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Passion 5 ??5 @ Itaeweon

Posted by: Jamie Liew

April 17th, 2014 >> Posts

ever heard of this famous bakery called Passion 5? bet you haven’t. if you’ve not lived in Seoul for a period long enough, you might not even know about the existence of this fabulous cafe/bakery which is ultimately posh; bringing bakery to a whole new level as IT IS THE BEST BAKERY SHOP IN TOWN. the name Passion 5 came from 5 elements namely: bakery, pattiserie, chocolates, cafe and the 5th’s the passion of the pattesiers. and of course, knowing that it is the best, you should already know that it is expensive. there are barely anything that goes under 1,000won. or was there none? forgot. but most of the bread costs around 3,000won and cakes 7,000won. =S.

even though it isn’t very popular amongst foreigners, this place is always packed with people and on the day I went, we had to wait for a seat despite paying so much for just desserts. there’s a posh cafe on the 2nd floor but that cafe’s queue was even longer. you can bring your breads, cakes, chocolate and ice cream to the cafe/restaurant on the 2nd floor =).

if you love cakes. I truly recommend you to stop by this bakery for the ultimate experience!

and here’s a link to the video I took there. you’ll definitely want to go there after watching the video. and.. I am sure you’ll laugh too. D=.

IMG_6343 copy

from the outside, passion 5 look like every other office building and it definitely do not stand out that much.

IMG_6345 copy

but the landmark? this red chicken. or bird. or whatever it is.

CIMG8615 copy

before entry, you’d see this amazing looking chandalier which I think would look even more fab at night. the architecture of this part’s no joke. it’s awesome.


so we were hungry.

CIMG8620 copy

3-in-1 cake/??? ?? ?? ??? 7,000won and Halla halla bong ?? ??? 8,000won.

the left is some 3-in-1 cake with a mixture of strawberry cream, coffee and I don’t know what’s the last one. it’s pretty good but not like super duper amazing. but it was super duper amazing just to look at it. the one on the right’s called Halla Halla Bong, which was named after Halla Bong, Jeju Island’s famous tangerine. it’s super sweet and the layers inside’s magnificent. not sure if it will fit everybody’s appetite but it’s worth a try because it’s very “wiggly.” teehee.

CIMG8632 copy

and the entire table here costs 45,600won. I know, it’s a lot for breakfast and pretty damn expensive too. but they all looked so posh I was happy just by looking at them.

I ABSOLUTELY adore the cheese tart behind and that the strawberry pastries. bliss.

CIMG8634 copy

this bakery’s expensive and it is well known for being expensive. but more than half of what we had were actually worth it’s price. because the desserts and bread were 5 stars like the bakery. but if you’re on a tight budget, you should still try their most famous pudding in a bottle which costs 3,000won. not like the ones from Paris Baguette, these are not as sweet and relatively addictive. make sure to scoop the caramel at the bottom to go together with the pudding! there’s no eating this pudding prettily, just deliciously. =D.

we also had a swiss roll. I’m not so much of a fan of that 4,000won swiss roll. too little for such a high price. =S.

CIMG8636 copy

o hai =D.

CIMG8637 copy

with my Malaysian foodie friend who’s as adventurous as me in terms of food, Fakegood hahaha.

CIMG8640 copy

this was definitely one of my favourite. it’s called some orange in the chocolate lake or something. 2,000won and the middle part’s heaven. super moist and yummy. not like your average chocolate filling bread!

CIMG8641 copy

another favourite was this. forgot the name but it looked like a strawberry boat. very very crisp and fragrant ahhh. <3. everything was in the right amount. definitely one of the most delicious pastries I’ve ever had. but of course, I’ve never been to France. but still, OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

CIMG8643 copy

that 3-in-1 cake earlier. I liked it layer by layer as well but I still found it nothing too special.

CIMG8648 copy

Imma devour you all!

CIMG8616 copy

had to take a picture with the awesome architecture.

okay, one thing that sucks is that you can’t take pictures inside. I was too scared to sneak pictures so… =(. but it’s really posh and the ice cream bar looked amazing. there’s even a chocolate bar! everything turned me into a little girl looking at yummy chocolates and cakes. and all the cakes were so pretty it was actually a hard decision to choose which to have. furthermore, they have many pretty whole cakes (not cheap! but not like unaffordable. still alright.) so if you’re thinking of getting yourself a pretty cake for your birthday this year,

picture from visit Korea website

see that round thingy there? it’s filled with the most gorgeous cakes I’ve ever seen in my life.

and here’s a great blogpost I found on the net =).

IMG_6346 copy

directions to Passion 5, Itaewon : take the subway to Hangangjin Station (line 6) and get out of Exit number 3. walk straight and you should be able to see the bakery on your left!

Cherry Blossom Sights! SKKU, Everland, and Seoul Land

Posted by: Jamie Liew

April 15th, 2014 >> Posts

okay, the truth is my Uni isn’t exactly the prettiest place to view Cherry Blossoms. Sungkyunkwan University is basically.. not such a bad sight for cherry blossoms but the best would still be Kyunghee University. which I’ve never been because their European style buildings goes really well with the pretty flowers. but really, I felt that SKKU isn’t all that bad for cherry blossoms ^^.

CIMG8980 copy

gotta start my post with a selca. teehee.

IMG_6440 copy

those yellow flowers are called “kaenari” and according to my middle aged friend, she said that it is only available in Korea.

CIMG8991 copy

gotta advertise my blog till the end. hahahahahahahaha.

IMG_6392 copy

random street in SKKU.

IMG_6393 copy

cherry blossoms this year was shorter than 2 years ago but it came a lot quicker. and it went away in less than 2 weeks. they were only here for less than 10 days I would say =(. the greens came out super quickly. but it differs from area to area.

IMG_6412 copy

it was really nice to have our school being filled with cherry blossoms. and now.. cherry blossom petals. oh wait, I think the petals (on the floor) are gone too T_T.

IMG_6404 copy

but this year, the cherry blossoms came in a good time because it usually arrives when everyone’s busy studying. but by being 2 weeks earlier, we still could squeeze a day or two to go cherry blossom sight seeing =D. and that was exactly what I did!

IMG_6421 copy

IMG_6435 copy

it’s funny how they grow almost everywhere on the tree branches. and how it grows on the bottom part of the husk out of nowhere too.

IMG_6489 copy

oh hello =D.

IMG_6501 copy

okay lets move on to Everland. there’s many more pictures taken in Everland but.. I’m lazy so. =S.

CIMG9494 copy

always visit during April because the tulips there are.. magnificent. the cherry blossoms are great too!

CIMG9378 copy

the everland version of Holland


you’ve probably seen this picture if you follow me on instagram. if you have not, FOLLOW ME NOW! my id: jamieliewdotcom

there are over 200 selca pictures of me there but I am too lazy to sort them out T_T. together with all the animals and stuff hahaha.


look at the mountains behind! filled with cherry blossoms!!! <3. it looked breath taking in reality but.. I didn’t bring my DSLR T_T. and I was too busy to take pictures. didn’t even bother to watermark because the quality’s so lousy xD.


just look at the mountain!!!


and more cherry blossom =D.

IMG_6581 copy

I picked a place to go shooting just a night before and I was contemplating if I should go to Seoul Forest, Yeouido’s Cherry Blossom Festival (been there 2 years ago but it was super crowded. definitely over-rated) and Seoul Land. decided to come here anyways because I thought the further, the better. just get off at Seoul Grand Park station on line 4 and you’ll definitely find your way ;).

and oh, going to Seoul Land for their cherry blossoms doesn’t mean you have to go into the Zoo, Rose Valley nor Seoul Land (amusement park) itself. because the pretty cherry blossoms are all outside.

IMG_6584 copy

so as soon as I reached, I went crazy over the cherry blossoms. I mean, upon arrival, you’d see a lot of street vendors selling the same few street food that you might want to buy as you might get hungry on the way.

IMG_6672 copy

the cherry blossoms here are.. super duper nice. and it was super under rated. okay, there were loads of people when I was there but it wasn’t even 50% as crowded as Yeouido and it’s 200% prettier.

IMG_6676 copy

I fell instantly in love.

IMG_6683 copy

I mean, there are cherry blossoms here and there and they were all beautiful. but no doubt that Seoul Land is one of the BEST places in Seoul for cherry blossoms.

IMG_6745 copy

I’m pretty goofy, as you can see. I spend all my time laughing when I can. =P.

IMG_6771 copy

look at that mountain of cherry blossoms!!!

IMG_6785 copy




IMG_6829 copy

there’s also a picnic ground in front of Seoul Land’s entrance (as in the entrance of the amusement park. you gotta walk pretty far in from the subway station.)

IMG_6848 copy

good photographer posture! =P.

IMG_6849 copy

ahhhh <3.

IMG_6870 copy copy

I am… BABARI GAL!!! or burberry girl ????, derived (myself) from babari man, which means flasher, in Korean. hahahahahahhahahaha.

IMG_6864 copy


IMG_6873 copy

say hello to Max. he only sent me two pictures. pfft.

IMG_6882 copy copy

me trying to imitate him. phail because I wore skirt hahaha. but it’s already very brave of me! well I sat at the cliff too because Max told me to wth and some uncle yelled at me and said it was dangerous but he just walked away after saying that hahaha. can’t wait for the pictures. the weather was pretty damn cold by the way. U_U.

1396801077642 copysmall

here’s a picture taken my Max with his gun-like camera. such a big difference with pictures I took T_T. he does wedding and portraits and almost everything else that has to do with people. so contact him if you need his services in Seoul =).

IMG_6883 copy

here’s my best friend in Seoul, Wai Kit.

IMG_6884 copy

I laughed so hard at his picture I took one myself but it ain’t as funny pfft.

IMG_6887 copy


IMG_6902 copy copy

I like how the cherry blossoms grew over the border. =3.

IMG_6937 copy


IMG_6951 copy

so actually this was my 2nd round ROUND this huge place. it’s like one big circle. if you keep walking, you’ll end up back at the subway station haha.

IMG_6961 copy

fake candid shot pfft.

IMG_6968 copy copy

just love the view here I didn’t wanna leave =S.

IMG_6977 copy

CIMG9147 copy

Casio’s Exilim’s cool “stand” which allows you to take a picture of yourself without anyone helping. the ultimate selca camera. but it does make me angry when I take pictures of food. the quality’s super bad for that pfft.

CIMG9225 copy

with the gaenari’s~

CIMG9239 copy



CIMG9242 copy

and finally, leaving the pretty Sakura’s T_T.

CIMG9254 copy


CIMG9260 copy


2014-04-06 09.46.23 1_mr1396790108277 (2)

and oh, these were taken by my phone =D.

2014-04-06 09.54.43 1_mr1396790395778

Max the crazy fella.

2014-04-06 10.02.31 1_mr1396790673546 (2)

I have to admit, after dyeing my hair blackish, I look Japanese. everyone said so haha.

it was supposed to be dark brown but.. will make a separate post for my hair dye =).

IMG_6992 copy

we walked and walked and ended up here at some lake. very very beautiful lake.

CIMG9321 copy

the earlier picture was taken by my DSLR and this by Casio Exilim (compact). notice the differences?

CIMG9310 copy

must selca here too!

2014-04-08 10.30.29 1_mr1396920779678 (2)

lens flare. only during sunset. =D.

Bali Ayu Hotel & Villas – Traveller’s Review

Posted by: Copykate

March 29th, 2014 >> Posts

This is a short review on Bali Ayu Hotel & Villas, the place where we stayed on the first 2 nights of our Bali trip last year. Located at Jl. Petitenget, Bali Ayu is of walking distance from Potato Head Beach Club and surrounded by many other restaurants and bars. Very convenient I would say.

Let’s start off with the morning view of the villas. These were taken from our balcony in the morning.

Bali Ayu is made up of a few 2-storey bungalows with wooden interior. Our room was located on the higher floor which gave us a better view of the villas. Moving our luggage upstairs wasn’t a problem as the hotel would send someone to assist. Just make sure to tip them reasonably :)

Refreshing welcome drink upon arrival.

The passage leading to our room was rather dark. I remember Angela accidentally kicked on a cat one night when we came back after dinner. She couldn’t stop crying out of fear! Not sure whether to feel sympathy or laugh as it was rather funny XD

Our bed with a pair of swan towels and rose petals scattered around just as shown in the photos. The room was way bigger than we expected. Love the high ceiling made of cooling wood. 

Bath tub – one of the important criterion I seek for when booking a hotel. You never know when you would need a hot bubble bath.  But we didn’t manage to use it in the end la since our schedule was quite packed. Teehee.

Our shower was open air concept. Quite intriguing especially in the daytime when the sun shines upon as you shower.

Our room at Bali Ayu does not come with a private pool but the next villa we stayed does (will blog about it next). Used the public pool that night we checked in and fortunately we were the only guests!

Cheap Bintang beer from the mart.

Day bed next to the pool.

Just chilling on the lounge contemplating whether to go for a night swim.

Did I tell you that Bali is a mosquito infested island?? Thank god for repellent spray which was highly effective.

Had a quick dip at the pool before heading back to our room to reenergize for our second day.

Over all it was a pleasant stay. Breakfast was provided at an Australian football bar in front of the hotel with the choice of continental or local food. The hotel staff were friendly and helpful. And not to mention, the room was definitely up to standard for the affordable price we paid!

Bali Ayu Hotel & Villas
Jl. Petitenget 99 X,
Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia 80361.

Tel: +62 361 731263

Izuju : the 100 year old Kyoto style sushi

Posted by: Jamie Liew

March 25th, 2014 >> Posts

my friend living in Kyoto didn’t even know the existence of this fabulous small scaled restaurant. but once he had it, he said it’s amongst the best top 10 sushi he had ever eaten. and guess what? he’s from Hokkaido; where all the amazing sushi’s are.

there’s also another place called Hanaore which is said to serve the best Sabazushi (came here for this!) in Kyoto but I placed my bet on Izuju as it has a longgg history plus it is more affordable (main point!!!!)

IMG_5989 copy

opposite the shop is Yasaka Jinja  Shrine. a relatively famous shrine at the Gion area. we went near new years day so there were LOADDSSS of people.

CIMG4150 copy

had to take a picture with it!

IMG_5977 copy

and because the place is too tiny, you have to write your name and number of people and wait for your turn to be called the best thing is that you write it with a brush. the traditional way!

IMG_5984 copy

love how the place is more to of a cozy setting rather than a posh setting. makes me comfortable. I really hate it when I dine at super expensive places because I get very shy and stiff. =S.

CIMG4152 copy

the take away menu! I’ll read it for you. with the price! from left to right.

Mushi Sushi 1,500yen, Sabazushi 2,000yen, Hako sushi 1,600yen, LONGER ROLL of Sabazushi 4,000yen, [dunno how to read, but its something CHI sushi] 4,000yen, Inari Sushi 750yen, [dunno how to read] 1,100yen.

IMG_5985 copy

the humble entrance!

IMG_5986 copy

and the crowd in front of the entrance X_X.

CIMG4154 copy

I guess this picture doesn’t need captions. when it survived for a 100 years, you know it’s good.

CIMG4156 copy

the english menu! click for a larger version ^^. since 2,000yen for only 6 pieces of sushi is VERY expensive, I’d recommend to go for these sets. much more affordable especially for the variety. =D.

CIMG4157 copy

super huge pottery-cup! they have nice Ocha too!

CIMG4158 copy

the interior of the place. there are more seats behind of course but about like 3 more tables and 2(I think) more rooms. so basically the place have like only 7 tables. it’ll be worth the wait. trust me. but the first time when we got there we barely waited. we went at some odd hour so..

CIMG4171 copy

we ordered the Inari sushi, Deluxe Hako sushi and SABAZUZHI set. oh my sweet heavens. D=. just look at it. wonderful plate of gorgeous art. my stomach is growling as I type U_U.

CIMG4174 copy


CIMG4177 copy

okay, firstly, let me describe about the Inari sushi here. this place is really famous for the Inari sushi and I just had to try it. but.. I’ll never order this the next time I go there. that little small chunks of herbs are.. like.. the skin of oranges? it has sort of like a minty, bitter taste to it. and it reminds me of some applicable Chinese cream. =S.

CIMG4179 copy

I hate stuff with leafs inside. but this is absolutely delicious. I never liked small leafy stuff so much. I just kept wanting more. every piece of box-looking sushi is heavenly. I like the one with anago the best. anago’s some sort of eel. and the egg one was very fluffy and sweet. loved it so very much U_U. if only I can have it right nowwwwwwww. =S.

IMG_4367 copy

and the main dish I came here for…. THE SABAZUSHI!!! (Mackerel Sushi) I’ve never had anything like this. it looks different, tastes phenomenal, and looks absolutely cute. this is to die for. although, apparently the taste of this sushi is quite acquired, I am pretty sure everyone who loves sashimi would love this too! but bare in mind. 3 pieces of this costs 1000yen. that’s like over RM10 for one piece. NOT cheap. and Izuju is already the more affordable shop for good sabazushi.

how it really tasted like? I’d say it’s not fishy. but very fresh fish (although pickled) and well, tastes like mackerel haha. as for the rice, it’s seasoned with the right amount of vinegar and since it’s wrapped with seaweed, the outside of it is very gooey.

IMG_4368 copy

stunning, no? Deluxe Hako Sushi

IMG_5993 copy

well, if you are not one who can wait for a seat, there’s always the take out!

the owner of the shop’s very nice as well. recognizes customers and relatively shy. I could take as much pictures as I want at his shop but not of him hahahaha.


IMG_5997 copy

and it was so good, we came here again on the day I left.

IMG_5998 copy

this time we didn’t order the set because we wanted  MORE Sabazushi and didn’t want that Inari sushi as well. so we replaced it with this multi-seaweed seaweed roll. lol. which was pretty good as well!

IMG_5999 copy

also ordered a clear and fragrant soup to warm my tummy ^^.

I’d give this place 10/10stars. so if you’re at Kyoto, MAKE SURE TO DROP BY! ^_^!

directions: get off at Gion Shijo Station and walk towards Yasaka Shrine for Exit 7. really easy to find! and my favourite spots are just nearby! like.. Hanamikoji where you can spot a real Geisha if you’re lucky. I’ve been there 5 times  but never seen any T_T. my friend went there once and saw a GROUP pfft. but I went either in the day or very late at night so.. =S. but the entire area gives a nice traditional vibe since you’ll be seeing many people strooling around in Kimonos ^^

OSAKA : Pablo Cheesecake VS. Rikuro Cheesecake

Posted by: Jamie Liew

March 24th, 2014 >> Posts

I’m a big fan of cheese. and cheesecakes.

so there’s this huge hype over cheesecakes in Osaka and if you’re a foodie like me, you’ve probably heard that Pablo and Rikuro Ojisan (grandpa) are the best in Osaka. these shops often have a long queue outside them but I didn’t stand in line too much as I bought them late since I stayed in Kyoto and I didn’t want to carry the cake everywhere I go. they are really popular in Osaka and each time I pass by their shops I feel like buying another one. D=!

BUT the thing is, you gotta buy the whole cake. which.. isn’t too big. but certainly not for one..

I could only have two slices at one time (out of 8). so we left the rest of it at the refrigerator.

IMG_4104 copy

we first tried out Pablo as the advertisement of it drives me gaga. and at 780yen I’d say it’s a steal. I mean, even a slice of cake at Hongdae at a nice place would cost you around 600yen.

I mean. look at this. you can have it raw or.. a little raw or something. we opted for the raw but the weather was cold by the time I reached Kyoto and sliced the cake, it looks like..

IMG_4106 copy

I know, I know, such a huge difference but it was really cold alright. we ate it cold and it tastes like cheese pudding. yum. I wouldn’t call it a cake though because its crust’s some pastry/tart. so I’d like to rename Pablo’s cheesecake to Pablo’s Cheesetart. haha. and we actually put the last piece in the microwave to have it heated but it melted so bad T_T. still edible though. but I personally think that having it chilled is best! mainly because I love pudding ahhahaha.

IMG_5311 copy

after a few days, we bought Rikuro Ojisan’s cheesecake. I think you’re supposed to eat it warm. but it tastes good both warm and cold. when you buy it at the shop, they’ll give you a piece of warm, fluffy, fragrant Rikuro cheesecake ^^. which was awesome. =D. even better thing is, this cheesecake costs under 600yen!

IMG_5314 copy

I personally preferred Rikuro’s cheesecake as it is WAYYY lighter and fluffier. I can eat half of this cake without feeling sick of it. but one thing I didn’t like so much about this cake is the raisins. I mean, I love eating raisins. but I didn’t think that it went so well with the cheesecake. my Japanese friend on the other hand, loved it. I would be happier if it was chocolate chips. =S. I guess it’s just a personal thing. but overall, yummy cheesecake. I wouldn’t say it is very special or anything but it is definitely delicious. I guess simplicity’s the best. I heated it for like 10 seconds and it came out hot and yummy! =D.

verdict : try both if you have the chance. but if you can only have one, I’d say go for Rikuro’s. =D. I don’t exactly know where can you buy these cheesecakes but you’ll stumble across them as they are pretty much everywhere in Osaka. bought mine from Namba (Pablo) and Osaka Station (Rikuro).

Taking a step into ancient Korea; Gyeongju.

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March 11th, 2014 >> Posts

I know I say this many many times but I’ve really always wanted to visit Gyeongju for the longest time.

it is known for being the most ancient looking city in Korea and it is. I heard that they couldn’t build taller buildings because the country is trying to maintain Gyeongju’s ancient image.

IMG_2873 copy

there are a list of places to go to in Gyeongju which would require about 2-3 days to complete but since I only had one, and the weather was awful, I visited two of the most popular landmarks, Bulguksa ??? and Seok-gul-am ???. they are located really close to each other but with snow piling so high, it is impossible to walk through the stairs from Bulguksa. I heard some people actually did walk up in the Summer but decided to take the taxi down because it is really such a walk. if you’re planning to take the cab, be reminded that it is actually very near, but far because the roads are winding. viewing the map through satellite is literally jaw dropping.

IMG_2841 copy

I actually arrived to Gyeongju from Busan at night and stayed for another night but left early in the morning. so I really only had one full day. the snow was crazy and the tragic case of the building collapsing in Gyeongju killing around 10 people with over a 100 injured was just a day before I was there. that building collapsed because the snow was too heavy apparently. but the constructor was definitely skimping in costs, too.

IMG_2844 copy

so back to my topic. my first destination was Bulguksa.

IMG_2847 copy

while everybody wore paddings and hoodies there I was wearing a mini skirt. I had no choice. because I forgot to bring winter clothings back to Malaysia. where I have nothing to bring back to Korea as I landed in Busan.

IMG_2857 copy

what’s so special about this Bulguksa temple is that it is made out of stone. well not entirely but half of it.

IMG_2871 copy

and it is the pride of Korea. you can see a picture of Bulguksa almost anywhere. in restaurants, magazines, postcards.. etc.

IMG_2876 copy

with my new selca toy.

IMG_2880 copy

hello, welcome to Bulguksa Temple =D.

IMG_2891 copy

with my tour guide of the day! Mr. Seong! he’s also the owner of the guesthouse I stayed at. very nice man.

IMG_2897 copy

and these spring water tastes really good.


IMG_2908 copy

those of you who had been to South Korea, do you remember this pagoda/whatever it is called/?

it’s the pagoda on the 10won coin!!!

IMG_2921 copy

ehehehehe hello.

IMG_2923 copy

Mr. Seongs idea. but I AM buddhist and I did pray. but I was posing for this one ahhaha. nobody really smile while praying I guess.

IMG_2929 copy

I fell in love with all the details of this temple =S.

IMG_2942 copy

it was snowing. really heavily.

IMG_2943 copy

can you see the snow!

IMG_2967 copy

more places to pray at.

IMG_2971 copy

because I’m silly like that.

IMG_2993 copy

why I never liked side angle pictures. I look horrendous in them. but this is my only one T______T. so basically you can stand by the balcony of Bulguksa, unlike many other places where you can’t.

IMG_3008 copy

who knows why there’s a golden wild boar statue here.

IMG_3012 copy

my hobby?

stepping on snow!

IMG_3014 copy

they say come to Gyeongju in Spring or Autumn, because there are much more to see. partly true. but Winters view is amazing too! but it also makes sight seeing very difficult as the sun sets very quickly and snow fills up every where plus that hell-like coldness.

CIMG8529 copy

here’s a selca picture of me with Bulguksa =D.

CIMG8531 copy

such a pretty view =3.

IMG_3017 copy

okay bye bye Bulguksa!

IMG_3029 copy

so we then headed on to Seokgulam which is located at the mountains. where there’s  MORE SNOW. and it was bloody cold.

IMG_3040 copy


so basically we paid 4,000won to get into this place, walked 15minutes in the freezing cold weather where we couldn’t feel our ears and feet and hands to see that Cave Buddha made out of stone. also, we can’t take pictures of it. sigh. so taking pictures outside is all we can do. but trust me, this Buddha is pretty damn phenomenal. I’ve never seen any Buddha sculpted like that before. it was like.. some secret ancient thingy from the movies. but just that it is real.


IMG_3039 copy

seeing that much of snow, I just had to make a snow angel. I know, it was very crazy of me. I was wearing short skirt and no gloves. no beanie either. but it was fun heheheheh.

IMG_3054 copy

everywhere’s covered in snowwwww!!!

CIMG8570 copy

and driving around in Gyeongju, you’d see tombs around.

CIMG8566 copy

and traditional houses. it is really like as if you’ve traveled to the past. well these places are everywhere but not literally everywhere. if you get what I mean.

CIMG8438 copy

so the most famous snack here is this red bean pastry.

CIMG8436 copy

called the Hwang Nam Bbang. which is also known as Gyeongju Bbang at other places but apparently this is the pioneer.

IMG_6172 copy

and if you think sitting in the train for 3hours to get here just to see those boring sites is a waste of time and money, at least come here for the food. I had the most amazing Samgyupsal here. and also this place is pretty famous for their beef. andddd Kongnamul Kukbab/ bean sprouts soup with rice.

IMG_6177 copy

I mean, look at this Samgyupsal. I bet most of you had never had any that look like this. and this particular place we went to (forgot the name but it’s near Dongguk Univ. Gyeongju Campus. and the floor are filled with pebbles. very outdoor feel) served refillable Odeng and Sikhye (rice drink) for free!

IMG_6187 copy

the Samgyupsal comes with some amazing sauce where my friend calls it the Korean Belacan. but it doesn’t really taste like belacan. it has a slight.. mustard taste to it. its weird but tasty.

and the craziest part of my trip was.. I had all that good food already alright, but we had Mr.Seong prepare us supper. Spanish style. because he lived in Spain.

IMG_6188 copy

here’s our little party in the guesthouse!

IMG_6189 copy

and did I mention, I lived in a Hanok? I’m going to say it again but I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE IN ONE!!! they are so pretty. especially the remodeled ones where you have glass windows where you can see the sky.

IMG_6196 copy

and we also had gin and tonic with cucumber. ahhh. how refreshing.

IMG_6197 copy

don’t you wish your boyfriend can cook like that? well from what I heard Mr.Seong is single haha but too old for me =P.

IMG_6208 copy

such a smart idea. cherry tomatoes wrapped with bacon on a stick seasoned with a little herbs.

IMG_6210 copy

it is no doubt very messy but I like how his office is. oh did I mention? the owner of this place is an interior designer! a famous one too I think. judging by all those posters upon entry.

IMG_6219 copy

I have to confess. I do not like cats. but his 2 cats were lovely. they were so beautiful you just wanna brush your fingers over them =3.

IMG_6226 copy

the rooftop terrace! not for winter.. =(.

IMG_6230 copy

the sad thing about this guesthouse is that.. it only has a few rooms. like.. 4? they are all very comfortable. heaters super warm. I’d like to emphasize how generous the owner is in giving body baths, shampoo and conditioner. because he gives the brands that most Koreans actually use at home. the good ones. and my favourite ones too! so plus points!!! and everything a tourist needs (info etc etc) can be found here so just pack your bags, come here, and plan! you can also ask him about that awesome samgyupsal place. who knows, if you treat him to it, he might just bring you there! =D.

IMG_6231 copy

and the decorations of the place is also very pretty ^_^.

oh oh oh they also have like toy hammers, jenga and lots more in every room! so you can actually just have fun with your friends in the room itself! well there aren’t many things to do at night in Gyeongju.. so buy some Makgeolli, Soju and/or snacks and just chat till you feel sleepy =D. because that’s what we did.

IMG_6234 copy

I forgot what’s his name but it was something like Mojitto. other than the meaning of it was supposed to be beautiful in Spanish.

IMG_6238 copy

so on the 2nd night.. I made them Malaysian curry noodles and they gave me Hanwoo (Korean beef) in return!!! one of the best meals I’ve ever had in Korea T_T. 2nd to that Hanwoo I had while camping. all of them melted in my mouth ahhhhh.


medium rare. =3. thin slices of pure heaven. nyam nyam nyam.

IMG_6248 copy

they also introduced me to this dish that they thought I’d hate. called the Gwamaegi. it’s like.. dried fish wrapped in all sorts of things. what’s missing in the picture are the raw oysters! basically you wrap the dried fish, chili, garlic, spring onion in raw seaweed, dried seaweed and cabbage with some cho jang. there’s a lot in one wrap but it was SOOOOOOOOO GOOD.

IMG_6249 copy

they said I’ve transformed into a true Korean by simply just enjoying this dish. I guess the taste is pretty acquired.

2014-03-11 05.12.03 1

have I ever mentioned that I am a hugeeeee fan of makgeolli? there was 4 of us and we had 8 bottles (2 in the bag T_T) of different makgeollis. basically every type of makgeolli we can find in Gyeongju which isn’t the normal ones we usually drink in Seoul. they all taste similar but different. they all have their own distinct taste to it. ahhhh. glorious Makgeolli. even older people laugh at me for liking it. it makes me sound old =S.

would love to blog more about Gyeongju (there’s a beautiful bed/field of flowers, the moon observatory, tombs tombs and more tombs) but I had too little time. and that bad snow storm stopped me for visiting more places. until next time!

the Guesthouse I lived in:
Sindal (it means Silla’s Moon) Guesthouse

PS : I look really fat because I gained some disgusting 6kgs from Malaysia. T_T. land of all good food.

Hidden Treasures: Waterfall

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February 19th, 2014 >> Posts

I miss my CNY holiday. Wanting so terribly  to be far, far away from the city. Lately, the air was filled with a burnt smell, and it was so hazy! I've been mopping the floor everyday since Friday, and everytime I come home from work it felt like someone poured flour on the floor! Gosh somebody helllllp! Only God know what entered our nostrils everyday! 

As I have mentioned in many of my blog posts, I explored a hidden waterfall in my husband's hometown. I'm going to keep the location hidden, so that nobody will ever destroy this lovely place. Wahahaha! It's 5 minutes walking distance, and surrounded by lush greens. 

From afar, the gushes of water can be heard. Leaves of the big trees waves in the wind. The jungle path into the waterfall only fits one person at a time. And, after that, I was greeted by a beautiful sight like this! 

The water was crystal clear, and freezing cold! The river bed was sandy and cold. One foot into the river and you arw instantly being reenergized. The chilling sensation tingles throughout the whole body. Rocks were scattered around, but easily climbed. Everything was so perfect! 

I can also see fishes swim in the water, as it was so clear! Best of all, the lush trees provide a great canopy, and the sunlight was amazingly beautiful.

If only I have a better camera... Haha! Well, we caught a fish! This is a local fighting fish. This fish was fierce! It could jump out from the container we had it in, and then it practically wiggle all the way to the waters again.

I think humans have chased wealth, power and some insane things that we have destroyed the treasure that mother nature have gave us. Developments, constructions, cars and open burning has made Earth so uncomfortable to live in. 

And I think it's too late to regret now...


Pangkor Travelogue: All Touristy (Day 2-14 Oct 2012)

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February 7th, 2014 >> Posts

Morning view from beach

Rise and shine! It was a tough one, if you were to crawl into bed around 3-4am and sleep less than 6 hours. I reckoned it would be wise to get up, eat, pack and nap (if at all possible). Along my solitary beach walk to breakfast venue, breeze and sounds of waves welcomed me with much enthusiasm. A bliss nonetheless.

Real bird

This tiny bird stood so still that I thought it was lifeless. On and off, it flew away and came back while I scooped into my rather mediocre breakfast. I seated on the same table with my Toastmaster queen mother, Grace. She asked, "Hitomi, are you going to the town trip later?". I hesitated for few seconds and muttered, "What time are they heading out?"

Heading into Pangkor Town

I rushed back to my room to do some packing and grabbed my camera before hopping on to this pinkish van an hour later. It was a sunny day but bearable. No harm embracing the sun while I was on vacation.


Bushes after bushes, curves after curves, I had no clue how long would it take but little did I care as I stared into the distant. About 15 minutes or so, we turned into small alleys with houses stacking close to each other. I knew we were almost there.

View from Hai Seng Hing, satay fish factory

Our first stop was Hai Seng Hing, one of the satay fish factories in Pangkor Island. The smell and scenes of fishing villages, no doubt. My skin prompted an escape into the shelter and there I went into the air conditioned store to check out what were the goods on sale. Grabbed a few, of course!

Entrance of Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple (???)

Our second stop was this Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple. It was quite a busy day with plenty of walk-ins.

The beautiful architecture of Fu Lin Kong Chinese Temple

Architecture has its own way of telling story and this was a glorious one. Even non-Chinese were paying this temple a visit too.

A random Malay girl

Handful of pink vans parked outside the temples and I caught a glimpse of this young Malay girl busy chewing her snacks in the van.

Ice Kacang - Chill to the spine

Right at the left side of temple's entrance, you could spot a small snack shop, which also sell ice kacang. Tell me, who could resist having one in this hot and sunny day? It was really huge and they were generous with condiments and toppings. I was stuffing myself until the last drop of this as the rest was hushed to the next destination.

Kota Belanda (Dutch Fort)

Our third stop was no other than this beautiful fort, almost alien-like. Motives could be seen on the ground from far. From the look of it, it could be recently refurbished.

View from the top of Dutch Fort

It was almost a sin for not indulge in this view from Dutch Fort. All you need to do is to take a few steps up.

Reminded me of Malacca

Fort, being fort, it reminded me of Malacca. Stacked bricks with holes for windows and seemingly little enclosure for hiding/prisoning purposes.

A quaint town

Last but not least, a detour to the town and grab some dried seafood goods. Traffic was minimal with some motorbikes and town men.

Bye, Pangkor Island!

This quaint town of Pangkor Island, I wish I could stay a little longer.

Touristy Malaysian

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February 6th, 2014 >> Posts

Having not been back for 2 years, I find myself rather touristy. and since Megumi came all the way to visit me here in Malaysia, my tourist mode boost to its max. and yeah, although I study in Korea, I seem to always mingle amongst Japanese people. well there are a few Americans, Canadians and.. Europeans too.

back to the topic. since Megumi came, I have been to many places I’ve never been nor was I interested in going. and surprisingly those pictures turned out pretty well. I guess it’s similar to how I’d always dissed my friends in Korea for not having been to Nami Island or Namdaemun when I’ve been there for over 10 times perhaps.

CIMG6928 copy

so here, the famous Merdeka Square.

CIMG6953 copy

KLCC/Petronas Twin Towers (and this is the popular spot for tourists haha there were so many tour buses)

CIMG6989 copy

Pavilion. not exactly touristy but we took over 30 pictures at the same spot. hahahha.

CIMG7009 copy

forget about Midvalley, KLCC and 1Utama. Pavilion’s decoration beat them by far.

CIMG7025 copy

those horses.

CIMG7032 copy

dat ice cream.

CIMG7043 copy

while it was packed here and there, Zhang Toi was quiet during CNY dinner and the food’s great.

CIMG7053 copy

especially their specialty, the chocolate banana cake. yum.

CIMG7057 copy

love curry? love tom yam? well, this is a combination of them two. only available at Taman Midah’s Dim Sum restaurant! and their noodles are home made without any preservatives!

CIMG7061 copy

they also serve awesome chee cheong fun! <3. and… dim sum’s not bad too. but their curry tomyam is definitely the king.

CIMG7071 copy

took Megumi to Penang by ferry. her hair definitely had fun hahahaha.

CIMG7117 copy

and the street arts. we have more but it’s all in her phone =X. my battery died after this picture hurrr.

CIMG7127 copy

the best. I repeat. the BEST CHENDOL! Penang Road famous teochew chendul =3. even Jimmy Choo’s been here. and a lot more. they had the picture with Jimmy Choo framed nicely with a wooden frame while the others were just laminated hahahahaha.

CIMG7128 copy

TADA! I like mine with less read bean.

CIMG7136 copy

and they now got a store. and they sell Asam Laksa there. I went there when they were about to close (which means we got the bottom soup. the best part) and it was literally the best Penang styled Asam Laksa I’ve ever had. ever. D=.

CIMG7139 copy

Megumi took an ant bite. and choked. she hate durian. just like every other Japanese I know who’ve tried durian.

CIMG7145 copy

fried oysters. expensive, delicious and addictive.

CIMG7148 copy

Penang’s Char Kuey Teow? heavenly. they have this too in Gangnam’s Kitchen Nyonya. but it isn’t even 1/10 as good D=. and it costs.. x20 the price. at least they have great rendang there.

CIMG7151 copy

Penang Har Mee’s awesome too. and cheap.

CIMG7234 copy

and took her to the beach. not as pretty as Redang, but still a beach =D.

CIMG7359 copy

I’m such a giant T_T. that’s why she’d always wear heels while I wear flats pfft.

CIMG7408 copy

took her to Genting as well and since the theme park is under construction, we headed for the arcade like a kid hahaha.

CIMG7436 copy

CNY must eat : Yee Sang. miraculously, she ate two plates. it isn’t exactly the most delicious dish but I told her eating a lot of this brings prosperity HEHEHEH.

CIMG7477 copy

chilling at my cousin’s restaurant’s private room haha. everyone, please visit CWZJ. a table above 1.5k allows you to book a really pretty room. =3. with your own private bathroom. =D!!!

CIMG7565 copy

Nyonya Asam Laksa at Jonker 88, Malacca. such a long wait but it was pretty worth it. hate all the taufupok and foochok though T_T.

CIMG7569 copy

how sad. everything’s under construction T_T.

CIMG7576 copy

those carts. made my Japanese friend’s jaw drop. they even have a doraemon one.

CIMG7580 copy

because the walls were pretty. almost took one of my friends life to climb up here haha. good exercise though!

CIMG7586 copy

“paint me like one of your french girls”

DSC_3292 copy

Siu Yok Wan Tan Mee at Jalan Alor. the last shop. the best shop.

DSC_3293 copy

and they still serve the best chicken wings.

DSC_3300 copy

letting Megumi try otak-otak. surprisingly, she liked it! taufufa too!

DSC_3302 copy

and my favourite pan mee place.

DSC_3609 copy

spam. taken at the oldest hotel in Penang.

DSC_3740 copy

I have so much chocolate and cookies at home to last me for a year. but yet I am still buying more. =X. well, I wanna eat so much but I have too little time!

DSC_3747 copy

we spent 5 minutes shouting like a bimbo. it was ticklish. it really was.

DSC_3770 copy

strawberry farm.

DSC_3828 copy

and a ridiculously ugly picture of everyone looking ridiculously happy.

there are more pictures. but I’m tired. Malaysian weather make me feel sleepy *yawns* the day is too long here and too short over at Japan.

PS : dyed my hair burgundy and regretted it.

Pangkor Travelogue: Checking in at Pangkor Island Beach Resort (Day 1-13 Oct 2012)

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January 31st, 2014 >> Posts

Journey to Lumut

I boarded our company's half-filled bus, heading towards Lumut jetty. It was a very short 2D1N company trip to Pangkor Island with a bunch of financial advisory team. Too short that only half of a bus was filled, despite the whole team could easily fit up to 3 buses.

Roti tuna, Bazaar Nanas Kampung Selabak

The bus pulled up to a rather isolated bazaar along the journey for us to have a quick breakfast. It was almost deserted, apart from the workers at the food stalls. I ordered a roti tuna; there was nothing to complain, just that I did not find myself liking the taste of tuna.

Lumut Jetty

1 hour and 40 minutes later, we arrived at our destination. The jetty was pretty busy. I guess everybody wants a getaway on a Saturday, no?

Ticketing Counters

Surprisingly, the ticketing counters weren't overwhelming. Nonetheless, our kind organiser had got ours sorted, hence we took our sweet time looking around and chilling.

Us at the open

Finally, we boarded the Mesra Feri but unfortunately, the crowd had beaten us to it. Hence, we had left with almost limited choice but the open area.

Indoor area

Blasting with full power air conditioning system, how I wish I was that lucky (or rather fast).

Sheltered open area

Even a shelter was better than none in a blazing hot sun.

The dudes

Some were chilled enough to just enjoy the breeze and share some men-chats.

We have arrived!

After 30 minutes of ferry ride, we finally saw a village on an island and soon, the jetty came into scene. Everybody started to grab their luggages and prepare to dash for the exits. The sight of green sea was delightful.

The bridge leading from jetty

Cheeky Sarah

My roommate, Sarah, the cheeky one, was with me almost all the time, fearing that I would be missing if she wasn't looking. We had to board the trucks provided by our hotel, Pangkor Island Beach Resort, to get to the lobby for registration.

Pangkor Island Beach Resort's lobby view

Here we were at Pangkor Island Beach Resort's lobby, waiting for rooms to be assigned. The lobby oversees a wide stretch of beach. If you would like some private relaxing time, you could just sit and listen to the waves while look at this great view.

Resort view from beach

The surrounding of hotels were neat and well maintained. After we were done with our lunch, some took a stroll on the white sandy beach while some stayed in the shade.

Our room

The way the hotel is designed is pretty confusing. It has several blocks of rooms, where some of the blocks are connected (and some are not). Not only Sarah and me, others shared our predicament too. Most of us had to run up and down because we could not locate our rooms.

Beach view from our room

Our room was clean and spacious. The beach view from our room was a plus point. Better still, you can enjoy the view without the heat as the windows are well tinted.

Shower room

Yes, the room came with bath tub and a clothes drying rack (another plus point). Don't you feel the inconvenience when you have wet towel and possibly clothes which you intend to reuse but nowhere to hang?

Help yourself with towels, M'am

There were plenty of towels, i.e. bath towels, beach towels, floor towels, face towels. The two key essentials one to me were the bath towel and floor towel.

Clean basin, goodin!

Squeaky clean and well stocked with toiletries, I just couldn't find a thing to complain. Oh, the water pressure and temperature of shower was great too!

Boon Boon is enjoying himself

Seemed like my little hippo, Boon Boon, was enjoying his stay in Pangkor Island Beach Resort too!

Sarah and me

After settling down for an hour or two, a group of us went to check out the activities available.

Archery field

Archery (RM10 per pax) and catamaran (RM30 per 30-min trip) were provided free of charge for us. Due to timing issue, we could only do archery.

Trying out archery for the first time

It was quite a fun experience to bow and see how others fare at this. You just have to be extra careful with your grip and release, else you will end up with a bleeding finger or scar on hands. We also got ourselves a volleyball and had a few friendly matches on the soft fine sand. Just watch out for hidden dry nuts from the trees.

Selfie time!

Sarah and I managed to enjoy the sunset on the beach before proceeding to our dinner venue. It was relaxing to just lie down and listen to the waves. Dinner was mainly grilled meat and seafood. Nothing much to shout about, except the part where you could feel the breeze and hear the waves while you dine. Our organiser had even prepared few cartons of beer and bottles of liquor for the night. It was a fun and madness night, with plenty of laughters with bosses.

Bubuii from Boon Boon

Happy Chinese New Year 2014 everybody!
It is time for me and Boon Boon to sleep.