall, then wait for my Grandpa to call to help him with his Angpao. It was a fun experience because us, kids was so excited helping grandpa to package his angpao. He will instruct us to put RM2, RM10, RM50 and RM100 into red packets. At the same time, we all prayed we can get RM50 or RM100 angpaos on the next day. Anyway, we usually only get RM10. At most RM50 from grandpa for being good kid.

After helping out with the Angpaos, my mom and Aunty Irene will start preparing fruits for prayers. When my grandma was still around, she will be in charge of this department. My grandma was a pious Buddhists, and she was really particular with tradition and prayers. Fruits are also to be wrapped with a red, decorated paper. Usually we prepare pears, oranges, pomelos, pineapples, and apples. Each tray has to fit 5 small fruits or 1 big fruit. Why so? Seriously, I dont know. When grandma was around, we prayed the whole night. As in, everybody CANNOT go to sleep before praying (compulsary), and incense have to be replaced every 1 hour until morning. I don't remember staying up all night, so I must be the one snoring away while grandma took care of the incense. But nowadays, we don't practice that anymore, we just pray, then go to bed.

Praying session starts at 11pm. So, while waiting for praying, we will have minum session. *kekeeke* while watching TV. Gambling has never been a Chua family tradition. Seriously, over my 26 years of Chinese New Year there, we never had gambling sessions. We play cards, but never involved money. Our favourite card is usually UNO. Days passed and children grew into adults, nobody seems to be interested in cards already.

Woke up the next morning and dress up to the nines. It's day 1 of Chinese New Year! We will pray first, and then lim kopi (hokkien term for breakfast), and then we will serve our elders a small cup of tea. With this tea, we wish the elders good fortune, health, prosperity, happiness and wealth, the elders will drink up the tea and wish us study hard and success, while giving us Angpao. Angpao is really NOT that easy to get, because you have to think of creative wishes for every aunties and uncles! But this tradition too, had been simplified. Grandpa couldnt drink tea anymore, and kids =.= playing computer whole night, cannot wake up early to serve tea together and breakfast together. I really like this culture and I hope one day I can revive tea-drinking ceremony for my home, as this culture taught me respect in the family.

Next~ family visiting.  My mom side has a BIGGGGG family as well. Usually we will leave about 10am to Bukit Rambai to Mak Pendek's house (my maternal grandma). My mom is from the Peranakan ancestry, and the baba and nyonyas has alot of nick names. So I have uncles and aunties with names like Beruk, Nyampuk, Kotai, Bisu, Buruk and so on. We will meet up in Mak Pendek's house with my other uncles and visit Ahyi Nya Ai's family first. Then move to Ahyi Nya Ee's house, Ahyi Nyonya's house, then only go visit my Akim Gemuk, before heading back home. =)

Sometimes, we will also go to Tampin to visit my EePoh, Ahyi AhGuek, Ahyi Ah Hong and my cousins. My aunties in Tampin are capable of cooking FANTASTIC Nyonya dishes. This will be one of the things I will miss when I get married.

Of course, on 2nd day of CNY, my other cousins are back. Our usual hobby is laughing at each other. Did you see the family photo framed on the wall. This year we had a great laugh looking at our faces in year 2000. Hopefully, we will continue to bring laughter to the family in years to come!

When my cousins are back, we will have our lou sang to commemorate a new HUAT year! So all of us will mix up the ingredients in the bowl, and shout out fortunate words. The yee sang must also be  "lou" as high as possible to indicate HIGH fortune and achievement for the year.

Phew... the rest of my chinese new year, I will summarize as EAT, PLAY, TV, SLEEP (continue until Chap Goh Mei)...


HUAT AH!!! Can't wait for my new CNY experience next year! New role, new responsibility! How would it turn out to be? *fingers crossed!*

HUATT AHH~~~!!!!

Bits and Pieces of CNY 2013

Posted by: Copykate

February 25th, 2013 >> Posts

Chinese New Year is over. Time to say bye to those annoying tong tong long tong chiang music and get back to the reality. Ready for another year of hard work?

A photo of me to start this post with. I know you’ve missed my face ^^

Follow my instagram: “mscopykate” if you haven’t!

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’ve bought an iPhone 5 right before CNY! Got it from Singtel thanks to a friend who wanted the data but didn’t want the awesome phone. I had been a loyal Blackberry user before this so yea, this is my first ever iPhone!

Loving the phone so far. Instagram, photo editing app, games and stuff which I couldn’t access using my BB before this. The following photos you see are all taken with the iPhone 5! Very good quality, I don’t even need to carry my camera around anymore. LOL. The bad thing is, I’m so occupied with the iPhone I kinda neglected my blog :(

Lookie, found a uber cute Hello Kitty casing! XD *bimbo mode on*

Acting cute to match the phone casing LOLOLOL.

My CNY nails. Thought my fingernails weren’t long enough so I didn’t do gel nails. The colours on my fingernails have faded off now. One of my uncles commented that this design really resembles his koi fish! XD

Some home-cooked food at grandma’s on CNY eve. I have to confess, I ate too many pieces of that cold sliced abalone. It was just so yummy! Love the sea cucumber too despite their obscene appearance wtf (before they were cut). The steamboat wasn’t quite picture worthy so I didn’t include it. Teehee.

Since 2 years ago, every CNY eve after dad finishes work, my family and I would take a photo together, then compare the changes from the previous years. Obviously I have the least changes lo since I’ve aged past my puberty and I rarely change my hairstyle (such a boring person I know). My bro evolved the most. He looks so much like my dad now even stranger could easily identify their relationship.

Anyway, I LMAO-ed when Gigi commented that dad looks like a poodle in that photo! Couldn’t agree better! HAHAHAHAHAHA.

2012 – I was the tallest! Hohoho. Fake height, cause I was wearing this super high heels I bought from Seoul. My South Korea trip was right before CNY so that year I really bothered dressing up after seeing all the fashionable girls there. Dad and his ajumma hair -.- Nick looked terrible with that hair.

2011 – wah look at my dad, Ed Hardy style rock star?? Can’t stand mum’s big raven black hair. Pris was wearing eyeliner?! Oh wait, I think I was the one who drew the eyeliner on her wtf. Gigi was still a kid! LOL. What the heck was I wearing?! Seriously -.- And HAHAHAHAHA Nick looked like an idiot! Dunno where the heck he was looking LOLOLOL.

Okay la, enough of self-entertainment writing useless comments on the appearance of each of my family wtf.

Didn’t feel like wearing red on the first day of CNY this year so I wore a cream colour top instead. Spome of you asked whether I’ve become fairer / my skin has become better, but really, it’s just the wonder of Meitu Xiuxiu T_T

???? OOTD:

Cream fringe top – Levin
Dip-dye denim shorts – Attack
Studded duo tone flats – Forever 21
Suede bag – F Block
Aviator - Mango
Gold necklace – Diva

Group picture with all my cousins (except 2 who came late and 1 who is studying at Nottingham). Walau do I look like their mum or what?!

A pic with my cousin of the same age aka my childhood play mate. We used to spend every single day at grandma’s together! :)))

A candid shot with baby Jocelyn, my youngest cousin who just turned 2 years old this CNY. So adorable in her pink tutu dress! It’s so funny cause every time when anyone asks her ????Who’s the prettiest? She’ll answer ?????Da jie is the prettiest! HAHAHAHA don’t even need to guess who is this da jie. I have taught her well XD

Headed to Batu Pahat to mum’s side on the second day of CNY.

???? OOTD:

Red dress – Levin
Red heels – Mixit
Speedy Damier – Louis Vuitton
Necklace – Chanel
Thorny hairband – borrowed from sis

Lunch at Kia Bee Restaurant on the 3rd day of CNY. It’s quite a famous restaurant at my taman frequently visited by big bosses. So near from my house, but I had never been there before! Jeez. The pomfret fish porridge was not bad but quite pricey (RM55 for 5).

Valentine’s Day OOTD:

Fuchsia pink top – a boutique in Muar
Heart printed chiffon skirt – Attack
Turquoise necklace – Diva
Charm bracelet – Asian Avenue
Ostrich skin bag – F Block

Sold the pink top and the chiffon skirt to a reader right after. LOL.

It was just a normal dinner with a friend since my Valentine wasn’t around. Nothing fancy, no candlelit, Italian dinner or anything but just a lovely meal at Watami Japanese Restaurant.

The RM150 Valentine set. But after that we decided we could use more sashimi so we placed an additional order for the scallop, prawn and salmon assorted sashimi from the ala carte menu.

My new Louis Vuitton Mini Lin Neverfull  has arrived from London!!! *happy*

Hermes bracelet from my Valentine. Thank you love!!!

European lobsters and Australian crabs during dinner with his family. The amount was kinda too much I didn’t dare to eat prawn for days. FML.

Look at the thickness of the crab roe!!! Freaking awesome meal!!!

Lastly, kissu from ???

That’s all for my CNY 2013 update. Hope you had a great one!


X’mas with lots of Love and Gifts (2012)

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January 3rd, 2013 >> Posts

PhotobucketMorning! I know this post is rather late due to the fact that now is already the 'Next Year' but like they say there are 12 days to X'mas, so technically I'm still 'in' season!

I've officially fallen ill after gobbling down all the yummy food this fall. Moreover it doesn't help when my husband is a food enthusiast, he loves making small meals and experimenting with new dishes, this man makes my tum tum happy. 
Don't say I never do anything hor, I clean up after him, do dirty dishes and burp loudly to applaud his cooking every time, without fail.

This X'mas is a quiet yet exciting one, is our first time playing host so We invited my family over and our good friend/s, a couple that happens to be our distant neighbours at Punggol to enjoy this not so quiet evening (because I was making hella lot of noise) afterall.  Photobucket
I rushed to the nearest Diaso to hunt for last min buys, managed to get a few items and a lot of nonsenses and started decorating my place when I got home.

See that 'Merry X'mas' writings on that glass divider (right)? I looked high and low for a whiteboard marker around my house and started sketching out the letters when I finally found a mini black and red one. To my disappointment these erasable markers were too powerless as the letters wasn't obvious enough, I then picked up my mighty permanent marker and started going over the weak impressions. Damn! I was so happy when the glass wall was filled with my amateur writings, So I gleefully wake my napping husband to show him my accomplishment.
You can imagine his horror when he realised I used a non-water soluble marker to write on my wall. He was sending out warning signs the whole time that I'll be dead if I can't erase the wordings at the end of the day. *panicky*
In the end I used my most powerful tool-- > Nail Polish Remover
and Viola! 
Spick and span.

I decided since is a celebration we might as well do it the Christmas way, made it compulsory for everyone who came for the party to get a gift between $15-$20 bucks for exchange.
My mom and my brother happened to get 2 Identical sets of gifts from my friends, wah lau for my family but awesome for me, I forcefully asked my brother to pass me the duplicates so I can has one set at my hause. Swee~ 

Gift I got from my youngest bro
Everyone Was laughing at me when I opened up my youngest brother's gift because it looked like a gift with the least effort put in and also deep down I knew he left the buying task to my parents (even worse).
Photoframe & chocos, how nice.
But I'm not complaining, I didn't regret even 1 sec hosting this X'mas party.

However, I got the last laughed when my Husband opened his, it was from my father.
My dad actually bought a wait for it...... wait for it.......jewellery box for XCHANGE?! Laugh die me!
Actually my dad already hinted me a few days before the X'change that he hope I will like my gift, I suppose he really dunno the rules to this game, anyone can get hold of his gift! 
In the end I got more than I asked for, my hands are full with my bro, mom, youngest bro and my husb's gift! Hahah *Evuril laughter*

Additional gifts from our/my friends,
Vaseline lotion pack.
Excellent timing! I'm running out of lotion.
Thanks Tam and Jian Ping

Shatter by OPI ( Nail pic at the end of the post)
Thanks Rebek

Calth Kidson coin pouch and Mirror
Thanks Daph!

TWG Miraculous Mandarin Tea
Thanks Siew Wei!

I got another big package from Watsons, everything was stored in this gigantic sock.
I used it as one of the decor for my Christmas party, something that brings up the the holiday mood.

Angry Birds Dust Plug
Actually Tammy and Jian Ping gave me a pair of these dust plugs too but of a different design, so I swopped one of them and give the other set to my friend! 
Giving and sharing, this is what Christmas is all about!

I have plenty but is never enough, my face needs water, thank you!

Angry Bird Space Multi-USB Port

Models Own
(from top-Coral Pink LS008 lipstick, Pink Wink LG102 Lip Gloss & Hedonist HK05 Nail polish)

With OPI Navy Shatte NLE63 (given by Rebek)

Models Own Smokey Eye Kit Sassy TR006
It comes with 2 mini angled brush of the same size. I'm not sure if there's a glitch in mine because it'll be a little weird if you have 2 of the same brushes in a set. 
Colours are very pigmented but the black is losing out a little. I'm not sure if is the brush that is not picking up the colour that well, shall try that out with a denser brush.

A collection of Watsons Vouchers. More falsies eh? :P

And thank you all for the X'mas cards!
I've put them up on my fridge!
Merry X'mas Dblchinis!

  Please Thumbs up for my page :D

Visitors from Sydney

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January 1st, 2013 >> Posts

Aunt Kaye (my mum’s sister aka my ??) and her daughter Meydene from Sydney visited Malaysia! I can’t recall having met my aunt and my only memory of Meydene was us sitting together with Meyvian, her elder sister and my siblings at grandma’s place taking a photo together when I was like 6 years old. They came back once in 2008 but for some reason I didn’t manage to meet up with them.

This time I made sure I see them for at least one day! It’s my holiday after all. Shouldn’t have any excuse for not meeting my own relatives. Apparently grandma was in KL with them also. I heard they would be staying in Muar for one day before heading back to Batu Pahat, so I decided to follow them back to Muar by bus.

Was afraid it might be awkward sitting next to Meydene throughout the 2.5 hours journey back but thank god it wasn’t that bad. Amazed we actually had things to talk about. Teehee.

Figured it would be easier for my sister, Priscella to bond with her since they’re of the same age (18).

Pris and Gigi, my 2 lovely sisters ^^

Magnum, my Batu Pahat cousin’s pet poodle.

Our scarily pink lips after editing. LOL.

That's all for my quick update. Happy new year everyone! :)

First Week of Mid Year Break 2012

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June 28th, 2012 >> Posts

Happy holiday my fellow Aussie program mates! How are you spending your short 3-week mid-year break?

Went back home for the first week to see my family. Paid a visit to the saloon and got a new hair! Cut + perm + dye at New Top Point saloon. Extremely happy with the outcome this time! XD


What do you think of my new hair???

Bff Katie is back from Melbourne! Took some great photos when we went to Tanjung together. Will post them up soon! Meanwhile check out her new fashion blog.


Not sure whether it’s because of my new hair or my face has kinda thinned down. Have been using mum’s Eternal Beauty face massager. But now that I’m back in KL, I have to massage with my hands instead. She refused to let me bring it up to KL :(


25thof June was dad’s birthday.


Tiramisu from Secret Recipe. I must say I’ve tasted better Tiramisu. Wouldn’t recommend this cake. I wanted White Chocolate Macadamia but it wasn’t available. Jeez.


The usual cake-cutting session.


The best photo we could get from self-timer, in which I look FAT! Just showered, washed my hair and had all my make up removed that time -.-


Birthday supper the next day. HAHA sorry only photo of me. That was the day I did my hair.


Andrew the future music producer is back from UK for his internship! Went for late night karaoke for the first time in Muar.


Met his 2 friends Aldrich and Hong Hu who visited him in Muar.


My face is cut off but still, posting it up cause it looks cool wtf.


Oh did I forget to mention they’re all ASEAN scholars, which means I was the dumbest person in the group. FML. But on the bright side that makes me less nerdy. Teehee.


Ego boosted x1000 cause Andrew says he’ll sign me up as his first artist. HAHAHAHA. I CAN HAZ INGING TALENT!


Okay that’s all for now. Rushed through this blog post cause I gotta prepare for Aquasonic club launch tonight. See you all there! 

Daddy, I Love You.

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June 12th, 2012 >> Posts

I have never felt that I’m a filial daughter.
Not once, as much as I could remember.


Checked from Oxford Dictionary:

Filial -
adj. connected with the way children behave towards their parents


I had never shown my affection towards my parents, especially to my dad because I was not taught to be so since I was small. The only way you show love is through scolding, anger, passiveness and spending weekend/holiday together – as that are what my parents’ generation believe in. Besides, he is in the opposite gender – basically he is a male. Duh.



Picture taken last week. Brought my dslr but without memory card. It was my greatest disappointment of the day because I couldn’t snap their pictures except using phone #failed daughter.


Hence, I grown up and become a very shy person when it comes to expressing myself to someone whom I’ve never said to, “I miss you. I love you dad. I can’t live without you. I like what you did for me. You’re my hero. Thank you dad for everything”. Why? Because, it sounds terribly weird when you’d never appeared to be sentimental and you suddenly become one. Don’t you think so?


It’s just weird.. *enough emphasizing the weird word*


When I was small, I remembered I did make cards for my parents every single event such as birthday, mother’s day, father’s day and parents’ anniversary with my heart-shape handmade card, sticky man and wrong spelling wishes (my mum still kept some of them. now when i see them, i feel so shy and dumb. lol..).


I wrote ‘love you’ all over the place and sometimes I will write a sincere sentence, asking for forgiveness if I’d ever done something hurtful and wrong (especially when I was hopeful that my mum will stop canning me =P). Well, how did a 5 year old girl learnt to write such words? If I remembered it correctly, it learned this ‘skill’ from my kindergarten teachers. Or, because my friends taught me so? Can’t really remember.


The moment right after my mum or dad read the letter or card, I will pretend nothing ever happened. There was no card sent. There was no such message. There was no such drawing from me. My parents will treat me differently for a day and I was so happy but I was too shy to show my feeling. So, I pretended and be cool till parents became scary again.. >.<


P/s: That’s why, I teach myself to express my love and affection learned from Counseling and Psychology classes to my partner and best friends at early stage so that the words will flow fluently and meaningfully throughout the years. I don’t want to be like my parents and the older generation who are not being expressive in saying loving and caring words.


Because I am the only child in the family. So, both of my parents treat me very strictly (not so much on dad part). I understood that they want the best for me so that I’ll have a smooth, happy life. Thus, my parents will try their best to protect me. At times, I became rebellious and put a deaf ear on their advices especially during in my teenage period. Well, we did right? Don’t you deny :)




Even till today, I still pretended that I don’t care much for them because….. It is just hard for me to say, ‘Mum, dad.. I love you’.. OMG! It kills me to say so directly to them because my face and ears will turn all red and the heat will cause me fever. Ok lah.. maybe I’m too exaggerate my sentence but really, I can’t..


But recently, there is one thing which I am very proud of myself – is when I’m capable to bring my parents to quality and expensive place for good food and atmosphere using my own earning. The feeling is like wanting to shout out to the world and say that, “I am capable to bring my mum and dad for good food with my own sweat money”.

In Chinese, ‘sweat money’ means hard earn money.


I celebrated their wedding anniversary at Chocolate Lounge and Father’s Day at Bavarian Bierhuas. Of course, it is not the price that matter. It is the quality time that we spent together while looking at their touching eyes. Probably they’re thinking that, “My daughter has finally grown up and she is proven not stingy!”. On the other hand, I am touched as well because my parents will still care for my wallet and they tried to order the cheapest drink and meal available on the menu *I’m so lucky*.

mum   dad1

Dad with his signature expression XD



A simple joy and happiness are gained from the experience though after the nights, I still treated them normally. I hope, they know that at least I do care for them although I don’t express myself verbally.

And, I have never expected them to read this post (because they don’t have a clue about my blog), especially my dad as this post is dedicated for my dad on this very special Father’s Day celebration.


Happy Father’s Day daddy.
You’re the best dad in the world. I love you.





This post is inspired by this videoclip. It is a Thai commercial and I find it real touching and meaningful. To all the daddy out there, Happy Father’s day. To all the son and daughter, love your parents. Don’t be like me. Express more of yourself whenever you can <3


P/s/s: I always like Thai commercial clip. There are so creative!

P/s/s/s: Mum, don’t worry. I love you too.

Final is preventing me from blogging!

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June 10th, 2012 >> Posts

I’m alive! Sincerely apologize for the lack of update. Haven’t been a good blogger for the past few weeks since I was so caught up with final exam. Of course I could have managed my time and spend a few minutes scribbling some thoughts or perhaps posting a few vain photos of myself here. Let’s just say I was too lazy to be bothered :x

Vain photo like this makes me feel better about myself wtf.


My recent shopping haul are too awesome not to be shared! Here’s some stuff I bought from Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid in 2 days’ time. Noticed that white dress with frills and bow? It’s from Zara kids! My new favourite shopping spot! I could fit in that dress for age 11-12! *proud* But that kinda indicates to the world that I have a kiddish body. Wtfreak *not so proud after all*


My Burberry and a friend’s Bally. So I wanted to check whether it was pronounced “bei-li” or “ba-li”. Googled it and ended up on this awesome blog post that provided the exact pronunciation of a list of brand names!


Some most commonly mispronounced brands among my friends:

Hermes Air-h-MEZZ (it’s not Her-miss!!!)
Longchamp Long-shum (90% of people I know call it Long-champ -.-)
Louis Vuitton LOO-ee Vui-TOHNG (not Lu-is. Just call it LV la. lol)
Burberry BURR-behr-ri (they all call it Bur-berry like how you would call a Blackberry)
Lanvin Lahn-VAWN (I learnt this from Katie before. Teehee)
Pierre Cardin Pyerr Kar-DOHN (wtf I didn’t know!)

Oh oh, I also got myself a pair of new running shoes!!! In fact it’s my very first pair of decent sports shoes. You know la I’m not exactly a sneaker kinda girl. But I really need it to work out. Gotta start burning those fats and get rid of my fugly cellulite! How do you like the shoes? I chose the most striking pair! And it’s pink! The right colour I was looking for! Dragged dad to the shop and made him pay for it! LOL. He said it’s a waste of resources because I would end up wearing it once or twice and keep it forever in my closet -.- Not true.


A photo with dad and sis during my last visit. I think he needs some age-defiant facial product. Stop praising that he looks young because his facial skin condition certainly doesn’t        ! Tsk tsk.


My sis Priscella.


Pris and Nick. No photo of Gigi since she was having fun with her friend while we had our sweet siblings reunion time. Pfft.


Okay that’s all for now. Just wanted to do a quick update so you won’t forget my existence. Exam ends on 19th of June so start making plans with me already people! *perasan* Hiak hiak.