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The Famous Kinana Ice Cream, Gion Kyoto

Posted by: Jamie Liew

August 25th, 2014 >> Posts

Gion is perhaps my favourite place in Kyoto and I would only like to complain that there’s too much to see. there are not just a lot of places to visit but also a whole lot of places to eat at! other than my Jouvencelle, I visited the famous Kinana which were reviewed by many Korean bloggers. I have a friend whom had passed me their card and tell me that I must go there when I go back to Kyoto.

it’s some health ice cream I heard.

so how to get there?

IMG_8149 copy

first, get to Hanami-koji! literally mean place to see flowers. I guess it’s a metaphor for a place to see Geishas hahaha.

IMG_8159 copy

okay now when you walk in, you should walk for a while and turn right into the next small street. it’s on that row. just keep walking around until you find it.

IMG_8166 copy

I kind of got lost since I went there looking at a map. oh well.

IMG_8170 copy

here’s how the alley look like! Kinana look pretty normal and it doesn’t stand out (at all!) so you should learn how to read Japanese. I am not kidding hahaha. it’s written “(something)(something)???” simple yes? just remember the double hiragana at the end.

*something something because I can’t read Kanji T_T.

IMG_8184 copy

Kinana had an array of desserts but I went right after some filling lunch at Izuju so I opted for something lighter. it looked like Kinana was known for their parfaits as well but oh well, there’s always a next time (and the parfait costs double! pfft.)

so how did it taste? I’d say, it tastes HEAVENLY. definitely a one of a kind ice cream shop as they have flavours barely sold anywhere else. I couldn’t remember any of the names of the ice cream by now but I had black sesame (my favourite of Japanese ice cream!) with some honey flavoured one. it was so light and fragrant I could have 2 more portions all by myself. it’s that type of ice cream which is soooo good you’d HATE to share.

IMG_8186 copy

we also ordered a bowl of Honey shaved ice. the beautiful honey paste resting on top of the finely shaved ice sure look desirable but if I was given another chance, I’d order the green tea. I like honey. but I didn’t like this one as much. the red bean and plain ice cream was good though.

IMG_8190 copy

oh hello =D.

IMG_8191 copy

although Kinana only has 6 flavours to choose from, it’s already a lot. the 6 flavours are Matcha (green tea), Kurogoma (black sesame), Azuki red beans, plain, Kuromitsu (black honey, says google translate), Yomogi (mugwort). there is another set where you can choose 3 ice creams and if you’re going with a friend I’d recommend to ORDER ALL THE FLAVOURS!!! =3. those mochi was good but the ice cream was amazing.

IMG_8193 copy

you can also buy a tub of ice cream  BUT you can only eat it inside. like, standing. because you’re not supposed to eat on the streets of Hanami-koji. and they’d not allow you to bring it out. so I guess that’s for when the place is really packed or you’re on a tighter budget =X.

IMG_8195 copy

remember those writings on the cloth because they are your only clue! there are no pictures or anything outside so..

here’s the website :

pricing : expensive but affordable. around 700yen to over 1000yen per person. the tubs were 360yen. not cheap but if you’re in Japan already, don’t skimp!

Kushikatsu Daruma, an Osakan specialty.

Posted by: Jamie Liew

August 20th, 2014 >> Posts

there are a lot to eat in Osaka, and I wouldn’t lie about it. but other than the normal Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki which could easily be found worldwide, let me introduce you to Kushi-katsu, a stick of almost anything deep fried. and it is not easy to find anywhere outside of Japan.

IMG_7547 copy

Kushikatsu can be found in many places in Japan but the famous (with chain restaurants!) one is kushikatsu Daruma. it is easy to spot. just look for an angry looking cartoon character outside the store!

IMG_7549 copy

can you see it?

CIMG5000 copy

this one’s the Namba chain (there are a few chains there too!) see the angry man now? hehehe.

IMG_8302 copy

and the one at Dotonbori’s main street! look at how angry he looks! I have no idea why he’s angry though @@. frying those kushikatsu and managing such a huge business must’ve drove him nuts haha.

CIMG4985 copy

I’m not sure about the other restaurants. but because Namba is FILLED with tourists and locals, they opened a huge restaurant and had it delivered to their customers with these cute “trains” and everything in the shop was pretty darn hi-tech!

CIMG4997 copy

I know it does not look very appetizing here. but the Camembert cheese tastes the best! to me.

CIMG4991 copy

I liked their beef and chicken too! and the chicken internal organ stuff =X. it goes very well with salt and chilli flakes!

check out the modern-ness of this awesome restaurant! and we order everything through the screen too! this way they don’t need many employees on the floor! and they can deliver much more efficiently!

CIMG4983 copy

my stop was Shin-Osaka hehehehe.

and here’s the interior of the restaurant!


okay back to the Sinsekai outlet.

IMG_7555 copy

today’s special menu! (?)

IMG_7556 copy

look at the amount of people here. we had to queue for it.

IMG_7559 copy

very sweet cabbage, spices and the kushikatsu sauce!

NOTE : YOU CAN ONLY DIP YOUR KUSHIKATSU ONCE in the sauce. no re-dipping!

IMG_7564 copy

now now, don’t it look good? it might be pretty pricey but it really did fill me up! don’t look down on them! I am not the biggest fan of fried food but when it comes to JAPANESE fried food? I’m in. it would not be something I’d like to eat daily but it’s really delicious! I’d grade it an 8/10. the dipping sauce wasn’t really my type but it’s good overall and I understand why I’d have to queue for this every time. because it’s really worth to queue for! well if your queue is over 30minutes maybe not.

Kyoto : Jouvencelle, a one of a kind cafe.

Posted by: Jamie Liew

August 8th, 2014 >> Posts

after reading about this amazing cafe on kyotofoodie where he said is his favourite cafe, I told myself that I HAVE to come here one day despite how expensive it looks. Jouvencelle, which I believe means young (girl) is a cafe located at Gion, it isn’t located at the brightest place but because it is next to Yakasa Jinja, it makes it a little bit more easier to find.

Directions : basically, just get into Yasaka Jinja (or Yasaka Shrine) and head right and look for an exit on the right side. upon exit, walk straight and you’ll see Jouvencelle.

IMG_8718 copy

Jouvencelle is located on the second floor to this pottery/porcelain shop. see that green cloth? that’s the entrance to Jouvencelle.

CIMG2731 copy

I was pretty surprised by how small the cafe was. it was very clean-cut and hotel-like. and it became full in a bit! I went there on a weekday!

CIMG2727 copy

oh hello. =D. we ordered the famous Gion greentea fondue which is kind of the only one of its kind. there was a summer set which was served with jelly-looking mochi’s and chewy jelly noodles but it was more expensive T_T. we wanted quantity since we hadn’t ate anything and it was 3pm. so we ordered another bowl of green tea shaved ice to cool us down from the heat of the summer.

IMG_8725 copy

the Gion green tea fondue set and Matcha shaved ice.1,300yen (1,404yen with tax!). there was a hot guy beside me whom had this (but the summer edition) ALL BY HIMSELF. he came alone. Japanese people seemed like people whom are not afraid of loneliness/being seen dining alone. very different from people in Korea.

PS: there’s also another version sold on the Sakura season where the dip is Sakura fondue! dying to try it but Sakura season = exams for me T_T.

IMG_8726 copy

the green tea fondue was much more concentrated than expected and all the fondue dips were amazing. I especially liked the see-through mochi which I believe is warabi mochi while my friend preferred the dango dip. but one thing though, even eating this amongst 2 people, we find this a little sickening at the last few bites because of how concentrated the dip was. it was yummy nevertheless, it was just that we had to keep downing cups of water.

IMG_8735 copy

Uji Matcha shaved ice, 840yen.

the matcha shaved ice on the other hand, was the best shaved ice I’ve ever had. I said it, it’s literally the best. and my friend agrees. the green tea chocolate(? or just pure green tea and milk. I don’t know.) melts in your mouth like fine Belgian chocolate and the shaved ice was so yummy though the ice wasn’t super fine. there’s something about the combination which drove us crazy over it.

there was green pea paste in the middle of it too! pretty funky.

IMG_8720 copy

we didn’t want to leave the cafe. it was surprising how comfortable and delectable everything in that cafe was. the view of old Gion was great and the friendly staffs made everyone feel comfortable.

and if you are going to visit, remember to check out their gold toilet. almost everything in that toilet was gold. I shall call it the Kinkaku-ji toilet. you know why. =D.

IMG_8732 copy

came here with my Malaysian friend, Jia Yii whom had always haunted cheap food with me but we also share the same soft-spot for everything green tea. we splurged around a hundred ringgit just on green tea products that day ahhahaha.

IMG_8733 copy

itadakimasu! Imma devour you all!!!

IMG_8740 copy

my failed shot but do you see how thick those green tea fondue are?!

IMG_8741 copy

at the end of your meal dessert, they will bring you hot milk for you to mix with your left over fondue for you to create green-tea latte. I think we ate too much of the fondue leaving the milk to be pretty.. bland. or just milky. it was nice though!

all in all, I’d give it 5 stars for service, taste and appearance!

the cafe sells a variety of cakes and other desserts which looked really amazing so if you come in a group, then you can try more! well I can’t wait for my next visit so I can try different desserts! but I will order that shaved ice again if it’s available!

here’s the shop’s website :
operating hours : 10am – 6pm

I came here TWICE and it was closed pfft. once because it was a public holiday and once because I came here at 630pm. so come here early! Japanese shops close early if they are sold out too. which sucks T_T. I took almost an hour to go to some famous soba shop. it was 30minutes before it was going to close but because they were sold out they closed 30minutes earlier. bummer. ALWAYS GO EARLY!

Dotonbori, Osaka

Posted by: Jamie Liew

August 3rd, 2014 >> Posts

what’s coming to Osaka without visiting Dotonbori? since where I was living was pretty near, Dotonbori’s now my favourite spot despite the crazy amount of tourists and sky-high food prices. but I am sure those of you on budget are smart enough to dodge the tourist traps and hunt down for the cheaper ones.

IMG_5026 copy

the famous street of Dotonbori. with the huge crab. there’s two huge crabs by the way. this one’s just more central and and attractive. there’s also a humungous REAL crab inside which is the hugest king crab I’ve ever seen in my life. just pop inside and take a picture. I had a picture with it but my face was awful so..

IMG_5042 copy

and how can you miss the OKONOMIYAKI!!! I am a fan for Hiroshima’s Okonomiyaki but these are good as well. instead of having layers of vege and noodles this has.. everything mixed in it. errr.. and quite gingery. so for people who hates ginger I think you should skip this haha. I waited in line for an hour for this though. I don’t know which is good so I picked one with a long line of Japanese people hahaha.

CIMG4909 copy

oh hello.

CIMG4921 copy

I read some blogs stating that this costs 500yen but when I went it was raised to 700yen. T_T. bloody tourist traps. but it’s so yummy I can’t say no to it on a cold winter’s night.

CIMG4928 copy

the number 1 takoyaki store apparently. really, it’s really good. I tried it on my summer trip and I hated myself for not having it in the first place.

CIMG4929 copy

the busy busy street at night.

CIMG4937 copy

I bought takoyaki on my first trip from another famous store famous for it’s.. variety of flavours which was good as well.

CIMG4941 copy

still looks yummy alright but they could give a little more of those bonito flakes.

CIMG4955 copy

an Okonomiyaki store with queue so long it said we need to wait for 3 hours so I quit waiting =S.

CIMG4957 copy


CIMG4961 copy

ramen store.

CIMG4974 copy

famous Osakan icon. my Japanese friend just said “don’t ask who he is, just go take a picture with him”

CIMG4985 copy

we then head over for some delicious KUSHIKATSU! where you should only dip it into the sauce ONCE. because it’s going to be disgusting for the next guest if you keep dipping your disgusting saliva innit.

CIMG4986 copy

my favourite was the camembert cheese! so yummy U_U. love beef and chicken as well ahhhhhhhhhhh.

CIMG4991 copy

not to mention those chicken intestines. I went to their huge store so it came AUTOMATICALLY. which was super fascinating for a country pumpkin like myself hahahaha.

here’s a video on how fascinating it was! you have your own little station and all. I will blog on this restaurant someday later!

IMG_8302 copy

I forgot to take a picture of the entrance to the restaurant the last trip but don’t worry because I got you covered this trip! the shop’s name is “kushikatsu daruma” if my weak Japanese doesn’t do me wrong. very famous chain store and you can see it all around Osaka.

IMG_8268 copy

so for my summer Osaka trip, I took more pictures in Dotonbori and guess what? none of these pictures are edited! =D. other for the watermark of course. and that’s the beautiful stream by Dotonbori.

IMG_8279 copy

facing the stream’s this running Glico man. famous famous glico man.

IMG_8284 copy

walk up and there’s Ebisu Bashi-suji. a true shopping haven. the perfume sold at Kokumin’s really cheap too! like 2-3 times cheaper than our duty free in Langkawi. not that it’s famous for perfume.

IMG_8286 copy

some theater.

IMG_8289 copy

Dotonbori during the day. less crowded because it’s wayyyy too hot.

IMG_8298 copy

this ramen shop with a dragon above. I’m a fan of bubzbeauty though I didn’t watch every single one of her video. she makes me feel better about myself and put a smile on my face =3. and ever since I watched her Osaka trip video I’ve been calling this place the bubz ramen shop because she came here before. I recognized how you can sit outside and all. hahaha.

CIMG5044 copy

it was too expensive for a poor student like me to afford the deadly puffer fish/Fugu. so what I did was I picked the cheapest take-out box they sold (it was around 800yen) and ate it at home. =D. it tasted pretty funky and it’s definitely the type of sashimi I’d go for if I have more money T______T. I hope my mom win the lottery or something. hahaha.

El Cerdo ~*

Posted by: CassandraJiaYee

August 1st, 2014 >> Posts

My warmest and signature way of welcoming my lovely brother to town is to treat him good meals! Let him fei fei bak bak then only got full energy to be the best scholar!


We have been to so many nice places, but this , i must share , and you must try!;)

 Talking about porky, nothing else then El Cerdo! El Cerso is a western mixed Spanish food which specialized in PORKS ! (^oo^)


Along the happening Changkat street, there we found this cozy place an ideal place for a good dine and also for bonding session.


Lot of birthday babies enjoying their birthday dinner here . Our birthday boy, was so excited and he just can't wait for the porky meal!


They have signature dishes for appetizer and maincourse.


The Roasted Suckling Pig (RM188++ per half piglet) is a popular order here.

*Half Suckling Pig*

One bite on this incredible crisp with a thin layer of fat beneath definitely makes you think of the next bite! For the ladies who are afraid of the fats, one piece is enough for you i guess. I scrapped off the fat layers on my second slice . However, the tenderness is awesome!

*Side dish for suckling pig*

This is the side dish to have together with the suckling pig! The potatoes are nicely baked !

*Pork Belly Pasta* 

Cooked with red wine, smoked bacon and served with fettuccini pasta. Thumbs up!

*Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak*

This was marinated for 48 hours with the Finest Paprika, herbs, onions, garlic and mild dijon mustard. I love how juicy and tender the steak is! Sui!


Satisfaction!!!! Yummy~~~

Popular Japanese Cafe in Gion Shijo

Posted by: Jamie Liew

July 31st, 2014 >> Posts

you’ve got to admit that the cafe is a popular one when locals tell you they are and when the whole cafe is packed with local Japanese people waiting in line to get seated.

CIMG5586 copy

this cafe is located on the left row of shops beside the Shijo Dori road towards Yasaka Jinja Shrine.

CIMG5589 copy

look at how crowded the shop was!

CIMG5592 copy

after waiting for a bit, we got seated and they gave everyone a cup of tea and some traditional candy(?).

CIMG5593 copy

here’s the menu which I barely knew what they were except for “warabi mochi” which was my favourite and “oshiruko” which is red bean soup (it tastes great!). but nevertheless, their prices ranges from 450yen to 900yen.



IMG_5484 copy

Kuzukiri, 900yen.

but since i decided to follow the trend and go with what (almost) everyone was ordering, I went with these noodle-like jelly thingy which costs the MOST. T______T. it was nice though. but a little too sweet. I regret for not sharing one but instead ordering two. but on the bright side, these cold jelly noodles had two dipping sauce. something like the bean curd in Malaysia actually. they had a clear sweet dipping sauce or a black sweet dipping sauce. I preferred the clear one. but the black one had more flavour to it.

IMG_5487 copy

I also ordered a cup of matcha because I thought I was the biggest matcha fan.

IMG_5489 copy

but it seemed like the REAL matcha’s very very bitter and I forced myself to finish this 600yen cup of bitter art just because it was matcha. I then found out that I was only interested in everything matcha FLAVOURED but not the real thing. how ironic pfft.

what I regretted the most was not taking pictures of the place inside. but I think I went pretty late/it was gloomy and less pretty. 0n a clear and bright day the garden would look super beautiful!

all in all, authentic Japanese desserts.. it’s best to stick with warabi mochi and things that you’re already familiar with but it’s nice to try new things too. if you come here on some other seasons, they serve other types of unique looking mochi-like things in bamboo which was uber pretty (friend showed me a picture T_T). not a cafe to miss out on if you’re not very tight on budget!

TTDI Ramadan Bazaar

Posted by: Copykate

July 26th, 2014 >> Posts

Last chance for you to visit Ramadan Bazaar tomorrow!

This year, I visited the bazaar at TTDI. Don’t mind my after-work haggard look.

As told by one of the vendors, the stalls were set up as early as 2pm until around Buka Puasa hour.

One can’t help but face dilemma when given so many choices of food here!

Below are some of those I came across.

Fried roti bun (almost mistaken it as huge popiah XD).

Fried cempedak.


Ayam Golek which looked irresistible.

We bought ourselves one chicken – RM16.

Mini Roti Bom.

Dried sotong bakar.

Apam balik.

Putu Piring.


Hardcore Burger. RM20+ each as they use huge pieces of meat.

Murtabak. Comes in small and large.


Time to berbuka puasa!

Salam Aidilfitri and happy holiday people! :)

TTDI Ramadan Bazaar
Address: Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,

60000 Kuala Lumpur.

Restoran Kam Heong + PJ Walk @ 52, PJ New Town

Posted by: Copykate

July 24th, 2014 >> Posts

During my unusual adventure to seek for a localized breakfast corner (because brunch food is too mainstream, meh), I accidentally discovered a cool chilling spot in PJ.

PJ Walk at Section 52 near the MBPJ.

Recently the roads there (Jalan Tengah) have been closed for pedestrian use. Surrounding the MBPJ are pavement roads where one could walk, cycle or even rollerblade.

Artsy decors every here and there. But how many of the locals would actually appreciate the beauty offered by our local municipal? Most of the time we are drowned by work-life-stress we hardly pay any attention to the surrounding :(

History lesson of the day: did you know that PJ town used to be a rubber estate? LOL.

Huge mural that depicts the multi-racial harmony.

Visit Kam Heong hawker centre (next to UOB) and order yourselves a few servings of the local food!

Penang prawn noodles. This dish is the locals’ favourite here apparently. I didn’t quite like it though cause the prawn taste was too strong for my liking. The serving portion was rather generous though.

Hakka Mee with char siew, siew yok, fish cake and fish balls. Thumbs up for this.

Don’t forget to try the charcoal roti bakar too.

Best time to visit is before noon. Secure yourself a table outdoor underneath the big tree. We had no doubt enjoyed our marvelous windy morning as we savoured the local delights. 

Restoran Kam Heong
Address: 8, Jalan Tengah,
PJ New Town,
46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: 012-383 5567

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ ???? @ Plaza Faber, Taman Desa

Posted by: Copykate

July 20th, 2014 >> Posts

Open air Japanese BBQ at affordable prices!

Hidden at the back alley of Plaza Faber Taman Desa, Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ is not unknown to the locals despite its obscure location. As the night falls, the silent neighbourhood is awakened by the smokey aroma and the chattering of BBQ lovers.

We arrived before sunset to secure a table. Expect a queue when you are visiting during weekends.

Though the area is a tad-bit shabby, the BBQ restaurant never loses its charm. In fact, it is the old-school localized concept that has made it so successful over the years.

Grill your chosen dish on the metal grill on top of red flaming coals. 

Gengkhis Khan – RM20
Japanese grilled mutton cooked with cabbage soup. Juicy, sweet and well-marinated.

Pork belly – RM10
Short rib – RM15
Mushroom foil yaki – RM10

The menu is quite extensive with BBQ dishes like different parts of pork, beef, lamb as well as teppanyaki, vegetables, ramen and other side dishes. BBQ dishes range between RM10-RM25 each.

Don’t forget to pair your BBQ with a bottle of Sake! RM16

Total costs that night was RM70++ Quite affordable compared to other commercialized BBQ restaurants.

You could get really hot and sweaty over there, but that’s the fun of outdoor BBQ after all!

Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ ????
Address: Centre Court, Plaza Faber,
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa Off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.

Opening hours: 6pm - midnight

[ADV] @ Puchong IOI Boulevard

Posted by: Copykate

June 21st, 2014 >> Advertorial, Posts

Ever since I started my permanent job, I have come to realize that every cent is hard-earned money and that I should always seek for new money saving tips! I want to eat great food and enjoy a couple of drinks every now and then, but most places that I visit are beyond budget! After a few visits I turn broke and resorted to eating chap fan instead FML.

That’s why comes in! is Malaysia’s first online pre-purchase café bear which offers customers a concept somewhat similar to budget airlines – the earlier you buy, the more you save! Now that’s something great I discovered indeed!

How exactly does it work? Say I want to meet up with my friends at the outlet in IOI Boulevard (there are more outlets opening around Klang Valley and beyond soon!) for some drinks and dinner next week. I just head over to check our the deals and offer, place my order, pay as I would any online site, receive the QR code on my smartphone, then on the day of my visit just show it to the staff at the outlet, redeem my drink and enjoy with my friends! Easy peasy and done in less than 5 minutes.

If I didn’t like the prices at the IOI Boulevard outlet on that certain day, I could simply select another outlet or another date to see if the price is lower. Just like booking a flight -  the price increases as more seats are booked or in this case, the price increases as more drink packages are booked on that day. I have a more detailed run through at the bottom of this post.

Well enough talking, the girls from Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers (MHB) and I attended the special friends and media preview of the very first outlet at the IOI Boulevard in Puchong and here’s what we discovered!

The interior is chilled out bistro cum café environment with pipped in music that’s not overwhelmingly loud. You don’t need to shout to have conversation while the tables are spaced out nicely to ensure you wont hear your neighbouring table’s conversation.

There are many comfy sofas to lounge around in or for those of you who prefer playing some darts, there are 2 electronic dart machines.

Drinks wise, there is a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for you to choose from. As DeBudget,com is a GAB outlet, expect the usual draught options – Tiger, Guinness and Heineken. If you’re there during the daytime, you can also try their selection of coffee (latte, cappuccino, espresso etc), teas, smoothies, fruit juices, soft drinks and mocktails or if you prefer something with a little more kick you could try their cocktails as well as the wines, liquors and champagne.

There is also a selection of food ranging from breakfast (opening until 2.00pm), sandwiches (opening until 5.00pm), appetizers, main courses, snacks and desserts for those who feel rather puckish or are dining there during lunch time.

Pictured above is the Bacon Wraps – RM18.00++ which is pretty much bacon wrapped sausages aka Pigs in Blankets and this dish goes very well with beer!

Salty Pork – RM23.00++

Essentially fried siew yoke which is slightly on the salty side (hence the name) and this is another dish that goes tremendously well with beer.

Not many people would expect to see fresh oysters available in a bistro but of course DeBudget aims to break the mould. The oysters are available seasonally and are extremely fresh and huge!

Original Recipe Chicken Drumstick – RM16.00++

This is a must try dish at DeBudget. Crispy and flavourful chicken drumsticks that are great as a snack or even as a main depending on how hungry you are. But trust me, order one plate for yourself otherwise you might find yourself fighting over chicken drumsticks with your friends! XD

Carbonara Pizza – RM23.00++

Spaghetti Aglio Olio – RM20.00++ (seafood variant)

Beef Lasagna – RM18.00++

Spaghetti Marinara – RM20.00++ (seafood variant)

Chicken Chop – RM18.00++

Assorted desserts

The food is mainly Western favourites coupled with pizzas and pastas. Their spicy chicken wings are also worth a try!

Satisfied faces after dinner. Now time for more drinks!

There’s even a live band in the evenings to entertain you with some tunes allowing you to relax and unwind after work.

XPack offers always the lowest prices for you to have fantastic outings with your favourite people. With Xpack, plan your night out and be the early bird to enjoy great savings on your huge range of drinks! Psst, prices start from RM10 onwards daily limited to 3 packs per person.

Choose from 1 Tower of Tiger draught (2.5 litres) OR 4x Pints of Guinness Draught OR 4 Pints of Heineken. The earlier you buy the cheaper it will be (this is similar to the budget airline concept which is so popular and successful these past few years).

Do note that XPack is strictly for consumption at outlets and cannot be taken away (I’d really like to see how you’re going to tadao home some draught beer lol).

If beer is not your drink of choice, fret not as there are special promotions for liquor, wines and even champagne which you can purchase online as well.

There are many bottles including crowd favourites Johnnie Walker Black Label and Gold Label Reserve, Hennessy VSOP, Belvedere Vodka, Moet & Chandon, as well as single malt whiskies, tequila, bourbon, Bacardi, gin and wines.

Buying online is really fast and simple:
1. Select your desired outlet and date of visit

2. Choose the items you want

3. Complete your online purchase by making the payment. Payment can be made by either using your credit card or debit card (which uses PayPal secure payment gateway), or by using your PayPal account. After the payment is successful, you will be emailed a QR code from which you simply need to show on your smartphone at the outlet on your chosen date. No need to print out any vouchers. Really simple and convenient if you ask me!

4. Go to the outlet on the selected date and enjoy your drinks!

Remarks: If you want a lower price and its not available that day at that outlet, just select another outlet or another date and see if it’s cheaper. It will come very naturally to you as you’ve probably booked airline tickets many times before online. Same concept, just a different product.

Look out for the 2nd DeBudget outlet which will be opening in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara in June 2014 and they will be having some really awesome opening promotions (such as RM10 for a tower of beer on the launch days!).

So near from my place! It will no doubt be my new regular hang out spot. Who would resist beer at such low prices?? What’s more the restaurant has really great ambience to chill out after a long day of work! ^^

More info on DeBudget at

Or follow them on Facebook at: Puchong
Address: Lot No. F-G-21, IOI Boulevard,
Jalan Kenari 5,
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong, Selangor.
Operating hours: daily from 10.30am – 2.00am