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Muugu Garden Bistro @ Off Jalan Bukit Bintang

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September 14th, 2014 >> Posts

Muugu Garden Bistro started operating some time this year in a hidden bungalow at Off Bukit Bintang near Levain Patisserie.

Despite its prime location and grand bungalow structure, the concept and prices are of casual dining standard. Over here, pasta dishes could go as low as less than RM20 whereas the steak are priced at RM40+ on average. Happy hour is available daily from 6pm-8pm during which you could get a glass of draught beer for only RM9! 

I like the fact that they cater free parking spaces for patrons, unlike places like Changkat where we have to folk up 15 bucks for the valet.

As the name suggests, there is a garden space in front of the restaurant albeit a big part of it is made up of empty field which in my opinion is kind of wasted. Could have added some beautiful floral or perhaps set up some tables for outdoor dining? Never mind about the mosquitoes. LOL

Mediocre interior setting. The lights and paintings kinda helped but we thought it could have been more refined.

Mini bar area.

Supeheroes posters.

Oh hello Caesar.

I must say that I don’t quite like the extensions and wires visibly laying everywhere which were quite an eyesore.

Rib eye steak cooked to medium rare with your choice of sides and sauce. I would highly recommend the steak here.

Chicken thigh which I did not try. I’m not so much of a chicken person.

Aglio olio with a generous amount of garlic.

Catch of the day was Dory. It was alright I thought. I personally don’t quite like Dory being grilled. It tastes better when fried.

Truffle fries was great. Contrary to others’ reviews, I thought the truffle taste was quite prominent.

Oh, we were there for Jol Wee’s birthday dinner :)

It’s been a while since we last gathered for a proper meal.

OOTN: ???

Overall it was a pleasant dining experience. The food was definitely worth the price and the place, a sanctuary of serenity in the middle of the city.

Muugu Garden Bistro
Address: 32, Jalan jati (Off Jalan Bukit Bintang),
Kuala Lumpur 55100.
Tel: 03- 2110 3603

Gusto Taco, Sangsu/Hongdae VS. Vatos

Posted by: Jamie Liew

September 14th, 2014 >> Posts

travelling in Korea but is sick of Korean food already? or have you been here too long that you’d like something else?

well, how does Mexican taco’s sound like to you?

recommended by Koreans who had lived in Latin America themselves, Gusto Taco is as close as it can get to the original ones in Mexico.

CIMG9070 copy

located near Sangsu Station exit 1, this place isn’t difficult to find at all. just walk straight amongst the row of cafe’s and restaurants and you’ll definitely see it!

CIMG9071 copy

no doubt Gusto Taco is awesome as it is also the top rated Mexican food in Korea according to Trip Advisor!

CIMG9073 copy

the outdoor view had a really nice atmosphere. really liked it. cozy and romantic =D.

CIMG9075 copy

whereas it’s just very casual and pretty inside.

CIMG9080 copy

we ordered a plate of Nachos with amazing cheese and other yummy Mexican style toppings. =D. don’t remember the exact price but taco’s in this shop ranges from 9~23 thousand won.

CIMG9081 copy

meet my oppa! Kemal! (and the white guy smiling at us behind!) he’s so famous the white guy sitting beside us recognized him and asked him if he works at XXXXXXX store and said he’s actually well known amongst foreigners as the “foreigner who speaks Korean really well.” so proud to have such a famous friend! hehehe. Kemal used to sit beside me in class when we attended Yonsei Korean Language Institute and he had always taken good care of me in class =3. blessed to have such a lovely friend. oh! he probably writes better than me in Chinese. such a multilingual Turkish guy!

CIMG9083 copy

and here comes our tacos! ordered beef. it was SO GOOD. you can add extra chilli sauce if you want to if I’m not wrong. so so so so so good U_U. the nacho’s was good enough but you MUST try their taco’s. I kind of like Vatos’ creative mix but this is yummy in another way. I had never been to Mexico so I’ll never know what’s authentic but this seems to me like the authentic version. while Vatos’ tacos are good because they have a Korean twist and it’s special like that.

CIMG9084 copy

look! look how yummy it is! it’s quite pricey considering how it DOESN’T fill up your stomach. taco’s here costs around 6~7thousand won.

CIMG9085 copy

a closer look!

CIMG9090 copy

similar to Vatos, they sell Coronarita here. it’s a mix between Corona and Margerita. my biggest disappointment is that they served us Coronarita with NO SHAVED ICE. I mean, I understand that their machine was broken that day but they could’ve refunded us instead if serving us something that even I didn’t want to take a picture of. =/. but as for the taste it still tastes good.

CIMG9091 copy

sorry for the blur picture but I just wanted to show you how the other side look. the whole place is pretty filled with foreigners but Koreans who value great Mexican food end up coming here too!

Gusto Taco’s website :

and now,


almost everyone’s favourite but with a Korean taste in it. it is slightly more expensive Gusto Taco’s and also a little smaller in portion for the tacos but great quality.

IMG_3997 copy

I personally liked the design of the restaurant. they have one in Itaewon, one in Garuso-gil (above Giordano) and another one in Galleria’s food court. every table is served with free.. chips? with some salsa sauce. but what I really liked was the peach margerita (I think. whatever it was, it’s peach and it has an alcohol version.) WITHOUT alcohol. it was cheaper without the alcohol but the original price was 14,000won. they also have a super wide range of drinks (you can check it on their website) and drinks where they pop bottles of beers into a huge glass of ice blended margerita.

IMG_3996 copy

their famous menu is the Kimchi Fries. indeed very yummy but not as worthy when you come to think of it. it’s priced at 12,000won. some of my friends think that it’s over rated but it was really good to me U_U. but of course, I wouldn’t want to pay so much just for fries. (this place is meant for working class adults hahaa)

IMG_3995 copy

here’s their prawn taco’s. pretty tiny? I can chuck them into my mouth like ssam (meat and other food wrapped in lettuce/vege) and chew them in one bite if I want to. but they are so good I’d just eat them bite by bite.

IMG_3994 copy

my personal favourite from Vatos would be the Galbi tacos. if you’re going to visit Vatos, make sure you order these yummy Galbi tacos! the Korean fusion is so perfect you’ll be craving for more!

the taco’s here are 7,000won for two and 9,000-10,000won for 3. quite expensive for such tiny tacos? oh well, they taste good!

here’s Vatos’ website :

verdict? I liked both Gusto Taco and Vatos but Vatos is definitely on the higher end side (and I just can’t get those galbi taco’s out of my mind!) and something you’ll only be able to find in Korea. but Gusto Taco’s more pocket friendly and tastes amazing. we all know how far Mexico is and personally, I don’t enjoy taco bell. so Gusto Taco would be one of the places you can go to when you have your Mexican food cravings! I’d go to Vatos more often if only it was cheaper.

TWG Tea @ Sunway Pyramid

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September 7th, 2014 >> Posts

There has been so many new shops opening in Sunway Pyramid ever since I moved out of Sunway. TWG, H&M, Sephora etc. More atas now apparently.

Located at the LG Level Centre Court of Old Wing, TWG offers shoppers a sophisticated ambience of luxury tea salon to savour their fine harvested teas from all around the world.

The design of the TWG Tea salon at Sunway Pyramid very much resembles the one at Pavilion - enclosed in see-through glass panels and glamourously decorated with exquisite tea accessories.

Although we have moved out of Sunway after graduation, we did not miss the chance to visit the newly-opened TWG (not so new anymore since this is a outdated post lol) and of course, to catch up with each others' working life.

Angela, Rachel and I. I look like crap here but that's the only decent looking pic of 3 of us. FML :(

Always go for the 3-tier high tea set! *yums*

Macarons. Sweet and irresistible.

I miss the girls already! Let's plan another outing soon!

On a side note I 'accidentally' tried on this red blazer from Topshop and boy it fits me well!

Petite collection which explains. It's hard to find a blazer that fits. UK6 are always so big. How inconsiderate of them towards we Asians. Anyway it was on sale but I did not get it omgwhydidinotgetitsobsss cause I thought how many times can I wear it before someone starts calling me the girl in the red blazer. I have been trying hard not to repeat my clothes. Apart from that boring black coat which hangs on my office chair all the time lah.

Okay that sums up my outdated post on TWG Tea Sunway Pyramid.

See you soon Angela and Rachel!

TWG Tea 1837
Address: LG 1.33, Sunway Pyramid,
No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 03- 5631 2899

#2 The China and Malaysia homecook farewell dinner

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September 2nd, 2014 >> Posts

Since Nicky a.k.a Nichelle is leaving back to Malaysia real soon, we, Nicky, Valerie and me decided to cook a farewell dinner instead of going out for a meal. Speaking of cooking, both of them are way better cook than I am so I thought I would give cooking a pass and wash the dishes. 

The day before we're planning the menu, then Valerie shouted at me


Of course, I gave her this face. 

Then I pointed to Nicky

" Nichelle can cook good Malaysian meal! "

The story is, I've been promising to cook Valerie a Malaysia meal ( by using packet mix I brought all the way from home, mega cheat, at least there's something ). I thought someday while we're staying together I'll cook her something, but no, I didnt. Now is the best chance I push this responsibility to someone who knows better, Nicky. Kindly, she said she's gonna cook Malaysia's Curry for all of us. heh.

It taste just as good as mummy chua's one. 

nicky even prepare starter wtf. 
Slice potato top with lemon marinated shrimps. See, I told you nicky is good with food.

On the other hand, we got Valerie who's cooking her CHINA chinese meal.

As someone who's watching and helping both of them to prep and cook, it's like watching 2 people from different country battling in masterchef INTERNATIONAL wtf.

Val's starter, I don't know what is this but it's ridiculously appetizing.

and her infamous Spicy Chicken. Infamous because previously in our old flat, everyone constantly praise this dish. I secretly thinks that sometimes people wanna cook and eat with her is because of this dish. 

Both of them cooked an amazing dinner, I'm pretty bless having both of them cooking food for me.
But just a suggestion, don't watch 'The Mist' while eating because some scene are just plain disgusting. There goes our last meal of 3 of us together. 

Betty Crocker Red Velvet Mix

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September 2nd, 2014 >> Posts

I was utterly sad for no reason on of those day that I decided to bake all my sorrow away. 
I love red velvet cake so I decide to bake one. I bought Betty Crocker's cake mix and icing from Tesco since I don't want to go tru those hassle measuring flours and getting excessive amount of cocoa powder which I know I won't be using them as often as I should. Of all the reason, the main reason is that I'm lazy.

All i need to do is add in the wet ingredient, 3 eggs, oil and water. I got a small mould from the Poundland, I baked 3 batches, imagine the time consume.

Just me frosting the cake with the pre-made cream cheese Icing, Incase you guy thought I bought the cake from a cake shop.

And this is the final Product, I cut the top part and chop them into tiny cubes to decorate them on top. My little leaning red velvet cake.

The picture above taken by Galaxy Note 3, which I personally thinks that the phone takes really good picture especially under good lighting.

On the other hand, This is taken by Nikon DSLR. 

My verdict on my self bake Red Velvet Cake? 
It taste just as good as others, probably mine is better than the one in Tesco. I will definitely bake this again in future when I'm unreasonably sad because after having one slice, I definitely felt so much better. Perhaps I'll be a little bit challenging in future and bake a red velvet cake from scratch. 

The Famous Kinana Ice Cream, Gion Kyoto

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August 25th, 2014 >> Posts

Gion is perhaps my favourite place in Kyoto and I would only like to complain that there’s too much to see. there are not just a lot of places to visit but also a whole lot of places to eat at! other than my Jouvencelle, I visited the famous Kinana which were reviewed by many Korean bloggers. I have a friend whom had passed me their card and tell me that I must go there when I go back to Kyoto.

it’s some health ice cream I heard.

so how to get there?

IMG_8149 copy

first, get to Hanami-koji! literally mean place to see flowers. I guess it’s a metaphor for a place to see Geishas hahaha.

IMG_8159 copy

okay now when you walk in, you should walk for a while and turn right into the next small street. it’s on that row. just keep walking around until you find it.

IMG_8166 copy

I kind of got lost since I went there looking at a map. oh well.

IMG_8170 copy

here’s how the alley look like! Kinana look pretty normal and it doesn’t stand out (at all!) so you should learn how to read Japanese. I am not kidding hahaha. it’s written “(something)(something)???” simple yes? just remember the double hiragana at the end.

*something something because I can’t read Kanji T_T.

IMG_8184 copy

Kinana had an array of desserts but I went right after some filling lunch at Izuju so I opted for something lighter. it looked like Kinana was known for their parfaits as well but oh well, there’s always a next time (and the parfait costs double! pfft.)

so how did it taste? I’d say, it tastes HEAVENLY. definitely a one of a kind ice cream shop as they have flavours barely sold anywhere else. I couldn’t remember any of the names of the ice cream by now but I had black sesame (my favourite of Japanese ice cream!) with some honey flavoured one. it was so light and fragrant I could have 2 more portions all by myself. it’s that type of ice cream which is soooo good you’d HATE to share.

IMG_8186 copy

we also ordered a bowl of Honey shaved ice. the beautiful honey paste resting on top of the finely shaved ice sure look desirable but if I was given another chance, I’d order the green tea. I like honey. but I didn’t like this one as much. the red bean and plain ice cream was good though.

IMG_8190 copy

oh hello =D.

IMG_8191 copy

although Kinana only has 6 flavours to choose from, it’s already a lot. the 6 flavours are Matcha (green tea), Kurogoma (black sesame), Azuki red beans, plain, Kuromitsu (black honey, says google translate), Yomogi (mugwort). there is another set where you can choose 3 ice creams and if you’re going with a friend I’d recommend to ORDER ALL THE FLAVOURS!!! =3. those mochi was good but the ice cream was amazing.

IMG_8193 copy

you can also buy a tub of ice cream  BUT you can only eat it inside. like, standing. because you’re not supposed to eat on the streets of Hanami-koji. and they’d not allow you to bring it out. so I guess that’s for when the place is really packed or you’re on a tighter budget =X.

IMG_8195 copy

remember those writings on the cloth because they are your only clue! there are no pictures or anything outside so..

here’s the website :

pricing : expensive but affordable. around 700yen to over 1000yen per person. the tubs were 360yen. not cheap but if you’re in Japan already, don’t skimp!

Kushikatsu Daruma, an Osakan specialty.

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August 20th, 2014 >> Posts

there are a lot to eat in Osaka, and I wouldn’t lie about it. but other than the normal Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki which could easily be found worldwide, let me introduce you to Kushi-katsu, a stick of almost anything deep fried. and it is not easy to find anywhere outside of Japan.

IMG_7547 copy

Kushikatsu can be found in many places in Japan but the famous (with chain restaurants!) one is kushikatsu Daruma. it is easy to spot. just look for an angry looking cartoon character outside the store!

IMG_7549 copy

can you see it?

CIMG5000 copy

this one’s the Namba chain (there are a few chains there too!) see the angry man now? hehehe.

IMG_8302 copy

and the one at Dotonbori’s main street! look at how angry he looks! I have no idea why he’s angry though @@. frying those kushikatsu and managing such a huge business must’ve drove him nuts haha.

CIMG4985 copy

I’m not sure about the other restaurants. but because Namba is FILLED with tourists and locals, they opened a huge restaurant and had it delivered to their customers with these cute “trains” and everything in the shop was pretty darn hi-tech!

CIMG4997 copy

I know it does not look very appetizing here. but the Camembert cheese tastes the best! to me.

CIMG4991 copy

I liked their beef and chicken too! and the chicken internal organ stuff =X. it goes very well with salt and chilli flakes!

check out the modern-ness of this awesome restaurant! and we order everything through the screen too! this way they don’t need many employees on the floor! and they can deliver much more efficiently!

CIMG4983 copy

my stop was Shin-Osaka hehehehe.

and here’s the interior of the restaurant!


okay back to the Sinsekai outlet.

IMG_7555 copy

today’s special menu! (?)

IMG_7556 copy

look at the amount of people here. we had to queue for it.

IMG_7559 copy

very sweet cabbage, spices and the kushikatsu sauce!

NOTE : YOU CAN ONLY DIP YOUR KUSHIKATSU ONCE in the sauce. no re-dipping!

IMG_7564 copy

now now, don’t it look good? it might be pretty pricey but it really did fill me up! don’t look down on them! I am not the biggest fan of fried food but when it comes to JAPANESE fried food? I’m in. it would not be something I’d like to eat daily but it’s really delicious! I’d grade it an 8/10. the dipping sauce wasn’t really my type but it’s good overall and I understand why I’d have to queue for this every time. because it’s really worth to queue for! well if your queue is over 30minutes maybe not.

Kyoto : Jouvencelle, a one of a kind cafe.

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August 8th, 2014 >> Posts

after reading about this amazing cafe on kyotofoodie where he said is his favourite cafe, I told myself that I HAVE to come here one day despite how expensive it looks. Jouvencelle, which I believe means young (girl) is a cafe located at Gion, it isn’t located at the brightest place but because it is next to Yakasa Jinja, it makes it a little bit more easier to find.

Directions : basically, just get into Yasaka Jinja (or Yasaka Shrine) and head right and look for an exit on the right side. upon exit, walk straight and you’ll see Jouvencelle.

IMG_8718 copy

Jouvencelle is located on the second floor to this pottery/porcelain shop. see that green cloth? that’s the entrance to Jouvencelle.

CIMG2731 copy

I was pretty surprised by how small the cafe was. it was very clean-cut and hotel-like. and it became full in a bit! I went there on a weekday!

CIMG2727 copy

oh hello. =D. we ordered the famous Gion greentea fondue which is kind of the only one of its kind. there was a summer set which was served with jelly-looking mochi’s and chewy jelly noodles but it was more expensive T_T. we wanted quantity since we hadn’t ate anything and it was 3pm. so we ordered another bowl of green tea shaved ice to cool us down from the heat of the summer.

IMG_8725 copy

the Gion green tea fondue set and Matcha shaved ice.1,300yen (1,404yen with tax!). there was a hot guy beside me whom had this (but the summer edition) ALL BY HIMSELF. he came alone. Japanese people seemed like people whom are not afraid of loneliness/being seen dining alone. very different from people in Korea.

PS: there’s also another version sold on the Sakura season where the dip is Sakura fondue! dying to try it but Sakura season = exams for me T_T.

IMG_8726 copy

the green tea fondue was much more concentrated than expected and all the fondue dips were amazing. I especially liked the see-through mochi which I believe is warabi mochi while my friend preferred the dango dip. but one thing though, even eating this amongst 2 people, we find this a little sickening at the last few bites because of how concentrated the dip was. it was yummy nevertheless, it was just that we had to keep downing cups of water.

IMG_8735 copy

Uji Matcha shaved ice, 840yen.

the matcha shaved ice on the other hand, was the best shaved ice I’ve ever had. I said it, it’s literally the best. and my friend agrees. the green tea chocolate(? or just pure green tea and milk. I don’t know.) melts in your mouth like fine Belgian chocolate and the shaved ice was so yummy though the ice wasn’t super fine. there’s something about the combination which drove us crazy over it.

there was green pea paste in the middle of it too! pretty funky.

IMG_8720 copy

we didn’t want to leave the cafe. it was surprising how comfortable and delectable everything in that cafe was. the view of old Gion was great and the friendly staffs made everyone feel comfortable.

and if you are going to visit, remember to check out their gold toilet. almost everything in that toilet was gold. I shall call it the Kinkaku-ji toilet. you know why. =D.

IMG_8732 copy

came here with my Malaysian friend, Jia Yii whom had always haunted cheap food with me but we also share the same soft-spot for everything green tea. we splurged around a hundred ringgit just on green tea products that day ahhahaha.

IMG_8733 copy

itadakimasu! Imma devour you all!!!

IMG_8740 copy

my failed shot but do you see how thick those green tea fondue are?!

IMG_8741 copy

at the end of your meal dessert, they will bring you hot milk for you to mix with your left over fondue for you to create green-tea latte. I think we ate too much of the fondue leaving the milk to be pretty.. bland. or just milky. it was nice though!

all in all, I’d give it 5 stars for service, taste and appearance!

the cafe sells a variety of cakes and other desserts which looked really amazing so if you come in a group, then you can try more! well I can’t wait for my next visit so I can try different desserts! but I will order that shaved ice again if it’s available!

here’s the shop’s website :
operating hours : 10am – 6pm

I came here TWICE and it was closed pfft. once because it was a public holiday and once because I came here at 630pm. so come here early! Japanese shops close early if they are sold out too. which sucks T_T. I took almost an hour to go to some famous soba shop. it was 30minutes before it was going to close but because they were sold out they closed 30minutes earlier. bummer. ALWAYS GO EARLY!

Dotonbori, Osaka

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August 3rd, 2014 >> Posts

what’s coming to Osaka without visiting Dotonbori? since where I was living was pretty near, Dotonbori’s now my favourite spot despite the crazy amount of tourists and sky-high food prices. but I am sure those of you on budget are smart enough to dodge the tourist traps and hunt down for the cheaper ones.

IMG_5026 copy

the famous street of Dotonbori. with the huge crab. there’s two huge crabs by the way. this one’s just more central and and attractive. there’s also a humungous REAL crab inside which is the hugest king crab I’ve ever seen in my life. just pop inside and take a picture. I had a picture with it but my face was awful so..

IMG_5042 copy

and how can you miss the OKONOMIYAKI!!! I am a fan for Hiroshima’s Okonomiyaki but these are good as well. instead of having layers of vege and noodles this has.. everything mixed in it. errr.. and quite gingery. so for people who hates ginger I think you should skip this haha. I waited in line for an hour for this though. I don’t know which is good so I picked one with a long line of Japanese people hahaha.

CIMG4909 copy

oh hello.

CIMG4921 copy

I read some blogs stating that this costs 500yen but when I went it was raised to 700yen. T_T. bloody tourist traps. but it’s so yummy I can’t say no to it on a cold winter’s night.

CIMG4928 copy

the number 1 takoyaki store apparently. really, it’s really good. I tried it on my summer trip and I hated myself for not having it in the first place.

CIMG4929 copy

the busy busy street at night.

CIMG4937 copy

I bought takoyaki on my first trip from another famous store famous for it’s.. variety of flavours which was good as well.

CIMG4941 copy

still looks yummy alright but they could give a little more of those bonito flakes.

CIMG4955 copy

an Okonomiyaki store with queue so long it said we need to wait for 3 hours so I quit waiting =S.

CIMG4957 copy


CIMG4961 copy

ramen store.

CIMG4974 copy

famous Osakan icon. my Japanese friend just said “don’t ask who he is, just go take a picture with him”

CIMG4985 copy

we then head over for some delicious KUSHIKATSU! where you should only dip it into the sauce ONCE. because it’s going to be disgusting for the next guest if you keep dipping your disgusting saliva innit.

CIMG4986 copy

my favourite was the camembert cheese! so yummy U_U. love beef and chicken as well ahhhhhhhhhhh.

CIMG4991 copy

not to mention those chicken intestines. I went to their huge store so it came AUTOMATICALLY. which was super fascinating for a country pumpkin like myself hahahaha.

here’s a video on how fascinating it was! you have your own little station and all. I will blog on this restaurant someday later!

IMG_8302 copy

I forgot to take a picture of the entrance to the restaurant the last trip but don’t worry because I got you covered this trip! the shop’s name is “kushikatsu daruma” if my weak Japanese doesn’t do me wrong. very famous chain store and you can see it all around Osaka.

IMG_8268 copy

so for my summer Osaka trip, I took more pictures in Dotonbori and guess what? none of these pictures are edited! =D. other for the watermark of course. and that’s the beautiful stream by Dotonbori.

IMG_8279 copy

facing the stream’s this running Glico man. famous famous glico man.

IMG_8284 copy

walk up and there’s Ebisu Bashi-suji. a true shopping haven. the perfume sold at Kokumin’s really cheap too! like 2-3 times cheaper than our duty free in Langkawi. not that it’s famous for perfume.

IMG_8286 copy

some theater.

IMG_8289 copy

Dotonbori during the day. less crowded because it’s wayyyy too hot.

IMG_8298 copy

this ramen shop with a dragon above. I’m a fan of bubzbeauty though I didn’t watch every single one of her video. she makes me feel better about myself and put a smile on my face =3. and ever since I watched her Osaka trip video I’ve been calling this place the bubz ramen shop because she came here before. I recognized how you can sit outside and all. hahaha.

CIMG5044 copy

it was too expensive for a poor student like me to afford the deadly puffer fish/Fugu. so what I did was I picked the cheapest take-out box they sold (it was around 800yen) and ate it at home. =D. it tasted pretty funky and it’s definitely the type of sashimi I’d go for if I have more money T______T. I hope my mom win the lottery or something. hahaha.

El Cerdo ~*

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August 1st, 2014 >> Posts

My warmest and signature way of welcoming my lovely brother to town is to treat him good meals! Let him fei fei bak bak then only got full energy to be the best scholar!


We have been to so many nice places, but this , i must share , and you must try!;)

 Talking about porky, nothing else then El Cerdo! El Cerso is a western mixed Spanish food which specialized in PORKS ! (^oo^)


Along the happening Changkat street, there we found this cozy place an ideal place for a good dine and also for bonding session.


Lot of birthday babies enjoying their birthday dinner here . Our birthday boy, was so excited and he just can't wait for the porky meal!


They have signature dishes for appetizer and maincourse.


The Roasted Suckling Pig (RM188++ per half piglet) is a popular order here.

*Half Suckling Pig*

One bite on this incredible crisp with a thin layer of fat beneath definitely makes you think of the next bite! For the ladies who are afraid of the fats, one piece is enough for you i guess. I scrapped off the fat layers on my second slice . However, the tenderness is awesome!

*Side dish for suckling pig*

This is the side dish to have together with the suckling pig! The potatoes are nicely baked !

*Pork Belly Pasta* 

Cooked with red wine, smoked bacon and served with fettuccini pasta. Thumbs up!

*Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak*

This was marinated for 48 hours with the Finest Paprika, herbs, onions, garlic and mild dijon mustard. I love how juicy and tender the steak is! Sui!


Satisfaction!!!! Yummy~~~