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Passion 5 ??5 @ Itaeweon

Posted by: Jamie Liew

April 17th, 2014 >> Posts

ever heard of this famous bakery called Passion 5? bet you haven’t. if you’ve not lived in Seoul for a period long enough, you might not even know about the existence of this fabulous cafe/bakery which is ultimately posh; bringing bakery to a whole new level as IT IS THE BEST BAKERY SHOP IN TOWN. the name Passion 5 came from 5 elements namely: bakery, pattiserie, chocolates, cafe and the 5th’s the passion of the pattesiers. and of course, knowing that it is the best, you should already know that it is expensive. there are barely anything that goes under 1,000won. or was there none? forgot. but most of the bread costs around 3,000won and cakes 7,000won. =S.

even though it isn’t very popular amongst foreigners, this place is always packed with people and on the day I went, we had to wait for a seat despite paying so much for just desserts. there’s a posh cafe on the 2nd floor but that cafe’s queue was even longer. you can bring your breads, cakes, chocolate and ice cream to the cafe/restaurant on the 2nd floor =).

if you love cakes. I truly recommend you to stop by this bakery for the ultimate experience!

and here’s a link to the video I took there. you’ll definitely want to go there after watching the video. and.. I am sure you’ll laugh too. D=.

IMG_6343 copy

from the outside, passion 5 look like every other office building and it definitely do not stand out that much.

IMG_6345 copy

but the landmark? this red chicken. or bird. or whatever it is.

CIMG8615 copy

before entry, you’d see this amazing looking chandalier which I think would look even more fab at night. the architecture of this part’s no joke. it’s awesome.


so we were hungry.

CIMG8620 copy

3-in-1 cake/??? ?? ?? ??? 7,000won and Halla halla bong ?? ??? 8,000won.

the left is some 3-in-1 cake with a mixture of strawberry cream, coffee and I don’t know what’s the last one. it’s pretty good but not like super duper amazing. but it was super duper amazing just to look at it. the one on the right’s called Halla Halla Bong, which was named after Halla Bong, Jeju Island’s famous tangerine. it’s super sweet and the layers inside’s magnificent. not sure if it will fit everybody’s appetite but it’s worth a try because it’s very “wiggly.” teehee.

CIMG8632 copy

and the entire table here costs 45,600won. I know, it’s a lot for breakfast and pretty damn expensive too. but they all looked so posh I was happy just by looking at them.

I ABSOLUTELY adore the cheese tart behind and that the strawberry pastries. bliss.

CIMG8634 copy

this bakery’s expensive and it is well known for being expensive. but more than half of what we had were actually worth it’s price. because the desserts and bread were 5 stars like the bakery. but if you’re on a tight budget, you should still try their most famous pudding in a bottle which costs 3,000won. not like the ones from Paris Baguette, these are not as sweet and relatively addictive. make sure to scoop the caramel at the bottom to go together with the pudding! there’s no eating this pudding prettily, just deliciously. =D.

we also had a swiss roll. I’m not so much of a fan of that 4,000won swiss roll. too little for such a high price. =S.

CIMG8636 copy

o hai =D.

CIMG8637 copy

with my Malaysian foodie friend who’s as adventurous as me in terms of food, Fakegood hahaha.

CIMG8640 copy

this was definitely one of my favourite. it’s called some orange in the chocolate lake or something. 2,000won and the middle part’s heaven. super moist and yummy. not like your average chocolate filling bread!

CIMG8641 copy

another favourite was this. forgot the name but it looked like a strawberry boat. very very crisp and fragrant ahhh. <3. everything was in the right amount. definitely one of the most delicious pastries I’ve ever had. but of course, I’ve never been to France. but still, OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

CIMG8643 copy

that 3-in-1 cake earlier. I liked it layer by layer as well but I still found it nothing too special.

CIMG8648 copy

Imma devour you all!

CIMG8616 copy

had to take a picture with the awesome architecture.

okay, one thing that sucks is that you can’t take pictures inside. I was too scared to sneak pictures so… =(. but it’s really posh and the ice cream bar looked amazing. there’s even a chocolate bar! everything turned me into a little girl looking at yummy chocolates and cakes. and all the cakes were so pretty it was actually a hard decision to choose which to have. furthermore, they have many pretty whole cakes (not cheap! but not like unaffordable. still alright.) so if you’re thinking of getting yourself a pretty cake for your birthday this year,

picture from visit Korea website

see that round thingy there? it’s filled with the most gorgeous cakes I’ve ever seen in my life.

and here’s a great blogpost I found on the net =).

IMG_6346 copy

directions to Passion 5, Itaewon : take the subway to Hangangjin Station (line 6) and get out of Exit number 3. walk straight and you should be able to see the bakery on your left!

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie~*

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April 13th, 2014 >> Posts









If you are wondering how many pax we are...

There're only 2 of us !

This explain why never go and shop for food when we are hungry ;)

Johnie Walker Food and Whisky pairing demonstration by Chef Nigel Richter~*

Posted by: CassandraJiaYee

March 26th, 2014 >> Posts

I had a date with Johnnie Walker last week. This time, not just the JW , but a special food and whisky pairing demonstration by Chef Nigel Richter.

Food and whisky pairing never gets into boredom especially when it comes to the fine dining. Of course, a relaxing environment is always a credit !

Let's have a brief on the JW sseries.


JW Gold Label Reserve The tasting note is definitely an indulgent, luxurious and multi-layered blend. Its smooth balance of sweet fruits and creaminessevolves into deeper honeyed tones before finishing in ligering waves of wood,fruits and light,sweet Westcoast smoke. It is best enjoyed in a tall glass with crushed ice and a slice of orange . A must in celebration!

JW Black Label is a classic masterpiece of depth and complexity. On the nose, there are intense aromas of spice and hints of fruiness. Each sip revealing layers of bold flavour. It is crisp and light, with flavours of rich vanilla from the grain qhiskies,fresh fruits from the Speyside MAlts and rich,dried fruit drom the oak sherry casks. Its smoky finish is a sophiscated as the JW Black Label blend is unique. Enjoy it on the rocks,with a dash of still or sparkling water,with ginger ale as a long drink. Flavourite in all occasions!

JW Double Black is full bodied and complex with the signature JW peat smoke shining brightly through rich raisins and sultanas. Apples,pears and orange zest brings freshness while creamy vanilla and spice bring a softness and sweetness to the tongue. The long warming finish combines spicy oak tannins and lingering smoke. It is best taken with water as this is the perfect way to release its smoky flavours. Good companion when you want to impress!


Back to the demonstration session, Chef Nigel Richter came up with his three pairings. Tiger Prawn Tempura and Dungeness Crab Maki ,  first dish of the day!

A10 Umami rich foods, seaweeds, sesame seend, sake, and soy sauce added for better taste .

 Paired with JW Black Label.


Secondly, Spiced Oxtail Cappucino.

Chef's flavour for this is to add on some braised meat, shitake mushrooms, cinnamon, cloves, roasted Fenugreek seeds and not to forget , pair it with the JW Gold Label Reserve!


 Lastly , the dessert of the day, Smoked Cheese Cake.


Fresh with berries and  the white chocolate malt crunch, Chef Nigel added some hazelnut,malt,butter,brown sugar,honey,smoke and vanilla to spice up the decadent dessert for us. My choice of the day! I am just in love with the pairing! JW Double Black pairs well  and making it the ideal counterpart to a luscious smoked cheese cake!

I enjoyed my date with JW and of course someone is gonna be amaze by the pairing skills that i've learnt! ;)


Johnny Walker 

Cheers! ;)

Izuju : the 100 year old Kyoto style sushi

Posted by: Jamie Liew

March 25th, 2014 >> Posts

my friend living in Kyoto didn’t even know the existence of this fabulous small scaled restaurant. but once he had it, he said it’s amongst the best top 10 sushi he had ever eaten. and guess what? he’s from Hokkaido; where all the amazing sushi’s are.

there’s also another place called Hanaore which is said to serve the best Sabazushi (came here for this!) in Kyoto but I placed my bet on Izuju as it has a longgg history plus it is more affordable (main point!!!!)

IMG_5989 copy

opposite the shop is Yasaka Jinja  Shrine. a relatively famous shrine at the Gion area. we went near new years day so there were LOADDSSS of people.

CIMG4150 copy

had to take a picture with it!

IMG_5977 copy

and because the place is too tiny, you have to write your name and number of people and wait for your turn to be called the best thing is that you write it with a brush. the traditional way!

IMG_5984 copy

love how the place is more to of a cozy setting rather than a posh setting. makes me comfortable. I really hate it when I dine at super expensive places because I get very shy and stiff. =S.

CIMG4152 copy

the take away menu! I’ll read it for you. with the price! from left to right.

Mushi Sushi 1,500yen, Sabazushi 2,000yen, Hako sushi 1,600yen, LONGER ROLL of Sabazushi 4,000yen, [dunno how to read, but its something CHI sushi] 4,000yen, Inari Sushi 750yen, [dunno how to read] 1,100yen.

IMG_5985 copy

the humble entrance!

IMG_5986 copy

and the crowd in front of the entrance X_X.

CIMG4154 copy

I guess this picture doesn’t need captions. when it survived for a 100 years, you know it’s good.

CIMG4156 copy

the english menu! click for a larger version ^^. since 2,000yen for only 6 pieces of sushi is VERY expensive, I’d recommend to go for these sets. much more affordable especially for the variety. =D.

CIMG4157 copy

super huge pottery-cup! they have nice Ocha too!

CIMG4158 copy

the interior of the place. there are more seats behind of course but about like 3 more tables and 2(I think) more rooms. so basically the place have like only 7 tables. it’ll be worth the wait. trust me. but the first time when we got there we barely waited. we went at some odd hour so..

CIMG4171 copy

we ordered the Inari sushi, Deluxe Hako sushi and SABAZUZHI set. oh my sweet heavens. D=. just look at it. wonderful plate of gorgeous art. my stomach is growling as I type U_U.

CIMG4174 copy


CIMG4177 copy

okay, firstly, let me describe about the Inari sushi here. this place is really famous for the Inari sushi and I just had to try it. but.. I’ll never order this the next time I go there. that little small chunks of herbs are.. like.. the skin of oranges? it has sort of like a minty, bitter taste to it. and it reminds me of some applicable Chinese cream. =S.

CIMG4179 copy

I hate stuff with leafs inside. but this is absolutely delicious. I never liked small leafy stuff so much. I just kept wanting more. every piece of box-looking sushi is heavenly. I like the one with anago the best. anago’s some sort of eel. and the egg one was very fluffy and sweet. loved it so very much U_U. if only I can have it right nowwwwwwww. =S.

IMG_4367 copy

and the main dish I came here for…. THE SABAZUSHI!!! (Mackerel Sushi) I’ve never had anything like this. it looks different, tastes phenomenal, and looks absolutely cute. this is to die for. although, apparently the taste of this sushi is quite acquired, I am pretty sure everyone who loves sashimi would love this too! but bare in mind. 3 pieces of this costs 1000yen. that’s like over RM10 for one piece. NOT cheap. and Izuju is already the more affordable shop for good sabazushi.

how it really tasted like? I’d say it’s not fishy. but very fresh fish (although pickled) and well, tastes like mackerel haha. as for the rice, it’s seasoned with the right amount of vinegar and since it’s wrapped with seaweed, the outside of it is very gooey.

IMG_4368 copy

stunning, no? Deluxe Hako Sushi

IMG_5993 copy

well, if you are not one who can wait for a seat, there’s always the take out!

the owner of the shop’s very nice as well. recognizes customers and relatively shy. I could take as much pictures as I want at his shop but not of him hahahaha.


IMG_5997 copy

and it was so good, we came here again on the day I left.

IMG_5998 copy

this time we didn’t order the set because we wanted  MORE Sabazushi and didn’t want that Inari sushi as well. so we replaced it with this multi-seaweed seaweed roll. lol. which was pretty good as well!

IMG_5999 copy

also ordered a clear and fragrant soup to warm my tummy ^^.

I’d give this place 10/10stars. so if you’re at Kyoto, MAKE SURE TO DROP BY! ^_^!

directions: get off at Gion Shijo Station and walk towards Yasaka Shrine for Exit 7. really easy to find! and my favourite spots are just nearby! like.. Hanamikoji where you can spot a real Geisha if you’re lucky. I’ve been there 5 times  but never seen any T_T. my friend went there once and saw a GROUP pfft. but I went either in the day or very late at night so.. =S. but the entire area gives a nice traditional vibe since you’ll be seeing many people strooling around in Kimonos ^^

Crazy Crabs @ Oasis Square, Ara Damansara

Posted by: Copykate

March 24th, 2014 >> Posts

Crazy Crabs, a casual crab restaurant at Oasis Square, Ara Damansara is the newly opened by the guys behind Tom, Dick & Harry’s, Ali, Muthu & Ah Hock and The Royal Flush.

Located right opposite The Royal Flush facing the beautiful fountain, Crazy Crabs has a more casual setting in comparison.

Thanks to Crazy Crabs, we had the privilege to try out a variety of cuisines served in their menu.

Ice cold Asahi Super Dry to pair with the crabs we were about to taste! (RM24 for a big bottle)

The first dish of the night was none other than Yee Sang as it was right before Chinese New Year.

Salted Baked Crab – RM80/kg

No doubt my favourite style of cooking as it preserves the crab’s flavor. You could really taste the sweet and juicy flesh contrasting against the salt.

Kam Heong Crab – RM80/kg

A popular Malaysian stir-fry style which was really delicious too!

Butter Milk Crab – RM80/kg

There is generous amount of creamy milk sauce for the crab and you could even order some toast bread to dip it with!

Fried chicken wings – RM3/piece

Lamb – RM20 (small), RM40 (medium), RM60 (large)

The lamb was very well marinated!

Curry Fish Head – RM60 (small), RM80 (medium), RM100 (large)

Cooked with those fresh fishes from the aquarium, the curry was rich and full of ingredients. Best to go with some rice!

Lala Mee Hoon – RM14 (small), RM18 (medium), RM24 (large)

Anchovy Fried Rice – RM12 (small), RM16 (medium), RM25 (large)

So much food for so few of us! Pampered like kings and queens! LOL. Of course, there was also kangkung served as a recognition of the government’s effort in ensuring the low kangkung price XD

Dessert of the day which varies from day to day. It was shaved ice over lime jelly this time. Very refreshing after a heavy meal!

Full and satisfied bloggers together with the bosses of Crazy Crabs. Thank you for the crazy feast!

Crazy Crabs
Address: Lot R02, Central Piazza (opposite Royal Flush)
Oasis Square, Ara Damansara,
No. 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Tel: 03-7859 8802

Operating Hours: Daily from 11am-8pm and 6pm-10.30pm

OSAKA : Pablo Cheesecake VS. Rikuro Cheesecake

Posted by: Jamie Liew

March 24th, 2014 >> Posts

I’m a big fan of cheese. and cheesecakes.

so there’s this huge hype over cheesecakes in Osaka and if you’re a foodie like me, you’ve probably heard that Pablo and Rikuro Ojisan (grandpa) are the best in Osaka. these shops often have a long queue outside them but I didn’t stand in line too much as I bought them late since I stayed in Kyoto and I didn’t want to carry the cake everywhere I go. they are really popular in Osaka and each time I pass by their shops I feel like buying another one. D=!

BUT the thing is, you gotta buy the whole cake. which.. isn’t too big. but certainly not for one..

I could only have two slices at one time (out of 8). so we left the rest of it at the refrigerator.

IMG_4104 copy

we first tried out Pablo as the advertisement of it drives me gaga. and at 780yen I’d say it’s a steal. I mean, even a slice of cake at Hongdae at a nice place would cost you around 600yen.

I mean. look at this. you can have it raw or.. a little raw or something. we opted for the raw but the weather was cold by the time I reached Kyoto and sliced the cake, it looks like..

IMG_4106 copy

I know, I know, such a huge difference but it was really cold alright. we ate it cold and it tastes like cheese pudding. yum. I wouldn’t call it a cake though because its crust’s some pastry/tart. so I’d like to rename Pablo’s cheesecake to Pablo’s Cheesetart. haha. and we actually put the last piece in the microwave to have it heated but it melted so bad T_T. still edible though. but I personally think that having it chilled is best! mainly because I love pudding ahhahaha.

IMG_5311 copy

after a few days, we bought Rikuro Ojisan’s cheesecake. I think you’re supposed to eat it warm. but it tastes good both warm and cold. when you buy it at the shop, they’ll give you a piece of warm, fluffy, fragrant Rikuro cheesecake ^^. which was awesome. =D. even better thing is, this cheesecake costs under 600yen!

IMG_5314 copy

I personally preferred Rikuro’s cheesecake as it is WAYYY lighter and fluffier. I can eat half of this cake without feeling sick of it. but one thing I didn’t like so much about this cake is the raisins. I mean, I love eating raisins. but I didn’t think that it went so well with the cheesecake. my Japanese friend on the other hand, loved it. I would be happier if it was chocolate chips. =S. I guess it’s just a personal thing. but overall, yummy cheesecake. I wouldn’t say it is very special or anything but it is definitely delicious. I guess simplicity’s the best. I heated it for like 10 seconds and it came out hot and yummy! =D.

verdict : try both if you have the chance. but if you can only have one, I’d say go for Rikuro’s. =D. I don’t exactly know where can you buy these cheesecakes but you’ll stumble across them as they are pretty much everywhere in Osaka. bought mine from Namba (Pablo) and Osaka Station (Rikuro).

Dimsum at Goldfish, Sinsa

Posted by: Jamie Liew

March 19th, 2014 >> Posts

So I was talking to a friend who was missing some Dimsum in Seoul. I’ve never really thought about introducing Chinese food to foreigners because well.. most of my readers are travelers, so I bet most travelers would prefer to eat some Korean or Korean fusion food. or just something special. but this post here, is to all of you who live in Korea and is sick of Korean food.

apparently this place serves the best Dim Sum in the whole of Korea. and I wouldn’t even deny it because their “har gao” was simply the best I’ve ever had. even better than the ones I’ve had in HK and Malaysia (maybe because I’ve not eaten really nice ones before) but the others were good, but not like superb.

but I’m still laughing over its name, Goldfish HAHAHHA. I mean, in Cantonese Goldfish man = Pedobear/Pedophile. so…

1381404542641 copy

you’ve got to reserve a spot if you’re not coming early since it is a really popular place. and I heard, it’s especially popular for “sogaeting” if you don’t already know what it is, it’s a form of blind date. where your friends set you up instead of getting a date from some agency. it has a very nice ambiance. really liked how it was furnished.

1381404536751 copy

we ordered like 5 baskets and plates of stuff but I forgot to save the rest of the pictures I guess. these were taken with my friends’ note 3. =D. and it was around 5 months ago. D=.  so the one above are Shanghai’s favourite “xiao loong bao” and pan fried pork bao. they were both good but I really liked the xiao loong bao. especially because they have the original dipping sauce which contains vinegar, soy sauce and ginger. absolutely yummy ^^.

1381404557104 copy

but coming here, you MUST MUST MUST  order this. the marvelous “har gao”. their prawns were so fresh and the whole prawn dumpling is just so filled AND it was really huge. like, really really huge. super recommended. those PRAWNS. they were literally bouncing in my mouth. if I were to come here again, I’d order 2 of this. besides, we also had carrot cake which was good. it isn’t like the ones that are sold in Malaysia. the ones here are slightly fried and it is slightly spicy so I felt it gave a pretty good twist to the already yummy original ones. we also had “siu mai” (the yellow dimsum with red fish eggs above) which.. I do not have a picture of too. T_T. it was not bad. but I’d say GO FOR THE HAR GAO!

1381404242954_mr1381405396207-1 copy

I look like a drag in this picture. hahahaha. had it with my Swedish Asian friend who had never had dimsum for YEARS. his favourite was the xiao loong bao. but I am still thinking of that har gao. I went back to Malaysia and had dimsum too but no har gao have surpassed the ones I’ve had here yet. I love the har gao here so much I told my family about it every time I had dimsum with them. as for my friend, he hates being publicized so I blurred his face. ahhaha.

as for the pricings, I’d say it’s pretty pricey. but not like super. at around 7,000won for one basket on average, it is definitely over Malaysian dim sum standards but normal for Korean standards I guess…

found a helpful Korean post on it too. just look at the pictures. =D

and here’s the map for reference! it is not difficult to find!

?? ?? ??
2014.3.19 | ?? ?? ?? ©  NAVER Corp.

PS: it’s closed on Mondays

here’s their number : 02-511-5266and operating hours : 11:00 ~ 22:30 (15:00-18:00 breaktime)

Gwangjang Market ????

Posted by: Jamie Liew

March 3rd, 2014 >> Posts

despite living only a few minutes away by bus from this magnificent market, it was my first time here in 2 years. or just, ever.

it has never hit me that market food can be so enjoyable. it is just simple food. every store selling the same thing, but then there are the “pioneers” and also the fakes. so as lucky as I was, I had a Korean to bring me around eating the 3 must eats in Gwangjang Market.

IMG_6253 copy

so the main eatery street is like above. it sells a variety of stuff and food but you come here for the food. not the stuff. unless you want to buy quilt. I heard it’s pretty reasonably priced here.

and look!!! makgeolli advertisement above! call me an alcoholic but I love my makgeolli. a lot.

IMG_6256 copy

a crazy amount of different types of fried vege, fish etc. and all types of jeons.

IMG_6258 copy

look at that pig nose!!! this place is definitely not halal. those long sausage looking things are actually sundae. in Seoul, it is hard to find authentic sundaes (glass noodles drenched in pork blood inserted into pork intestines) as most places do not use pork intestines as it is more expensive, but this place does.

IMG_6259 copy

and more.

IMG_6260 copy

and more. look at those gigantic bowls of vege. madness.

IMG_6261 copy

not to mention, this place is always super CROWDED.

IMG_6263 copy

okay so first stop on the list! #1 DRUG KIMBAB.

IMG_6265 copy

drug kimbab, or mayak kimbab is possibly the most famous out of them all. they are made by really simple ingredients but what made it get so addictive like drugs?

well, the rice.

IMG_6268 copy

believe it or not but they do not cook it there. they cook it at home and bring their special rice to the shop to wrap. it has very simple ingredients wrapped inside. just carrots and danmuji (yellow thingy made out of.. white carrots?? not a fan but this is awesome.) wrapped in gim (seaweed). and they give you a small pack of wasabi to go with it. so after lining up outside, you need to line up to get a table inside as well. it is ALL SELF SERVICE.

2500won per portion.

IMG_6267 copy

so it started off like this. their pictures are much nicer so..

I hope I can take pictures a nice as that pfft.

there are many shops selling this sort of kimbab and they ALL call it drug kimbab but you should really know that this is the place that came out with it and the rest are just.. copy cats.

IMG_6271 copy

there are plenty of seafood here too! and jeons (those pancake-like things).

IMG_6272 copy

this is how packed is it. that guy stared at my camera in such a scary way T_T.

IMG_6273 copy

another uncle stared at my camera.


IMG_6255 copy

#2 Bindaeddeok or Nokdujeon or green bean pancake. at this place called Sun Hee Ne. you need to read Korean. hahaha. ???.

IMG_6274 copy

apparently it is so popular that Tim Burton came here. his face wasn’t pleased in those pictures though. hmm.

IMG_6276 copy

but the Nokdujeon is so………… fluffy. I prefer the more compact ones but this is like a total different Bindaeddeok compared to the rests as it is filled with bean sprouts. they have delicious kimchi by the way.

and that Makgeolli. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

always opt for Jangsu Makgeolli (Roy Kim’s dad owns the company. buy buy buy! but it is the best). Daebak isn’t bad too.

IMG_6284 copy

happy girl with her Jangsu Makgeolli <3.

IMG_6287 copy

and the Meat Jeon was really good. loved it.

IMG_6290 copy

this is how it look like from the outside. filled with advertisements and all. a lot of people waiting as well.

IMG_6291 copy

I think this phenomenal orange is very very very underrated. because not many foreigners know about it. this weird shaped orange/tangerine is called Hallabang. do you know the Halla Mountain of Jeju Island? it is said that this fruit is from the mountains so it costs really much. 3 for 5 dollars and this is supposed to be a cheap(er) market. it wasn’t a very huge one. the huge ones can cost a lot more.

but what is so special about this fruit is the taste. it is ABSOLUTELY SWEET. it makes me crave for more. I mean, I love CNY tangerines but these are like luxurious. it tastes luxurious. it is like.. putting drops of heaven in your mouth. ah.

don’t blame me if you bought a disgusting hallabang you may be cheated sometimes/given a cheap one eehehehe.

IMG_6294 copy

#3 YUKHOE ?? pronounced as Yuk- Hu – Eeh.

believe it or not but this is raw beef.

I know it sounds disgusting. I found it disgusting when I ate Yukhoe Bibimbap at a posh place in Jeonju (said to serve the best bibimbap of all Korea). but this was absolute bliss.

you got to take a number from the counter and wait for your number to be called.

I waited for half an hour.

IMG_6301 copy

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA another Jangsu Makgeolli!!! <3. and that gorgeous looking yukhoe.

IMG_6302 copy

I think the freshness of the beef is really important. this plate of generous Yukhoe costs 12 dollars. little price to pay for so much happiness.

IMG_6307 copy

uhhh. well you get what I mean.

IMG_6309 copy


no words can express how good it was.


IMG_6303 copy

you eat it with sweet Korean pear and a raw egg. sounds disgusting but it is really really really good.


IMG_6311 copy

the other part of the market. selling all sorts of stuff.

IMG_6316 copy

this store looked pretty damn good. their sundae looks so delish. MUST TRY THIS NEXT TIME RAWR!!!

Tous les Jours @ WOLO Bukit Bintang

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March 2nd, 2014 >> Posts

Located right opposite H&M Lot 10 KL, Tous les Jours WOLO Bukit Bintang has become a popular café lately. Pronounced as Too-Leh-Joo (I always have problem pronouncing it), Tous les Jours is a French inspired Korean bakery.

Strategic location, majestic design and delicious pastries combined are the main factors behind the popularity of this new bakery in town. Soon, everyone in Klang Valley is aware of Tous les Jours either by word of mouth or through social media.

The first Tous les Jours is located at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar. I had once visited there to take away its pastries. Pretty cool place for afternoon tea albeit it had limited space compared to this new one at WOLO.

2 floors altogether, Tous les Jours WOLO offers plenty of tables to its customers. Even so, the place was crowded when I visited on a Friday afternoon. Guess it would be fully occupied during weekend.

Caramel Macchiato was pretty good! (RM8)


And more cakes!

All pastries, desserts and drinks here are of affordable range.

OOTD – despite it being a working day, Friday was a casual day at our workplace.

Tous les Jours
Address: WOLO Bukit Bintang
126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 5638 9888

Miam Miam @ One Utama

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February 24th, 2014 >> Posts

Yeah! Miam Miam is finally here in Klang Valley. If you are aware that there is a hype on this restaurant cafe quite sometime and is located in Penang only!!! Glad they open it in One Utama.
It is located at Ground Floor (New Wing) opposite Pasta Zanmai and just right beside Sun Moulin.
Miam Miam One Utama
Miam Miam One Utama
Tried the most hype French Toast and yes the whipped cream is really special. The texture is smooth and is just right combination with the toast. The only draw back was the toast is not warm enough when it was served, but overall is still nice . The French Toast cost RM16.80 before tax.
Miam Miam French Toast
Miam Miam French Toast
Miam Miam Vanilla Souffle
Miam Miam Vanilla Souffle
We order Vanilla Souffle to try and le bf said is very very sweet. I guess I was just sugar high after eating it (hahahah) the portion was really small.  The Vanilla Souffle cost RM16.80 before tax.
Will be back to try out their main course and other dessert. Really happy to find out that they opened Miam Miam at One Utama. Is an ease and less hassle for KL dessert-holic like us to travel all to way to Penang (muahahahha).
Oh the drawback on Miam Miam One Utama was it was really quite noisy in there.
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